BMW S1000RR, Long Island Expressway, 192mph

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BMW-S1000RR-Top-Speed.jpgThere exists in New York a small cadre of underground riders who do incredibly dangerous things on sportsbikes. Despite creating an incredibly negative perception of all motorcyclists among the general public and the police, these specific riders are nevertheless highly respected throughout most of the motorcycle community for the risks they take. Here, one of the better known members of that small group decided to take his BMW S1000RR to the L.I.E during the middle of the night to see how fast it would go. The result? A GPS-verified sustained maximum velocity of 192mph. We shouldn’t have to tell you not to try this yourself.

Update: we’ve interviews NYC’s Fastest, the guys depicted in this video. Check it out here.

Thanks for the tip, Jayson.
  • Divino

    i was scared just looking at that vid.

    • CMC

      I think I shat myself.

  • AGP

    Crazy… and yet awesome. :) It is incredible how fast the S1000RR is out of the box.

  • kawalaser


  • Harumph

    Put this next to the Mick Doohan ad.
    The “incredibly negative perception of all motorcyclists” part is definitely true.

  • retardwithabike

    the POS RSV4 couldnt touch the s1000rr

    • john

      yep, you are a retard mr. retard.

    • phishhead24

      Well at least your screen name fits you with a comment like that.

    • xela

      thats why the POS Aprilia has scored 2 doubles in WSBK and is second in the championship? took BMW until the 2nd season to get it on the box for the first time.

    • furrymoto

      yea, I think you have beef with Aprila? why hate on a ripper?

  • MikeY

    What’s impressive is not the top speed but the amount of time they spend above 150. I’ve been on that road a number of times and between the deer, potholes, cops, and drunk drivers I say he’s used up a couple of lives making that vid.

  • Jimboz

    Absolutely unreal. I can’t even fathom those speeds (Hawk GT, you see). A friend of mine passed me at ~ 170 on a GSX-R 1000 and I was aghast. My eyes couldn’t even follow him quickly enough.

  • RT Rider

    I can do that…..

    • Chapirossi

      I can do that on my GSXR1000 K8…Easy job!

    • Joel hawksonfire

      Anyone can do that, takes no skill whatsover. Just loads of stupidity, I hope that engine dies soon and we can him off the road.

  • Charlie

    Nothing respectful about 192mph on the street.

  • Mark D.

    After riding at 168 mph…how can you do 65 in the slow lane? Doing that must make normal life seem awfully slow…

  • Kevin Newell

    If “these specific riders” had any cajones they’d be on the race track. But when it comes to racing those who can do and those who can’t do stupid things like this.

  • Urban Rider

    Sweaty palms just watching.

  • s0crates82

    That bike must have both excellent aeros and a pilot with a death wish. Also, that’s a ridiculous redline for a liter bike.

  • the_doctor

    I am secretly hoping the cops find this guy. Now, I am not one to ‘rat out’ anyone, but this young man is seriously endangering like, everyone on the road by doing this. And to tape it and post it on YouTube is just begging for jail time.

    • Nigs

      hey valentino, how would the cops catch him? in their nassau county PD jet fighters??? seriously, these guys will never get caught as long as they don’t want to, and as long as they go to the airport when they get a chopper on them… but they already know that little trick…

  • Bruno

    Please someone get this pilots a ride on the TT!!!!

    • Adrian

      He would be dead within a lap or sooner on the TT.


    lol i gotta call onearm, and tell him he’s famous now. his vid made it to HFLM!

    Hey Wes, lemme know if you wanna do a more thorough story on the group. I’ve been looking for the right outlet for sometime for a story on us. Remember our first discussion we had in your studio some time ago?

    Oh yeh…FYI thats not the L.I.E.
    @retardwithabike thats a 08′ CBR ridden by Skank
    @RT Rider LOL

    • retard

      yeah i know about skank with that cbr1000 – ive heard of it pulling away from gsxr1000. i know a few guys that have ridden with him from uptown. they usually go up to bear mountain.

      good riding, keep it up. dont give the dirty cops too much time to think!

  • tom cass

    Stop this sumbitch rat now ‘n lemme off this MF!

  • onearmbandit


  • Kidchampion

    Hook that shit up to a merry-go-round!

  • Paulo

    Respect – Until the dumbfuck takes out your wife or child proving what a fucking outlaw racer bandit legend he is. Stoopid shit. Thought HFL was a bit more thoughtful and smart surprised your giving this crap another outlet.

  • Chris

    A few things about this video:

    Wes, why would you believe the hype of that crappy Garmin GPS? I had one in a Titan delivery pickup that would show a top speed of 250+ when I was towing and had a loaded Goldwing. Buncha crap it is. We should all know about the 186mph international agreement so we can’t believe a GPS over the speedometer., that was the LIE, Northern State Parkway, looked like a touch of Sunrise too.

    Charlie, don’t be a pussy. Watch the Isle of Mann a few times and get back to me.

    Kevin Newell, I could never afford the track and I didn’t want to be the guy that had to ride slowly on the track because I had to ride the bike home and pray that I can afford new tires when I get home. Some of us just need to live the dream.

    And for my half dollar piece; I had a 2008 CBR 1000RR for a few months (until it was stolen for the better). I topped it out going ape-shit fast all over the place including the Van Wyck, LIE, Robert Moses, I-84, BQE, GWB, Route 17, and a few times on the West Side Highway (not recommended). When my speedo said 192mph I knew I was doing 186. BMW my be one of the few that give a true speedo reading. And, from anything in this video, that is what impressed me.


      trust me chris, we don’t touch the L.I.E.

  • George

    “highly respected throughout most of the motorcycle community for the risks they take…”

    Man I like HFLM but damn, that is some b.s. Respect is Robbie Madison’s Vegas jump, this vid is just above average hooness on a wide open road.

  • Paulo

    Great video!

    Tnx for not being afraid to share it in this so politicaly correct world…

    Yes, its a bit dangerous, but he was doing it with caution.

    • Tom

      He was doing it with CAUTION? How many people did he pass on the right at a 160+?? Fucking hell people, I think the next time a NYC cop pulls me over and gives me a hard time for doing basically nothing I’ll just accept it because you fucking assholes are the whole reason we all pay the “bike tax” in this area. I’ll be on a race track, you ass wipes can slowly kill yourselves off.

      Here’s respect…do it onto oncoming traffic. MAD PROPS for that.


        calm down buddy, let me just tell you that the police road block they rode up on was for a single motorcycle accident. 21yr old died on his R1, maybe you should blame him for all your angst with the police and taxes.

  • Alex

    He should be careful passing, especially on the right. Someone might see him flying up and move over to get out of your way and ruin your nice S1000RR. Even passing on the left, be careful.

    I am pretty sure people do something like this in every city. I know they do here, but I don’t know if they ride 100% as fast as this guy. The reason this vid is unique is because it’s an S1000RR.

    Maybe my bike is just slow, but since I’ve driven a fast car for many years (runs with 600′s) I never felt the need to ride all crazy like this.

  • Bill

    Highly respected? By whom? Certainly not anybody over the age of 21 with a wife and kids.

  • Raven65

    I found this [url=]HERE[/url] and I have to say I agree with every word of Mr. Edge’s assessment. “Highly respected” my ass… I think you’re a straight-up douche!

    This is REALLY stupid and irresponsible and it reflects very poorly on the rest of us sportbike riders who aren’t. You can’t possibly compare this to the IOMTT. 1) you’re running on 3-lane wide, smooth, flat urban interstate and the IOMTT is on narrow, hilly, bumpy 2-lane country road and 2) You’re running on a public highway passing unsuspecting cars with closing speeds of 120+ MPH. The IOMTT course may be public roads the rest of the year, but during race week, it’s a CLOSED RACE COURSE.

    If you want to prove how big your balls really are, take it to the TRACK. …and don’t EVEN whine about not being able to afford the track day and tires after buying a $15K+ European superbike. That’s an extremely lame excuse. I don’t expect my words penetrate your thick skull. My only hope for you is that WHEN you bite it, you don’t take an innocent family out with you.

    • bob

      raven is correct,this guy is an absolute idiot,cant afford tires for a trackday then sell the bike idiot.As a former roadracer i see these videos posted on youtube and wish they would take them down as they represent everything wrong with streetracing,there is only one place to hang it all out at,the racetrack,pure and simple.

  • BigNate

    This is what gives motorcyclists a bad name. If you wanna go that fast do it on a track. I have absolutely no respect for this person or his group of friends. I hope they all get arrested and lose their motorcycle and car licenses, have their bikes impounded, and spend some time behind bars before they kill someone.

  • kyle

    Cocky, careless, and dis-respectful NY resident? Say it ain’t so!

    I hope your Yankees cap gets smeared across our communal pavement.


  • BeenThere

    Count me in the minority.
    I have no respect for guys who ride like this among innocent victims. I used to do stupid sh!t like this until I spent a season on the track and had my a$$ repeatedly handed to me. I grew up a bit, thought about it, and now I ride more moderately on the street.
    I’ve also lost a bit of respect for HFL just for the wannabe way this story was reported.

  • duh

    Um, guys, this is clearly km/h.

    So he did 119 mph.

  • Sasha Pave

    Holy crap that was a knuckle biter. I understand why you posted it Wes, but I’m sure you expected the mixed reactions.

    It’s not unethical to post this up on HFL. Wes posted a disclaimer which shows that they’re taking as much a critical eye to this as they are enjoying the speed (and there is something very satisfying about watching this, it might come from the ‘lizzard-part’ of your brain, but it’s still fun to watch).

    I’m going to disagree with Wes on one point, you can’t assume most motorcyclists respect this. I don’t. I see it as a biker with big balls and a thirst for speed in an area where open space is hard to come by. Nothing more.

    A few of my fellow road-racers in LA in the 80′s would do this kind of shit all the time. They were fast on the track, and stupid on the street.

    I hope HFL keeps pushing the boundaries, it’s what makes the magazine fun and unique. As long as they keep a critical eye (which they’re known for).


  • Oldfart

    What a douche. What talent does it take to pin it on a flat, open road? Whoever said this guy should run the TT, you are just as lame. There’s no riding talent here. No respect from anyone with a brain, some REAL riding talent, & an age above 12. What happens when shit for brains loses it & penetrates someones back window & takes people out with him? Too stupid to keep living, go run into a wall at 192 & show me you are uber cool!

  • duh

    for everyone pissing themselves, one word: kilometer. look it up.

    • The Flash

      Who ever thinks the speedometer was set to Kilometers, is either on crack, or needs a good pair glasses & a hearing aid. You can clearly see & hear him redline all the gears. If that was KMH, the speedometer would’ve shown 300 instead of 186

  • the other larry

    I thought it was cool.

  • BP

    Another reason for Big Brother to outlaw high HP bikes. France has already done it and the EU is trying to do it.
    Another stupid person trying to reduce my freedoms…………again.

  • Nitespawn

    This deserves as much respect as holding a 6 shooter to your head with one round and pulling the trigger. Long, straight, abandoned road…top speed. Doesn’t take skill, only a severe lack of self preservation and cognitive ability.

    What’s to respect here?

  • Sasha Pave

    Guys, it’s not KPH, just count the gears and watch the RPM. If it were KPH the dude would be riding 119 MPH. That bike will kill 120 in 3rd gear. He’s pinning it in 5th and 6th.

    As for skill, it does take some skill to pull this off at night, and there were some curves, traffic. It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t get his ass handed to him on the track by a kid on a 250.

  • Pablo

    This is what passes for journalism on HFL? BTW, no respect for mindless, talentless throttle twisting on public roads that puts innocents at risk. Lame.

  • lord

    f***in morons risking their lives and the lives of others. These are the dumb shits that fly down the fdr and end up getting smashed to pieces.

    Good riddance

  • mike da weazel

    they did go on the track but its to expensive, we did it for a few years, its ust for fun on the street, and they know the roads better then the cops……

  • pauljones

    It’s cool to see these bikes used to their full potential by the people that buy them. I can certainly respect that, especially given the fact that there is a reason why I won’t ride 190hp bike; I readily admit that I have neither the skill nor the balls to do a buck plus on a motorcycle. Certainly, I will respect those that do.

    That being said, as other have pointed out, there is no respect for tools that do it on public roads, especially in a place like New York, where there’s always cars on the road no matter the time of day. That’s just asking for trouble. And it’s time like this that you can kind of sort of see where anti-motorcycle weenies are coming from. Guys who pull shit like this are more readily remembered than the rest of us, for better or for worse. When people think about motorcyclists, they either think about these guys or some “easy riders” stereotype. Is it any wonder they don’t like motorcycles if that’s all that comes to mind?

    And for all the tools who think they’re badasses for pulling stunts like this, grow up. The rest of us get stereotyped and are the target of enraged, anti-motorcycle weenies because of you boneyanks. And the irony is, normal, responsible motorcycles riders outnumber you tools a hundred to one. And yet, it’s the most extreme examples that are remembered.

    To the “small cadre of underground riders who do incredibly dangerous things on sportbikes”, regardless of the city you live in, wake up. Just because you’re a biker who jets around on expensive, 190hp super bikes doesn’t mean that you’re better than everyone else or are immune to basic responsibility. Can’t afford a track day by yourself? Join a motorcycle club, where you can chip in with the rest of the members and rent a track out for the day and haul ass all you want without endangering others or engendering the ire of the police.

    If you can’t do that, well, I won’t say that I hope you wind up learning your lesson the hard way; no biker in their right mind wishes that on another biker. Nevertheless, if you do wind up learning your lesson the hard way (like, say dropping the bike at 120+) on a freeway, don’t come around here looking for sympathy.

  • speed connoisseur

    This does indeed seem to be a kmh, and not mph speed. The cars are passed like they are standing still, but then again, isnt’ that what cars on the highway do?

  • bjorn


    Everyone at some point has done foolish things on a motorbike…its hard not to partake in such activities while riding modern bikes.

    A lot of these guys only think they will take themselves out, and I can only assume high school physics wasn’t their strong point. 600lbs traveling at 190 creates an awful lot of force.

    Doing 190 on a modern bike on a freeway really isn’t all that difficult, outriding your headlights is super ballsy but I would probably equate that will lower brain function as well as increased testicular capacity.

    “I could never afford the track and I didn’t want to be the guy that had to ride slowly on the track because I had to ride the bike home and pray that I can afford new tires when I get home. Some of us just need to live the dream.”

    what you mean is that you didn’t want to go and get throughly spanked ( which btw would be nothing wrong or shamegul) wrecking the bike that was financed at 22% would indeed be painful, but I’m pretty sure the rubber would be fine….jab, jab.

    Well that’s enough ranting for me….jeez I must be getting old ;)

  • Sean Smith

    Hmm. After actually watching the video, it’s totally Kmh. In a way, that almost makes it worse. It would be one thing if the guy went out, and rode 192mph. Cool, he topped out the new bike. Stupid? Yeah, but it would still be interesting to know what the top speed is.

    This is really lame: He only wanted people to think he was going that fast. Looks like an attention whore.

    I don’t care what his GPS says; he’s riding around in third gear. Look at how fast the tach moves, and his closing speeds on the traffic around him. Hell, I have higher closing speeds splitting lanes on my way to work on the 405.

    • Triumph

      Agreed. Look how slowly he passes the car in the turn at 5:10. No way is that car doing that curve at 90+ when he passes at 120+.

      I’ve been 120 on the autobahn and that’s what it looks like. It takes forever to get that last 10 mph if you scrub it off. 190+ and you wouldn’t see spaces between the white road markers.

  • KL

    Those that say this isn’t a respected feat have no passion for all of motorcycling. You may appreciate only one piece, but those who are actually into the entire beauty of the moto can appreciate this regardless of how doumb it may be.

    • Alfonzo


      Those that say this isn’t a respected feat have no passion for all of motorcycling. You may appreciate only one piece, but those who are actually into the entire beauty of the moto can appreciate this regardless of how “doumb” it may be.

      /END DOUMB

      • Alfonzo

        Dang… My faux HTML tags are jacked. I’m doumb indeed. :P

  • willustrator

    Absolutely no regard for anyone else. I can only hope this jerk doesn’t kill anyone else but himself with these stupid antics.

  • fazer6

    Agree 100% with Mr. Edge

  • Tom

    I don’t think it’s irresponsible for HFL to post this, I mean it’s obvious that guy is a total idiot and will end up smeared across a roadway one day. Hopefully he doesn’t take someone else out with his sorry self. It just takes a head fake from a spooked cager and you’re toasted.

    I think the most laughable comment of the night was claiming that track days are too expensive, but somehow a brand new top of the line BMW was in the budget.

    • Nick


      I noticed how you have so much respect for Joey Dunlop on the other post and felt compelled to point out the hypocrisy…

      “…but tonight they have to keep an eye out for patrol cars.”

      Please observe as your hero tears down a residential street wearing a t-shirt and jeans, in the wet, just feet away from little kids.

      The problem here it seems is most Americans have become a bunch of pussies. Obviously a few still have some balls (Skank et al). You guys really need to go to Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Spain – shit, the list is endless – to see how people with balls ride their super bikes.

      ASK YOURSELVES: why did Wes suddenly post these clips of Joey? Coincidence or a to lure you into the trap of contradicting yourselves?

      Before actually racing, the Dunlop brothers and a number of other well known riders – Farquar etc. also formed a ‘cadre of underground riders’. Joey himself talks about the insane things they did on the roads, illegally. They had a friend die too.

      So, who are your heroes now?

      • Grant Ray

        Nick, actually it was me who posted those videos. I did so because they’re an awesome glimpse into the most successful racer ever of the TT, and how he approaches one of the most dangerous courses in the world. That’s all.

  • JRed

    I see almost zero difference between this tool and the open-piped/frilled-leather Harley rider Wes (and many here) are so quick to deride.

    Both think the world revolves around them, have egos that need constant stroking and look like utter dip-shits to anyone who’s worldview extends further than their nose.

    Lots of high-schoolers think this kind of riding is really cool. Seriously, they do.

  • Pamberjack


    Although I can fully appreciate the huge cojones and pure rebellion an act like this contains, at the end of the day it is completely stupid.

    Take away the public road and I’d be bowing down in front of the guy in awe, but the fact is he could end up embedding himself and his 200 kg bike into the back of a compact car that is carrying a small child – or a pregnant woman on the way to hospital.

    Where would the respect of the motorcycling community be then?

  • Paul

    “highly respected” my ass, this guys a tool. Takes a lot of skill to hold the throttle wide open….hah

    Go to the track D-bags

  • Strega_Rossa

    Riding on public roads like that is just a way to cull the squids from the group. I myself have never been above 100… in the daylight on Sunrise Hwy… for one exit. :P

    Seriously dude even without traffic your lines in the curves were awful but some of the roads were kinda chopped up (like Nelson Ledges in the ’80s).

    Disappointed the RR sounds sooo tinny I expected a throatier exhaust note – hell, my CB900F with a Kerker sounds better!

    Anyway thx for the heads up I’ll be keeping an eye out when driving ’round in Suffolk Cty.

  • Bald Shaun

    “…these specific riders are nevertheless highly respected throughout most of the motorcycle community”

    Respected, my ass. I used to respect this blog, but this is just mohawk helmet wearing, fist punmping, squid poser shite.

  • alx

    I have to agree with those that say that the speed doesn’t look right. If he is doing 180+ then it looks like everyone he is passing is going at least 90 or 100. Could it be that it IS reading mph, but there is a gearing change that the speedo doesn’t know about? Follow that up with a blurry pic of the gps, which is reporting the speed in kph and you have a nice little parlor trick. Not smart regardless. Zero respect.

  • Skank

    To all my loyal subjects and servants, this is not the L.I.E. and it is MPH. As for all you haters and posers talk shyt and wish death on us, shame shame. Im a exracer. I owned the track and every wannabe fast guy on it. The track is for pussies. And make sure none of your family members are on my highway!! I dont want them to get hit by 450lbs, 180mph bullet!! Now fook off and get the hate, biatches!!
    Skank aka NYC Fastest..Period!!

  • Smor

    Good grief these guys sound like egotistical, internet toughguy douchebags. I’ve been reading some of their comments here and on the youtube page. I rarely wish harm on anyone, but man…you guys are pushing it.

  • MadMax2

    Poster boy for “more dollars than sense.” Top of the shopping list is better lighting.

  • Nick

    I don’t condone this, but I understand it. That kind of rush will either scare they guy straight at some point or keep bringing him back until it kills him.

    I’m also glad I don’t live near him.

  • onearmbandit

    fugazin haters its 186mph, on the spedo, 192mph on the gps you lame fuckers haters lil biatches

  • Liquidogged


    Lemme get this straight. Despite being king of the track, you decided to turn down what could’ve been a bright future in racing because, ahem, “the track is for pussies”?

    … sure.


    Try not to ruin motorcycling for me when you die. After all, I didn’t do anything to you.

    Both of you have more money than brains.
    Both of you confuse stupidity with bravery.
    Both of you display a complete lack of honor.


  • Liquidogged

    Oh, and Wes: really? respected throughout most of the motorcycle community? Can anyone else corroborate this?

    How can a community of people respect members of that community that are ACTIVELY DAMAGING what the community values?

    Make no mistake, people. Politicians and others who want to clamp down on motorcycling LOVE shit like this. There is no better ammo for neutering the freedoms we enjoy.

    Riders like these guys want to be heroes. THEY ARE THE OPPOSITE. They are helping to destroy what we love.

  • DL

    “Im a exracer. I owned the track and every wannabe fast guy on it”

    Seriously? Is this guy for real? And with grammar like that, he can afford a $15k bike, video camera and GPS?

    The only “wannabe” is this megalomaniac. Any punk can top out a bike on a freeway.

    I bet he got spanked hard on the track, couldn’t hang with the slow group, and makes up for his lost pride on the streets.

    He may be the king of the long island expressway but any 2nd year racer would take him to the cleaners on the track, where speed actually means something.

  • who cares

    “these specific riders are nevertheless highly respected throughout most of the motorcycle community for the risks they take.”
    Again, do you read your own sentences before you post.??

    cadre!! incredible dangerous >> yes, because other traffic does not expect this on the road otherwise he can pin the throttle on a fairly straight road. Lets invite him to Germany here it is legal and called autobahn …. and the other thing is called track day ….

  • Skank

    Why so mad? You sound like a bunch of old ladies!!Keep the hate comments coming..We all enjoy reading them. I feel sorry for all you fucking posers that own and ride sportbikes that have no idea what your machines are capable of doing. Your bikes are in the wrong hands!! Get yourself a scooter or something else a little safer. Yeah, 160+ HP and you fuckin pussies do nothing with it!! It’s like having a big dick and not being able to get pussy. Too bad none of you fags will know the feeling of either one. Lucky for me I got the best of both worlds and use each one to the fullest!! I was pulling low 1.13′s at Loudon on a pretty much stock 600. Sorry I dont do pussy track days. So, keep on talking shit cause you have no fucking idea who I am and what Im capable of making a bike do. A bike is my bitches and it does what I say.
    Your King God,

    • who cares

      on the other hand judging from your posts you obviously have no idea of what the human brain is capable of so it is everybody in the same boat again (except some have big things and get all the ladies of course)

  • meatsmasher

    Long live Skank

  • Remus21


    Respected by whom? Like minded individuals? Or the motorcycle community in general? Or the guy in the “Back Alley shop in Brooklyn” – who’s opinion means as much to me as mine does to him.

    Respected by other riders of any kind is irrelevant. Respected by the community we live in is not, and that’s the point.

    I ‘get’ the whole anti-establishment, screw-you attitude. You may not think so and label me white and old. I am white – but a long-ass ways away from old.

    I have little respect or time for people insistant on getting their rocks off by willfully endangering people who haven’t made the decision to risk their lives and who are completely unaware of the situation. Go ahead – stretch your bike’s legs. Just don’t do it when mom, dad and baby might be collateral damage when you fuck it up. Is that really so much to ask?

    The local straight-liners around here pick a portion of freeway effectively un-travelled at night and time the launch of their runs to limit both their risks and passers-by. Even then, one of their own died when a mistake was made.

    Ride your bike however you like – but have enough respect for others not to include the oblivious in the risk. Don’t be so juvenile and anti-establishment as to think that doesn’t matter. It’s not cool – it’s just stupid and woefully inconsiderate.

  • Hogtied

    I’m just thinking what fantastic headlights the bike has – to be able to ride that fast for that long at night says a lot about the lights…

  • Ape Factory

    Did you ever notice newspapers don’t generally run stories on suicides? There’s a really good reason for that.

    You did every motorcyclist a huge disservice by posting this “story” and then editorializing while trying to speak for every rider out there. Seriously, go back to flipping burgers and leave the motorcycle blogosphere to real journalists who actually have a clue.

    Seriously, you’re as dumb as the utter tool riding the BMW. I hope THAT guy gets man handled by New York’s finest.

    Here’s hoping your bandwidth falls off a cliff.

  • Tessier

    The only think I can say is thanks for continuing to add to the poor reputation of motorcyclist everywhere. I just hope that cops incarcerate you next time. There is a time and a place for everything and this wasn’t the time or the place to be acting like such as ASS!

  • TeeJay

    There is nothing here to be proud of, it is just complete insanity.
    “highly respected throughout most of the motorcycle community” – well, those guys shall go to a race track and see what they are capable of. Going fast in a straight line requires the skills of a chimp.

  • Zilla

    “Highly respected throughout most of the motorcycling community”.
    Who came up with this one?

  • Alex B

    To those who really believe it’s in km/h and not mph and who probably also believe that the Jews did 9/11 and that babies are made through the mouth, check out the mile markers.

    Look at the markers in the center divider. First divider at 5:26, then count 10 more dividers and you are at 5:46. That’s 20 seconds per mile or in other words 180mph.

    He is slowing down toward the end of that mile. If you take only five markers (half mile) when the dash is at 186mph, I time 9.67 seconds which actually is 186mph.

    Or maybe Lee Harvey Oswald increased the speed of the video by *1.019… or maybe he made the mile markers closer…

  • Alex B

    LHO increased video SPEED by 1.609, not 1.019…

  • Alex B

    And if you want to see the S1000 ridden legally, check this out.

  • Pete

    Now try switching the speedo from kilometers to miles per hour. In my experience (on a track) at speed I can tell you that he is only going about 1/2 of his claimed speed. Things happen WAY faster at even 150 mph. Bullshit.

  • Edward

    tsk tsk tsk — how one video can get so many panties in a bunch. Push your fat red mortality button, your legacy button, your getting into heaven button, your citizen’s contract button…did it?! Of course it did. Still drink milk?

  • Max

    Frankly as someone who has ridden a very high speeds, the rate at which he is passing lights and all does not quite jibe with the displayed speed. So I have my doubts. But I invite you to come down to Texas and try this again. We have THE TEXAS MILE where Busas have run at 250mph and above. A Can-Am Spyder went 202 last year.

  • oldnslo

    Neither I nor the many riders I know have any respect for these idiots, but we do have lots of contempt. Here in Florida, we had enough of these jackasses stroking their egos in this manner that the legislature passed a law that can result in a $1000 fine for the first offense of either wheel off the ground or other “stunt” riding, or for excessive speed. Thirty mph over the limit can result in arrest, confiscation of the motorcycle, and loss of your “privilege to ride” for 10 years. This is what can happen when 1% of the motoring public (motorcyclists) pisses off the remaining 99%. Wake up and grow up, you morons. There are consequences we all suffer for your actions.

  • Alex B

    Hehehe, I think you underestimate the guy’s speed and really overestimate his video editing abilities.

  • damien

    Can’t see the vid due to firewall, but based on Skank’s comments he pretty much seems to be a complete douchebag.

  • R13

    The beamer has a limited top speed of 186mph or 300km/h due to a manufacturers agreement. That said, wow.

  • BirdeyeDrew

    Onearm, you are stupid and a liar. You are stupid for the stunt and for thinking others would not figure it out. As many others have noted, you are definitely running in KPH mode and not MPH.

    Others who have been at speed know that your closing rate on cars, signs and the white stripes are NOT indicative of 186 MPH. Also, the rate of tach acceleration and speed change are too quick for even the S1000RR at anywhere close to the speeds you claim.

    You are a POS who is FOS.

  • MotoRandom

    My Gawd the butt hurt is strong on this one. Why don’t you girls all get to together and pray for the pussification of motorcycling? Only when everyone is riding the speed limit while wearing bright yellow suits will you ladies be happy with the image being portrayed to the good public. Won’t somebody think of the children? (Sniff) How about you just ride your bike the way you want to and quit worrying about everyone else. Soccer mom on her cell phone is a way bigger threat to you than squids rippin it fast or Harleys with loud pipes. Did you ever notice that most professional racers will not even ride on the streets because it’s too dangerous? The risk is part of the thrill. If you can’t deal with it, get off your bike, get off your high horse and go find yourself a real “safety enthusiast” hobby. Leave riding motorbikes to those with a some intestinal fortitude and sense of what living on the edge is really about.

    • pauljones

      “Risk” in motorcycling is knowing that not everyone realizes that they are responsible for the safety of others on the road around them, not just themselves.

      “Responsibility” in motorcycling is actively trying to be concerned for the safety of those around you and your own safety, regardless of whether or not others are doing so.

      No one is saying that we should never have fun on a motorcycle, never exceed the speed limit, etc. Not one person that is a real biker (or driver, for that matter) can claim that they always operate within established social rules. What is being said, however, is that behaviors such as exceeding the speed limit (as well as the extent to which those behaviors are displayed; i.e., doing 70 mph or 90mph) is entirely context dependent. If you’re on a wide-open highway in the boonies (relatively speaking) with nobody in sight at some ungodly hour, then by all means. Haul ass. Have fun. But if you’re on a highway where there’s other cars around and it’s dark, then let a little air out of your head and your ego and play it cool.

      There is a time and a place for everything, and it’s our job as bikers to understand that and exercise good judgment in that regard. This guy failed miserably at that, and demonstrated a complete lack of judgment. That’s the problem. Is it cool that he took his sportbike up to those speeds and was having fun riding? Absolutely. Is it cool that he did it on a crowded highway where the safety of others is also a concern? No, not at all.

  • John Whorfin

    You only live once. I’ve better things to do with this life than worry about what a bunch of brain-dead cagers think about me and my fellow bikers.

    All those griping about our ‘image’ remember this: statistically, they kill way more of us than vice-versa. That’s because the public perception of motorcyclists is to not perceive our presence at all.

    Here’s something else for the ninnies to complain about: Top 10 Low Pass Flyby vid. Dangerous, outrageous waste of public funds…intolerable tomfoolery!

  • Rob

    The sad fact is that in this country anybody with a wad of cash can buy a bike capable of ridiculous speeds. Does this rider display an uncanny and almost amazing skill in managing to survive at those speeds, yes. Do I respect him for it? No. he’s doing it on a public hwy, with uninvolved “civilian” traffic (though light). He’s doing every bit as much to harm riders image in the eyes of the public as the guys who wheelie down the highway or run from the cops. He is, in effect, making riding harder for the rest of us. Granted, 20 sec. per mile requires some amazing skill, and I’m impressed by that. But I can not respect him for his poor choice of venue to display such incredible skill.

  • jesse

    I’m a member of the motorcycle community, and “highly respected” is hardly the words I’d use for these jackmo’s. Ever heard of a racetrack? Pinning the throttle in a straight line through traffic risking the lives of other innocent drivers is just plain retarded. Would this video still be cool if it ended with the rider flying through the rear window of a mini-van, killing the family of 4 on their way to Grandma’s?

    I’m not saying you need to obey “the man” all the time, but at least have the decency to take your bike out to the middle of Wyoming or something where you only risk hurting yourself and some stray cattle….there’s a time and place for everything. A heavily trafficked freeway in the middle of the night is neither the time nor the place for this kind of stupid.

    Oh, no offense if you’re from Wyoming…

  • knuckles and pucks

    1. if it weren’t for all the ‘tools’ and ‘squids’ and ‘douchebags’ who pony up for NEW LITERBIKES and NEW SUPERSPORTS once every 2 years, there wouldn’t be a sportbike market, and Japan Co. & the rest of them wouldn’t kill themselves every year trying to make faster, lighter bikes.

    2. why can’t any of you hate-az understand that the video from a go-pro is not the same as what you see out of your helmet? the light drop off from the headlights to the road is MUCH LESS PRONOUNCED in real life than it is when viewed at 600kb/s on youtube. It’s video compression and cheap tiny video sensors, not comparable to human sight.

    3. Track days: it’s cheaper to learn how bikes work on the streets EVEN IF you get tickets. GUESS what, when you buy a literbike, you don’t finance a set amount of track days to use that bike. Why waste money hauling your bike 2+ hours away for only a few hours of riding?

    4. If you have a 600, and you have not hit v-max (typically around 160+ mph) on a highway near you I can only assume the following:

    a. You have poor eyesight; thank you for not risking the rest of our lives. If you do not rock 20/20 vision, without aid, under no circumstances should you be speeding. You shouldn’t have bought a supersport.

    b. You are a girl. Props to you for even having a sportbike. Can i get cho numba’?

    c. You purchased said bike as part of a mid-life crisis. You are too old, too fat, and too unskilled generally to be a sports rider. How the fuck did you go 30+ years without biking??? Your first major life purchase should be a sport or standard motorcycle (between 16 and 21 years old). You made a stupid choice, you are better off on a 900+lb Harley than that sport-bike, go finance one immediately.

    5. Saying “anyone can do what he did” proves that you have never gone anywhere near that fast on your bike. It takes a considerable amount of skill to ride that route, this isn’t in the middle of oklahoma, this is a pockmarked, curved road in/near NYC.

    6. If you have a literbike and you have never gone more than 160 mph on a highway, I ask you why you purchased a liter bike? For style? To compensate for other personal defects?

    props to 1-arm, he is still alive, living life to the fullest, taking controlled risks, while the rest of you cower in the face of danger and try to spend your way to safety.

    if I just bought an s1000rr I would do it too (after break in), who wouldn’t? you guys are lame.

    • Edward


    • pauljones

      Easy, there champ.

      Your first point is absolutely true; but the same thing goes for everything from toothpicks to iPhones. It still doesn’t bare a whole lot of relevance to the topic of this guy’s behavior, and it also serves to entirely contradict your sixth point.

      Your second point may also be true. I think you’re somewhat underestimating the considerable ability of modern optical devices, but that’s another story entirely; especially when you consider that most of the criticism leveled at 1-arm in this thread isn’t about what he did, but rather where he chose to do it.

      So, once and for all, let’s be clear on this point: What he did? Cool. Where he chose to do it? Not so cool.

      Your third point on track days is completely untrue. Join a motorcycle club and chip in for a track day, and you’ll pay a couple hundred dollars or so for a whole day of awesome shenanigans and ass-hauling opportunities. One speeding ticket can cost upward of $450 dollars when you throw in all the associated fees in addition to the actual violation fine. You don’t finance those when you buy a bike, either. My guess is that if you rode like you imply that you do in your comment, you’d know that.

      Your fourth point is just a load of meaningless vitriol and chest-beating. You can do better.

      Your fifth point is absolutely correct. Riding at those speeds and living to tell the story does take a lot of skill. There’s no denying that.

      Your sixth point, as I noted earlier, is completely antithetical to your first point. You can’t have it both ways.

      Once more, to emphasize, we think that what he did is cool. We just don’t think that where he did it was cool.

    • who cares

      why only after beak in – if the thing blows up it’s just money (can not be of importance for the danger seeking life risking ultramales) .. oh forgot, you don’t even have money for trackdays

    • George

      knuckles and pucks – track days are cheaper than speeding tickets and more fun than jail time for felony speeding. You’ll never exercise a bike to its full potential on the street – in a straight line maybe, but bikes are meant to corner.

      Also – if you can’t afford a few track days, how can you afford a bike in the first place? You can’t afford to spend $150 – $250? If you can’t – fine. But don’t give all motorcyclists a bad name by acting like an idiot on the street just because you’re a broke-ass douchebag.

      As I wrote earlier, pushing your bike to its limits on public roads will get motorcycles restricted or even banned. Do you really want that?

    • Bryan

      I bought my SS because I loved the look of a beautiful piece of Italian machinery. I have no need to show the world how big my internet cock is by doing 160 on the highway and talking like the I own the road. Do I speed? Sure. Do I do something as asinine as risk the lives of other people on the road for kicks. No.
      Even on the highway, with the exception of passing, I rarely see 100 and have never gone past 155. This was before a speed could be faked by switching to KPH. I’ve seen plenty of kids that couldn’t count their balls twice and get the same number go way faster than those around them. They had few skills other than opening a throttle, if something had happened they were expecting they would have died. Perhaps they are dead or injured now…I don’t know as I don’t ride with or around fools anymore.
      My guess is these type of people can’t hang with those with real cycling skills on the track and make disingenuous vids like this to look cool. It’s been my experience that those with exceptional skills, regardless of what they are rarely have to brag or act like a douche for people to know. Word gets around.

  • Ben!

    To me, there’s a difference between respecting a risk and respecting a rider. I watch the video with a bit of awe and, at the same time, think the guy’s an idiot. Maybe that’s what Wes is/was getting at, but I think that’s a very important distinction.

    At the end of the day, doing this on public roads is stupid and puts more than yourself at risk, as evidenced right here in the great state of Texas. Two riders doing roughly the same thing – high speed riding on the highway. Guy goes down, car drivers stop to protect him from traffic, cars get hit and people other than the motorcyclist get hurt. Heck, Wes posted the story over at Jalopnik:

  • Skrymir

    Just thought I’d let HFLM know that I’m browsing their site using Adblock+ from now on. Posting sensationalistic crap like this to drive ad impressions up won’t sucker me in. LOL.

    Oh, and these guys are the definition of tools.

    • MotoRandom

      Sorry to threadjack a little but BOO for Adblock. All those ads help Wes keep the playground open. I don’t mind clicking and browsing some boots and jackets ever once in a while to help keep things going. Won’t hurt if everyone did that. It’s the only way we are going to keep the interwebs free. I’m really not fond of the whole “subscription for content” idea that’s going to be forced down our throats in the near future. That being said, I HATE the stupid pop-up on the Yamaha ad and I hope that goes away real soon.

      Please resume anti-squid rant now.

  • Nobody

    I’d love to see this logic applied to the ownership & operation of Class III firearms.

    Then I’d love to see Class III firearm ownership requirements applied to street legal superbikes.

    Current owner of a literbike and past owner of several Class III firearms.

  • Sharon

    No respect for you. I ride that highway often with my kids strapped in their car seats. I hope I never run across you doing speeds like that. You give sportsbike rides a terrible name!

  • Not impressed

    The ONLY people that “respect” this type of behavior are squids, douchebags, tools, you get the point.

    If you “think” this behavior is “respected throughout most of the motorcycle community”, you are a squid douchebag tool.

  • BigNate

    For everyone saying its KPH, I disagree. The BMW S1000RR in race mode will do almost 200 mph. 450 lbs and 193 hp!!!

  • oldfart

    “A bike is my bitches and it does what I say.
    Your King God,”

    Really, that’s your comeback?? What a dumbass attention whore. Oh mighty master of the track, tell that to some 14 year old broad. She might believe it. I hope someday I can make my bike my “bitches”. Fucking tool.

  • keep it real

    Yo f*ckos did you ever consider the meaning of HFL?

    It means with wholehearted or reckless determination; at full speed or with great speed!

    This is a blog for moto-crazy people and yes some of us grow older and have kids, but deep down we still love speed. I do a ride every Sunday littered with real IOMTT alumni up the PCH at full speed. Many of these guys have everything to lose. But like clockwork, we start at the same place every Sunday, since 1958! It’s not about Youtube, it’s about the love of danger.

    Get real about your obsession with riding before you blab about your political correctness.

    • pauljones

      So, because you and a hand full of others do it, it can’t possibly be a dangerous thing to do?

      People are obsessed with riding for different reasons. If it were just about the love of danger, this guy would have done it without the camera rolling. But he chose to film it, and then put that film on YouTube, which tells me that he is an attention seeker and is seeking social validation. And really, what badass, screw-you-attitude biker thing gives a crap about social validation? Not exactly a hardcore biker trait, now is it?

      No one has any problem with what this guy did. There is some question as to his speed, but once you get up in the vicinity of 100mph, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing 119mph or 192mph. It’s all the same, and it all requires an impressive level of skill.

      What many of us have a problem with is the venue in which he chose to demonstrate his skills. For reasons listed in this thread a thousand times over and a thousand times again, the choice of location was downright stupid. Enjoying going fast on a bike is just fine, but you don’t have to be stupid about it.

      For you and the others that have everything to lose and still do this sort of thing, well, I guess if you’ve got everything, the only thing left to do is figure out how to squander it. Have fun risking everything. Those of us who have less but are grateful for what we’ve got will sit back and watch.

  • Alex B

    Yeah, the Yamaha ads moving around the screen are really extremely annoying. Don’t these advertising fools realize that annoying the potential customers is not a really good way to convince them to buy bikes ? Pop-up “suicide” can kill your brand.

  • gsxr

    this guy is a dumbass and irresponsible … doing speed like that on public roads is the stupidest thing you can do … i’m a sportsbike rider as well but I would never do what this moron is doing, he should be punished if caught.

  • Gabe Ets-Hokin

    My magazine’s motto is “Ride Fast Take Chances,” but I know my readers are mature, intelligent and skilled. They know that riding fast means to still stay in their limits, and to take chances means to assume an acceptable risk: which everybody does when they get on anything with two wheels that can travel faster than a running pace.

    So Wes, I’m very disappointed that you would post this video and urge you to take it down. The guy who made it is an imbecile. Skill? Going 100% throttle in a straight line? Nothing but foolishness.

    Some of us have racing trophies from sanctioned organizations. Others have no skill or talent and have to make up for it by spending $18,000 on a motorcycle and then doing stupid shit with it to get people’s attention. Sad, pathetic, stupid.

  • vic



    Why all the hate? You guys act like you’re all fucking angels. Do you really come out on Sun with the your buddies and ride the speed limit thru the canyons? If you do…then you really are a

    Those saying its Kph not Mph have never ridden a motorcycle.
    And if you think it takes no skill to ride as such, I invite you to come try it. I can speak on it because I have done it and live to tell the tale.

    It may look like a straight highway…but don’t let the wide lens fool ya! The bumps alone with make you wet your panties.

    I want you to do something for me. Reach down below your fat belly and feel around for that little thing I hope you were born with. You find it yet…I’ll give you a min. Whistle*
    Got it in your hand or between your fingers? Feel that…you’re a man! Remember that! Stop acting like a bunch of bitches on the View.
    Live vicariously thru knuckle heads like myself, Wes, Skank and Onearm. Let us take the risks. Sit back and enjoy the show. Don’t be a pussy for the rest of your life…it’s that simple.

    You’re welcome! Now go give your old lady a good thrashing and make her say my name!

    • George – So you need to be an idiot on public roads in order to feel like a man? I have a feeling you’re compensating for something that’s not quite right and way too small below your fat belly.

      You’re not a man, you’re a small child starved for attention. The problem I have with you is that in the process of getting that attention, you’ll get non-motorcyclists pissed off at all of us and get bikes banned or restricted.


        Buddy I’m farrrrr from If you have a feeling for what’s under my belly. I suggest you visit another site. tisk tisk*

        There are no wins when you’re the minority. The bad boys will always be as such. Misunderstood, judged and thrown under the bus. sigh*

        If ya have a motorcycle and aren’t afraid to ride it(hard). Hit me up on FB.

        Oh yeh…I heard the “Big Ban” is coming 2012. Be afraid…even MOOORE afraid.

        I’m out bitches…Peace!!

        • pdub

          Sounds like ghetto, looks like ghetto too.
          Yep you’re a bad boy, a very bad boy, maybe naughty even. Oh so bad, so misunderstood.

          When your tired of being a bad boy, or any kind of boy and you want to know what’s next it’s called being a man. You don’t do it by saying you’re one either or doing stupid shit so other boys think you’re one but I’ll give you a clue. One of the first requirements in passing from being a boy to a man is a thing called responsibility. You and your misunderstood boyfriends should try it sometime.


            I’m having a laugh on every post I make. It’s been fun. Take it light people.

        • who cares

          there we get the problem. You can’t feel what is under your belly. Ok, sorry for that.
          mooore afraid? yep I already shiver and am in tears.
          Obviously some have to compensate for a lot …..

  • Charlie

    Wes, I can’t believe you are giving these selfish idiots a platform

    • John Whorfin

      Wes, I can’t believe you are giving all these post-menopausal rider/legislators a platform.

  • matt

    Its funny how they act like holding the throttle open on an interstate highway takes any kind of skill at all.

  • C.McInnis

    I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to call bullsh!t on this one… The speedo has to be on km/h. If he was really doing 170mph+ the cars and street lights/signs would be a blur as he passed. One car he passes doing around 160 and it looks like he’s hardly moving…you mean to tell me that car is doing 120 or so…Also if he’s on stock street tires he’s not doing 182mph in a turn


      why can’t you just believe what you’re seeing? it’s not the
      tires used in vid are Dunlop Ntecs.

  • GasBreather09

    Wes, I can’t believe you would try and entertain us with this awesome video. eyes rolling at old farts commenting above

    • Mark D.


      Its like dudes who own giant crazy machine guns. I don’t own them, I think its fucking dumb and dangerous and anti-society, but I understand it, I’m glad they exist, and I’ll sure as shit enjoy a youtube video of them firing it off into some backwoods hill!

      • George

        The problem is that this wasn’t some “backwoods hill”, but Long Island Expressway. It’s like taking a powerful machine gun and firing it in a suburban backyard.

  • W

    Just another glory ride I guess.

  • Charlie

    It’s funny until someone gets hurt…and then it’s hilarious

  • jake

    No respect from this member of the motorcycling community.

    Can’t afford a track day? Bullshit you’ve got a brand new BMW, it’s called being a pussy.

  • Artez

    The guy(s) involved in this video sound like some real knuckle dragging neanderthals based on what they’ve posted here and on the youtube page.

    • Bryan

      All the COOLEST bikers sound like that! It gives you street cred and makes you appear to be a 100% bonifide bad-ass!

      Remember guys, to ride a bike and impress people you have to sound like 5th grade drop out inner city hood rat!

      At least, that is what they seem to think…

  • Steve516

    So, he can afford a new S1000RR but not track time?

    The video is a bit rough, but from what I can see his bike handling skills and choice of times to upshift and downshift seem to need a bit of work. At the very least he needs a school.

    At least he is wearing leathers.

    That was certainly a mix of Long Island roads. Most of the LIE has been recently repaved and is in pretty good shape. Better than the West Side Highway/Henry Hudson.

    Anyone can twist the throttle wide open… I prefer to see how deep I can get into a tight 2nd or 3rd gear corner.

  • George

    People who ride bikes recklessly, do wheelies in traffic, and speed like the genius in the video are selfish assholes. And websites that give them a forum to show off their idiocy are a part of the problem.

    And I don’t mean “selfish” in the sense “you might kill somebody”. I mean “selfish” in the sense that this type of behavior will eventually result in governments passing laws that put major restrictions on motorcycles.

    • Do you want horespower restrictions on motorcycles, like they have in France and Switzerland?
    • Do you want health insurance companies to deny coverage to motorcyclists?
    • Do you want a ban on motorcycle imports?
    • Do you want a ban on modifying motorcycles in any way

    Do you? Well, if you like those things then keep acting like an idiot and give clueless politicians all the ammunition they need to propose and pass laws like this.

    And HFL – if some retard rides his bike like a jackass and risks everyone’s rights in the process, for fuck’s sake, don’t publicize it! Do you really want some hack main-stream journalist to see this and write a braindead piece about how motorcycles are too powerful and should be restricted?

  • John Whorfin

    the only thing worse than all the grannies and nannies who want to control our lives because they’re afraid we’ll get somebody hurt is all these uptight suburbanites clinging to the last vestiges of freedom and trying to control our lives because they’re afraid the grannies and nannies will want to control our lives

    all these alarmists have yet to post a story about somebody who was killed or seriously injured by a motorcyclist. I’m sure it has happened plenty of times, but research and anecdotal evidence shows that it’s much more likely that only the motorcyclist is harmed.

    so try not to foist your unspecified, unrealized fears of the consequences of somebody else’s unspecified, unrealized fears off onto anybody who faces very real (albeit completely unnecessary) fear on any given night of the week

    there’s no chance you’ll be taken seriously

  • C Mad

    I respect the balls it takes to do this… and i enjoyed the video… and i even felt like alot of you were being old farts with you comments…. that was until these idiots opened thier mouths. Track days are for pussies? Someone eailer mentioned the new laws in fla caused buy people riding like this. I got no problem with people riding like this as long as it doesnt affect me. With stuff like this all over the internet we’ll be like france with a 100hp limit on no time.

  • Not me

    I think what’s truly impressive here is that someone who lives in this modern world (GPS, camera, and obviously knows how to use YouTube) voluntarily records himself committing maybe several felonies and posts it on the internet for the world (and cops) to see.

    I would bet a lot of money that NYS Troopers and Nassau County Police are tracing his IP address, S1000RR bills of sale, etc. and will be knocking on his door very soon.


  • pdub

    Mr. one arm. Are you and your developmentally stunted friends feeling all the respect yet?


    Maybe you should all go ride by the junior high school to recharge your respectometers and find some “bitches” while your at it. Hater? Me? Nuuuuuu, hate would mean I feel threatened or envious of you and your ghetto halfwatt brethren. You don’t elicit that strong of an emotion. Shaking my head and laughing at you more like it. What’s even funnier and is evident from you and your buddies’ responses you don’t even have a clue to what a joke you are.

    So you buy the latest and baddest literbike and you complain that track days are too expensive? Bwahahaha!!
    You suggest you would have to ride slow there because you don’t want to cook the tires and you have to ride it home? Bwahahahhoho,!

    Skank, the track is for pussies? You owned everyone on the track? Excuse me, I’m sorry Mr. Rossi I didn’t recognize you under your ghetto internet name. Shouldn’t you be training for world title 10 instead of arguing with slow, old, internet riders? Sorry skank, Ex racer? I ain’t buying it. Your mouth gives you away. Anyone with or serious about developing skills from novice up to the real Mr. Rossi usually sings a different tune. Your just a ghetto street rider that thinks blowing by commuters in their Volvos and Hyundais is fast. The video sure proves that point. Sure does look amazing blasting by folks doing 50-70mph while their texting and sipping on Starbucks. Someone should give you all a trophy.
    Oh this is rich. You guys are Heeelaaayreeouus.

    Lastly. Why are you making imaginary references to people being fat and short of penis? Mr. one arm better hope he’s sporting a donkey dong because from the gut pushing out the front of your leathers at 0:10 you otherwise haven’t seen it in years.

    You should stop because your adolescent stupidity is only funny for so long and being a ghetto retard is so last decade.

    • Take it to the track.

      +1000!!! pdub, that was a masterful reply and really did just laugh out loud!

    • Skank

      Wow!! Lots of thought into that comment. What a brain buster. Did you spend all day thinking up all the right words? You really hurt my feelings, I think Im going to go cry about it now. Sob sob.
      I got a question!! Why are all of you so mad? Are you too old to get your get your leg over the seat or something? Or is the arthritis? See, you can sit here and criticize all you want. The bottom line is……we ride and we ride the bikes the way they were made to be ridden. Hard. Fear is a scary thing and Im glad you all have it and it keeps old slow assholes like yourselfs off my roads and out of our way. Must suck being retired, you got nothing better to do but talk about the ol’ glory days of 1977 doing a big 125mph. Lol. Stay on your porch and drink your Country Time you bunch of old bitches.
      Your King God,

    • Bryan

      Dead on in every respect I bet…98% of those with serious, real skill don’t act or talk like they belong in Fitty Cents posse.

  • carlo

    I’m not interested in joining the morality play here, but a bit of simple paying attention during the first two minutes of this video is all it takes to confirm if the speedometer is displaying mph or kph.

    Note the tach/speedo during the first two minutes of the video, and count the gearshifts during that period.
    In first gear, he accellerates up to an indicated 34 (mph or kph, I won’t try to guess) and holds it there for a few seconds. The tach shows 5000 rpms He then accelerates up to an indicated 7000 rpm/47 (mph/kph) After that, he runs up and down the rev range without shifting gears, hitting about 9000/60.
    Then comes the first gear change, where he runs up to redline and 119 indicated speed. Can one of these bikes make 119 mph in 2nd gear? There’s no question that’s the gear he’s in when the speedo says 119.
    After the second shift, he runs up to 141 and shifts again.
    The fourth shift comes at 161 on the speedo.

    So he’s hitting 161 “somethings per hour” at redline in 5th gear.
    He stays in 5th gear for awhile, then eventually shifts into 6th.
    I don’t know what maximum speeds for each gear on this bike are, but there’s no doubt in my mind that within the first couple of minutes of this video, he’s got the bike in top gear.

  • TD

    What a moron… I hope he manages to kill himself before killing an innocent person.

  • carlo

    oops, mis-spoke. that should have read 161 in 4th gear. The 4th shift at 161 indicated was into 5th gear. The last gearshift happens at an indicated 175 or so.

  • Jim McD

    Your a fucking retard for driving like that. Someone should have cut you off!!! It’s just a matter of time before you get killed or kill someone else. IMO you have no skill or brains. Get a fuckin life!!! LOOSERS

  • Dave

    The article says that these guys are respected and well known( of the better known members).

    If this rider is “better known” then that means that you know who it is. It’s your responsibility to turn him in to the police with this video (hell, how many guys on L.I. have BMW 1000′s?). If you don’t then the message you send is that you condone this idiotic behavior.

    • Skank

      Say what you will but Im still your King God!!

  • triplepwr

    Mo’fo got some nuts for sure

  • Nick

    Folks, if it was km/h the speedo wouldn’t just sit on 186. The reason it’s locked on 186 is because it’s MPH. Secondly, it’s shot with a wide angle lens which distorts the perspective and will prevent the blurring you’re talking about. In addition, the wide angle lens actually makes this look a LOT less scary than it actually is by hiding the amount of jarring and the lean angle. If anyone thinks the person riding this bike doesn’t have major ability they’ve never ridden a bike over 160 even in a straight line for a decent amount of time.

  • Nick

    And another thing, I’m guessing that most of you have never been on an autobhan in Germany where this is actually legal. Think about the fact that this guy is 100% focused on what he’s doing compared to 90% of other drivers who are probably breaking the speed limit and wondering what they’re going to have for dinner.

  • Frog

    Don’t stop now! Someone needs to drop another “F-bomb”. Or say bitches again. That’s good. And who’s the ‘retard’? Everyone, or just the guy going fast? I lost track. Between the safety Nazis and the young, big-dicked track dominating stud tearing it up on a public street, this is the most entertaining thread of ANYTHING I’ve read in months on the web. Love it. Keeping living large and keep living safe. I’m going to go make some more popcorn and keep “watching” this thread to see how it all turns out…(and if this is the end…who won? I need closure.)

  • bob

    nice video, nothing new, most sportbike riders would do the same. it would be nicer video if he would do a whellie at 140mph and then go 192mph.

  • nobody

    I find it mildly amusing that those who claim to love danger never do this in the rain. Why not?

    I also find it mildly amusing that this amazing new and expensive motorcycle isn’t going any faster than a 20 year old ZX11 (readily available for 20% to 25% the price) with some minor work.

    I also find it mildly amusing that this sort of thing gets boring very very quickly. Or at least that has been my experience. If those involved had any experience, they’d be bored with it by now as well.

  • steve

    i’m thinking responsible sites shouldn’t post things like this. What is the editor, like 16. Loser.

    • Nick

      Responsible sites? What are the media responsible for? I’ll tell you – information. Not censoring what’s actually going on. It’s funny how the word freedom is bandied around these days when 99% of people don’t have a clue what it actually means.

  • steve

    This guy is a FELTCHER! Buy a gun and lick the hole!

  • ducatista

    Me thinks that ‘skank’ doth protest too loudly. If you have to advertise the size of your dick then it enjoys only the reputation you claim it does. Where are the swooning ” biatches” on this blog attesting to his kingly stature? I’m not worried about the size of your bike, ego, or member. I am concerned with the size of your brain pan and the fact that you might procreate

    I had my 1977 R100s up to 125mph on a dry and empty road during daylight – skinny tires and all. Stupid? Absolutely. I’m glad I did it and I’m looking forward to doing it again on my current bike. Once I find a dry and empty road during the day.

    “And make sure none of your family members are on my highway!!” They will be and they will be watching.

  • Shas

    You know even the Hyper-expensive Ferrari Enzos have been involved in 4 fatal crashes (400 made), as well as the Porsche Careera GTs and McLaren F1s(3 people have died and they made only 71 of them)…The point I am trying to make is these supercars had superadvanced F1 style-carbon fibre chassis all around them as well as advanced electronics and airbags and still could not save 1 percent of their super-wealthy and supposedly level headed clienteles so what good is a superbike even though it has TCS cum ABS? Looking at BMW’s quarterly statement and Bike sales chart in UK,Germany,Canada BMW is experiencing a boom in these tough times because of the S1000RR (21% incrase in motorcycle revenues w/o any cash for clunkers for motos) ..You can safely say by the end of the year there will be 20-25,000 S1000RRs on the road…I hope that doenot mean 200-250 dead BMW riders by the end of the year going by the supercar analogy…..These brings me to my most important question…Why are car and bike mfrs investing more and more to provide vehicles that provide enjoyment and legal speeds??? Thats a fundemental question that a enthusiast driven industry like motorcycle or enthusiast brands and nameplates like 911,Corvette and NISMO have to tackle…..I guess only with Miata and Elise you can have fun at legal speeds..In he motorcycle world I would say Supermotos and Big air cooled V-Twins …The rest cannot give enjoy ment at legal speeds I am afraid Thats just my opinion I would love to hear from you

  • dexterrutecki

    Meh, not really that impressive. That Ghost Rider guy has been doing this shit for years. With better production quality too. Get some more cameras and get the cops to chase you, and do it in broad daylight. Then I’ll pay more attention. Pussies.

    • Cru Jones

      Couldn’t have said it better. :D

  • The Flash NYC

    Ok, to me, all of these negative comments are starting to sound like they’re coming from a bunch of old jealous farts, who wish they had a fast bike to ride like this back in their day. You guys should just sit back, and enjoy us younger generation man handle these beastly 2 wheel machines. Quit crying, it’s only gonna make us go faster, and make more videos.

  • Fattony

    “I’m out bitches…Peace!!”

    That pretty much sums it up. Street trash.


    i can only say fuck them the video was fucking sick you bros ride fucking crazy

  • Liquidogged

    186mph in basically a straight line is how the bike is meant to be ridden? BMW spent years and millions of dollars to enter one of the most competitive markets in the world, only to produce a bike for which the main purpose is traveling in mostly straight lines at 186mph?

    Do you think this shit out before you type it?

    I tell you what. I’d like to see you tell any of these people, to their faces, that they’re gutless pussies. THAT’S the youtube video I want to see.

    Everyone else:
    The connection that isn’t being made here by many people is that stunts like this equal LESS FREEDOM FOR YOU. Severely restricted bikes are a fact of life in many countries. WE ARE NOT IMMUNE TO THIS. These assholes aren’t ruining our IMAGE, they’re ruining our FREEDOM. Even if I was 98 years old, had one testicle, no dick, and did nothing but bitch about safety on the internet all day, they’d still be ruining our freedom.

    I believe in freedom of speech, I believe in unfettered journalism, and so I believe you have the freedom to report on stuff like this. Based on your editorial, however, I question your motives. Why do you run HFL? Why are you doing this? Is it just a job? Is it a real passion for motorcycling? If it’s a real passion for the sport, why aren’t you speaking out AGAINST these guys, who can only wind up make things harder for the rest of us?

    • Nick

      If you don’t personally ride at 186mph then why are you worried about the bikes being restricted? Surely the only people that will suffer from a restriction are the one’s using the full capability of the bike? Or perhaps you’re saying that it’s fine to ride like this but not post videos of it? There are not ‘many countries’ with ‘severely restricted bikes’. In fact, I can only think of a few. It is also very likely that France will have to drop their restriction to come in line with the rest of the EU. The restriction is 100hp and it will just mean videos of hooliganism on supermotos sliding around the Snake or wheelieing between cars which already goes on in France. I say enjoy your bike as much as you can now because guess what folks, legal restrictions aren’t half as worrying as physical restrictions when gas powered bikes aren’t made anymore.

    • Nick

      @liquidogged: QUOTE: “…why aren’t you speaking out AGAINST these guys…”

      Have you for a moment considered that Wes is possibly one of these guys, rather than your personal paragon of virtue and righter of motorcycling wrongs?

      • Liquidogged

        Well, Wes isn’t my paragon of anything. It was an honest question. If you love the sport, why show respect to those who are potentially damaging it? The question still stands. If you don’t believe behavior like this has any effect on legislation, or you don’t think the legislation is a big deal, that’s a legitimate, defensible answer. I don’t agree with it, but it’s your prerogative to give that answer.

        Regardless of the legislation issue, putting other people’s lives at risk is not OK unless it’s absolutely necessary to prevent even greater loss of life. That’s just basic human decency. If there are people who lack that, fine. But I think it’s pretty pathetic those who don’t seem to care about human life as much as they do about GOING REAL FAST equate a respect for life with a lack of balls. It’s false logic, and it’s just stupid.

        I’ll relate one more little thing I’ve learned in life: if you’ve really got balls, then the last thing you need to do is prove it to the world. People who brag about their achievements are almost always gutless weaklings. Disagree if you like, but that’s been my experience.

        • John Whorfin

          putting other people’s lives at risk

          whose lives?

          people in cars put their lives at risk by going out on the road with one another; anyone on a motorcycle is hard-pressed to increase that risk. 1/2(mass)(velocity^2)

          look at the data. NHTSA. personal experience. physics. anectdotal evidence. all point to this: motorcyclists kill themselves in single-vehicle accidents. cars kill motorcyclists in multi-vehicle accidents.

          however, going this fast definitely increases the risk faced by the motorcyclist himself. fine by me. guys like this represent nothing more to me than cheap motorcycle parts and I, for one, have always been grateful for their continued squidishness.

          you all are so worried about what the dozen or so people passed on the highway thought. It’s two am on the LIE: who knows what’s going on in their heads?

          • pauljones

            You make a number of valid points, but you miss a few things. When a motorcycle goes down on the freeway, it causes cars to swerve, even if there might be nowhere for the car to swerve but into another car. Even at the average speed limit of 65 mph, that’s a whole hell of a lot of force that can very easily be deadly.

            Say your beloved biker here hits a pothole, eats shit, and goes into the ground at that speed. Not only he pretty much guaranteed a dirt nap, the bike and debris from it are still flying out on the freeway causing obstructions that are dangerous to other people on the road, regardless of whether they are driving or riding. Having been in an accident on the freeway, I can tell you, it really doesn’t take much at all to cause a deadly accident. Any obstacle, like a simple hubcap (which is what caused someone to swerve into me), is all it takes. A downed biker and the resultant debris is more than enough.

            When you consider that, it becomes apparent that he is risking the lives of others. If he wants to be his life and his life only on his skills, more power to him. But it’s not his place to bet the safety of other people simply based on his own estimation of his skills. And that’s the problem.

            I’ve been pretty vocal in condemning this guy in this thread, but understand why. I give the guy full credit for having the skill and the balls to take a 190hp bike up to those speeds. I don’t really car if the reading was mph or kph, the end result is that it’s still fucking fast, and it still takes a fair bit of skill to not kill yourself at that speed. I respect that. I think that what he did, in and of itself, was cool. People should be willing to explore the limits of the bikes that they ride.

            My problem is where he did it. When there are other people around and your actions may endanger them, that’s not cool. As others have pointed out, it’s childish, selfish, irresponsible, and downright stupid. That’s what tracks are for. If you’re too cheap or too much of a wuss to take it to the track (here’s looking at you, skank), then choose different roads. There have got to be other, significantly less populated roads in New York to do this sort thing.

            Yeah, as bikers, we like to haul ass and have fun. We enjoy the danger. But others may not, and we don’t have the right to impose those dangers on us any more than they have the right to endanger us. What’s that? “Oh, well drivers endangers us all time!”. Yeah, they do. That doesn’t give you the right to do the same to them. It’s the same thing you’ve heard since first grade: If someone else jumps off a bridge, does that mean it’s a good idea for you to jump off a bridge? No, no it doesn’t. The same applies here.

            As for clowns like Skank and the other “gangsta bitches”, grow up or go home. Make a reasonable comment that has some sort of intelligence to it, or shut up. Your moronic slang and gangsta bitch speak is neither cool nor understandable. Get up, dust yourselves off, and try again. And while you’re at it, quit bragging about how much of a badass you are. You sound like those jackasses that walk around wearing karate competition tshirsts for 1989, talking a whole bunch of crap, failing to realize that a real badass wouldn’t waste his breath. He’d just kick your ass and be done with it. Being a badass is about being confident in yourself having to get in anyone else’s face or spout about in hopes of getting attention.

            Your behavior, both in this thread and your implications of your riding behavior, indicate that you are anything but a badass.

            • pauljones

              Well, that was slick of me.

              I think I only misspelled, oh, fifty words. Time for more coffee.

              And for the record, that last part should say “Being a badass is about being confident in yourself without having to get in anyone else’s face or spout about in hopes of getting attention.”

              Going for the coffee now.

          • George

            people in cars put their lives at risk by going out on the road with one another; anyone on a motorcycle is hard-pressed to increase that risk. 1/2(mass)(velocity^2)

            A 600lb motorcycle+rider traveling at 190mph has a lot more energy than a 4,000lb car traveling at 65mph.

            • John Whorfin

              taking out the units and any conversion factors and the (1/2):

              i guess the car is empty. or maybe it’s a prius, because that’s who’s on the LIE doing 65 at 2 am, right? I thought the whole idea was that the car is full of innocent, doe-eyed housewives. at about 165 pounds each…fine. nevermind.

              ok, so 2.166:1.69 you might be able to consider ‘a lot’ more

              what happens if the car is doing, say, 75?


              what if it’s an SUV doing a ton? (LIE stands for Longeyeland Expwy, remember?)
              6000*100*100=maybe you can handle that one on your own, science guy

              and this presumes that kinetic energy is the only relevant factor. it’s not. momentum=m*v

              and we all know how that goes. the same shit that happens every time. you end up skittering down the highway looking for something hard to break enough bones to stop you. dude in the car gets a new one. maybe if you hit him just right you can impart a little angular momentum, make him fishtail a bit while he watches you get yourself killed.

              do you see? this is the process by which we reduce your generalized, unrealized fears into what is colloquially known as ‘a calculated risk’

        • Nick

          Watch the video again then think to yourself, this is happening every single day in Germany, legally. I live in Europe so the fact that it’s on YouTube will have absolutely no effect on legislation whatsoever.

  • Nick

    “There exists in New York a small cadre of underground riders…”

    Sounds like the intro to an awesome documentary! Looking forward to the film :)

  • Reality Check

    How incredibly stupid and antisocial.

    This is exactly what lies at the heart of the argument for blanket HP limits and average speed cameras.

    I sure hope you all get caught before you do any more harm to motorcycling.

  • Scottie

    If he wants to go for speed he needs to get his ass onto a closed course. Passing other motorists by 100+ mph is just reckless.

  • david

    Amazing. Good control thoughout. I watched with facination knowing I could not do it. The thought of a dog or animal on the road, and the ticket or someone changing lanes. Thanks for the ride. Hope you do not do it again for safety though.


      Cheers to you buddy! ” I watched with facination knowing I could not do it.” “Thanks for the ride. “
      David has the right attitude, he can appreciate the thrill and danger of it all without judging or wishing death upon us. Thanks for viewing.

      “Hope you do not do it again for safety though.”
      I’ll be honest with you, I’m kinda glad I moved outta NYC when I did. While I knew how stupid and dangerous it was to go out three nights a week @1am to doing this. I just couldn’t bring myself to quit doing it. My affixation with speed and danger is a real problem.

      Now in SoCal where the roads don’t call for those ridiculous speeds. I still find myself pushing my bike to it limits in the canyons. Is that any safer than what I did back east? Seems like the risks are higher in the canyons. You have oncoming traffic, stupid people making U-turns in the middle of blind turns, bicyclist and other idiots on motorcycles. Guess the only way to stay safe is to stay home. That’s not gonna happen. But I will stay focused and try not to make as many risky maneuvers for the sake of other motorist on the road.

      That’s the best I can do…

  • John Whorfin

    restrictive motorcycle legislation is penned by the insurance lobby.

    why do all these old farts and old fart wannabees think they know what motivates the insurance companies? Youtube videos? really?

    this dude Stank One-Eye, or whatever his name is, really isn’t appearing on the actuarial tables until he actually hits something, no matter what you think.

    stop the little chickenshit warbling. I can hardly hear the sweet sound of that BMWer over all the ‘wah’ on this page

    • George

      restrictive motorcycle legislation is penned by the insurance lobby.

      why do all these old farts and old fart wannabees think they know what motivates the insurance companies? Youtube videos? really?

      this dude Stank One-Eye, or whatever his name is, really isn’t appearing on the actuarial tables until he actually hits something, no matter what you think.

      It’s not just the insurance lobby. Jackasses like the guy in the video piss off the general population. Politicians then jump on that bandwagon to get elected, and presto – you have your restrictive legislation. Do you seriously think that stupid tricks like this have no effect on people’s perception of motorcycles and motorcyclists?

      Those guys are destroying the sport of motorcycling because they want to get a cheap thrill and get the admiration of idiots.

      And it’s not just far-off, potential legal consequences. I run into anti-motorcycle attitudes from all kinds of people all the time. Most cops hate bikers – you really don’t think it has anything to do with assholes like the guy in the video riding recklessly?

      The fact that motorcyclists are viewed as assholes by everyone is because of idiots like the guy in the video, and it’s impacting me, as a motorcyclist, in a very real way.

      • Nick

        Give in George – become the asshole they hate. You know you want to and you know it’s more fun that way too.

  • T.REX63

    Don’t have to watch the Video. I don’t know how this guy can take it upon himself risking so many peoples lives…

    It’s plain stupid and sad. These people deserve jail not respect.

  • Rob

    Great. As increasingly intrusive, nanny-state legislation is passed, remember that you have this douchebag to thank. Every person this guy blew past now has a more negative perception of motorcylists than they did before.

  • markjenn

    Folks, the speedo is definitely reading MPH not KPH. You can tell because there is a legend to the right of the digital speed display which has separate LCD segments for “mph” and “kph” and the position of the mph symbol is much higher than the kph symbol. In the video, you can see the legend and it is the the mph position, not the kph position.

  • Skank

    man buys fast bike. man goes fast on fast bike. idiots surprised!! you’re all a bunch a idiots!!

    • notimpressed

      “teenage boy buys fast bike. teenage boy goes fast on fast bike.”


  • nobody

    I’m wondering when Street Missile Guy gets to spend some quality time with Meat Missile Guy – in jail. Please videotape that one and post it here – that would be more of that reality that you all seem to crave.

    And he’ll finally get the respect he deserves.

  • Nick

    John Whorfin is one of the few people on here speaking any sense.

    As for and the hate messages slung at him, take some time to understand a little more about the guy – he’s intelligent, physically fit and understands fully the risks that he’s taking. He’s also the first to tell people to ride carefully – fast but carefully. Furthermore, take the time to watch his videos and you’ll quickly realise he CAN ride and does ride tracks.

    Being quick to judge and having small balls come down to the same thing – fear.

    • John Whorfin

      thanks for the compliment, i guess

      however, I’m here trying to talk sense to people who don’t trust their own senses in a completely senseless internet forum

      which doesn’t make any sense at all. so when you consider that I’m trying to do something senseless, with no sensible explanation as to why I might try, your ultimate conclusion should be that I don’t have the good sense to let it go. therefore, anything I have to say is likely to be complete nonsense

  • Nick

    Personally, I didn’t see any hubcaps, deer, tumbleweed or cars suddenly swerving in the wrong direction. In fact, you could easily add some credits to this video that said: NO ONE WAS HURT IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO (BUT TWO HAD A SHITLOAD OF FUN).

    There are close on 200 comments now on a something that didn’t happen. More pertinent however is that the more you all protest, the more likely these guys will want to continue doing this. That makes you all culpable.

    Think on it a bit.

    • pauljones

      Your logic is impeccable.

      No one was hurt, therefore it is impossible that anyone could ever get hurt, so let’s all go and do shit like this on public freeways. Brilliant.

      On a related note, did you know that if you jump off a building and spread your arms out wide you can fly? If comments like these will encourage a few jackwipes to do dangerous stunts that will eventually get them killed, then by all means.

  • Da Foxx

    …these specific riders are nevertheless highly respected throughout most of the motorcycle community for the risks they take.

    Not true. I have no respect for taking risks like this on the street. That’s stupid, reckless and irresponsible.

    What I do have respect for is the amount of control and skill it takes to handle a vehicle of this caliber at the speeds he’s showing.

    I’d like to see what this guy can do at a racetrack, honestly. There’s a lot more to actually using a modern sport bike that going in a straight line and rowing the gearbox. If he has the skills to back up the ability to pull the trigger (which by itself isn’t a skill, it’s a lack of the foresight of what can happen when everything doesn’t work out just so…), he might have a lucrative future as a racer.

    Then he’d have my respect.

  • mofocanuck

    without getting into the ethics of the things, I also think it’s a scam – that’s kph, not mph.

    I’ve done 140 mph on the autobahn in a car, 180 mph on a bike, and things come at you much faster at those speeds that what we see here. it was obvious from the first 10 seconds, where the speedo was suddenly at 50+, going through tight ramps, that the indicated speed could not be MPH. at 180 MPH those cars really would look they are standing still, but in this video, they’re just driving 65 MPH at night while the bike is doing 120.

    I’ve not ridden the S1000RR, but even the motor sound does not sound like it’s strained, as it would at such high speeds. at 180 MPH a bike almost outruns its own exhaust sound, overpowered by wind noise, also not happening here.

    it’s easy to switch most of our bikes to kph by holding a button for a second on start-up, and I’m sure that’s what this scammer did.

    • Nick

      If you think that’s kph then you are an idiot. Your only reason is because you’ve gone fast and it looked different. For the LAST time consider this:
      - YOU are looking at this through a wide angle lens, not your own field of view.
      - Read above where someone has actually counted the markers and the time at which they pass.
      - How does he keep the bike at EXACTLY 186 on redline (which is the max the speedo will show) if it’s in kph?
      - How does he get through all 6 gears and only hit 186kph?
      Read the rest of the posts before you make stupid ass comments.

  • Skank

    Nick, Thanks!!

    If they’d a cremated the sum-bitch, I could be kickin’ that Mr. Bandit’s ass around the moon by now. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY makes Sheriff Buford T. Justice look like a possum’s pecker. You sum bitch. You did that on purpose. You’re going away ’till you’re gray. I got the evidence!!! Just keep your eye out for that Mr. Bandit bastard!!! Well, thank you, Mr. Bandit. And as the pursuer, may I say you’re the goddamnedest pursuee I’ve ever pursued. Now that the mutual bullshit is over, WHERE ARE YOU, YOU SOMBITCH?

    • Mr. Bandit

      Right here honey! Now come here and give mama some lovin! Muwah!

    • Nick

      Haha, no worries.

      Like mom always said – there are two kinds of sportbike owners. Those that have them so other people will think they have balls and those that have them to find out if they actually do have balls.

  • Cajun58

    Hey Wes I noticed you had to resort to personally attacking Dirck on MD’s website so his comments must have hit a little to close to home. As a regular viewer of H4L this article is pretty representative of what appears on your site.
    It has all the ‘tude and edgy-ness that typifies your style plus the aforementioned staggering irresponsibility displayed by tacitly condoning the behavior displayed. Also what is the point of having an open discussion about this facet of the sport? People who engage in this activity aren’t motorcyclists’ they are out of control adrenaline junkies and grossly irresponsible thrill seekers who’ve selected motorcycles as their delivery system of choice. There’s nothing to discuss they just need to find another way to get their fix. As I said in a previous post if they had any BALLS they would be on a race track. We have a spot out her in the desert called El Mirage Dry Lake which has NO SPEED LIMIT anyone is welcome to come and test their ability.

    • Nick

      I can’t speak for every single one of these guys but I do know that one of them DOES track his bike and he tracks it very well. Again, misinformed statements like yours are made for one reason – that you don’t have the balls to do this and you need to somehow make out like you are just as brave by telling them it takes more balls to do it on a raceway.

      Why aren’t all you guys writing hate notes to the German government if you are so concerned about public safety – they allow this on their roads with grannies doing 60mph. Doesn’t seem to cause any outrage there.

  • Skank

    Listen, we do what we do cause we love doing it.
    Sorry, but when I walked in to my local Honda dealer the CBR had a tail and head lights. I guess it was there to be sold as a street bike. If not it would of came with skins on it, wire tied, and said ‘competition use only’ but it didnt. Now, I have this sweet ass machine that comes with 158HP and does 180MPH. Gee, what should I do with it? I know, I’ll pussy around during the day in full leathers and pose. Lol. Not. Oooh wait, I know, I’ll set it up for trackdays and get my 2 uses out of it a month and burn up $800 in tires. Good plan but, NOT!! That would make me a real rider that all you bitches can respect!. Lol.
    The bottom line is: we ride and we ride fast and yes we are speed junkies that know what we’re doing and we do it great!!
    I know none of you have the balls or skill to do what we do. I understand that. And it’s ok. Not everyone is built like me and my boys. Fear sucks. And you don’t have to keep going on and on about why we are dickheadss, asshole, soon to be dead scumbags…etc. The only reason why all of you trash us and then use each other as a crutch with agreeing with one another is simple, simple psychiatry. All of you don’t have nor ever had the guts or balls to do anything close to what we do. Just face it!! You’re all a bunch of wannabes and never was’s.
    You keep saying ‘straight line’. Do you guys have eyes? Read the begining!! What does it say? And we still hit them sweepers at 160+. What sweepers you say? Lol. I guess you’re watching a different video cause 1Arm and leaning that BMW over many times at 150-160+ and above. Here we are going straight again
    You bunch of fucking Internet losers tath can’t race or ride but love to preach the Biker Bible hand book. Hold it up high and then jam it up your ass!! Fucking bitches!!

    • Mr. Bandit

      Nope. Disagree. Sorry.

    • Mr. Bandit

      BTW, are we annoying you? Why?

      • Nick

        You’re annoying me because I find hypocrites annoying. If you don’t agree with the guys in this video then you MUST believe the following or you are a fucking hypocrite:
        - these bikes must be banned
        - the TT open day must be banned
        - unlimited speed on the autobhan must be banned
        By the way, all of the above also presumes you NEVER drive/ride over the speed limit because if you do you are again, a fucking hypocrite.

        • pauljones

          Oddly, I don’t see any sort of hypocrisy.

          No one is asserting that these bikes should be banned, or that the TT open day and the unlimited (in sections; some parts of the autobahn are, in fact, regulated) autobahn speed limits should be regulated into oblivion. Nor is anyone claiming that they don’t ever break the speed limit.

          I think, however, that several people are arguing that there is a difference between breaking the speed limit and doing 75-80 mph on freeway to keep pace with traffic and doing 192 mph.

          • Nick

            So where exactly does this magical speed limit of yours exist – obviously it’s not the one predicated by the law – so please mr. paul jones, pray tell what speed you personally would like us all to travel at.

            The reality (if you’ve ever been fast on a bike) is that someone who is used to travelling at 180mph is a lot safer than some twat who every now and then sneaks his/her bike up to 120. You get used to the speed – your brain starts to relate to it and you are able to judge distance and situations at that speed.

            • pauljones

              I am a psychologist, actually. I don’t have a practice of my own, as I have student loans to pay off before I take out a business loan. As for my issues, well, I think we all have our own issues, including you and me. How we deal with them (if we choose to deal with them) varies.

              That being said, I did little more than extend Skank’s argument that it comes down to a matter of pyschology.

              You suggest I’ve become a brainwashed hypocrite. In what way? Have I begun to complain about our communist president and how he is turning America into a socialist nation? Have I fallen victim to the idea that we can create peace in stability in Israel? If you want to assert that I am brainswashed, then by all means. Try to back up your answer, though, with a few specifics.

              As for the whole magical speed limit thing, I’m not a civil engineer, so I really couldn’t tell you how certain areas established speed norms. Judging by the design of California freeways, I’d say even the civil engineers have some difficulty with that question.

              I’ve never taken my little Suzuki much past 90 (it’s just not capable of it, and quite frankly, neither am I.) But simple physics will tell you that no matter how much your brain is capable of adapting, the faster you go, the less reaction time that you have to work with.

              • Bryan

                Quit making sense and being rational/logical!

    • Nick

      Well said. Keep safe and have fun. Looking forward to more videos.

    • pauljones

      I believe the term you are looking for, Skank, is “psychology”. It’s easy to get confused, however; particularly if you don’t know the definition of either term.

      Try again, hot dog.

      I’m not denying that it takes skill to ride at that speed, nor am I denying that onearm displayed a fair amount of skills there. I’ve already openly admitted in this thread that I don’t have enough experience to ride a bike like that, having only ridden for the past two years. Riding a bike like that is something you have to work your way up to. I’m not there yet. So I think that throws at least half of your post into irrelevancy.

      But let’s go back to this point you attempt to bring up about psychology. If truly you are so confident in who you are and what your skills are, why are you bothering to reply in this thread? Why do you and “your boys” feel the need to film the things that you do and post them on youtube?

      The answer is really quite simple from a psychological perspective: You’re not that confident in who and what you are.

      You go out and pull of stunts like this to make you “feel alive” and feel good about yourself. You use it as an escape route from every other aspect of your life, because every other aspect of your life is a mess for one reason or another, and you lack the skill or the courage necessary to face up to that and try to fix the underlying problem. You do it in highly-populated areas because you crave the attention, hoping for some semblance to social validation of the fantasy badass image you’ve created in your own mind to make yourself feel better. But, in the end, all those people on the road were amounts to dust in the wind. Did they see you? Maybe. Were they impressed? Not likely. Worse yet, you had no feedback, no confirmation that anyone noticed you in this world or even cared one way or the other.

      So you post your videos up on youtube for all the internet to see, hoping against hope for that social validation that you so desperately crave in order to feel better about yourself. Sure, you get a few replies along the lines of “That was teh awesome!!1!!!1″ and you feel better about yourself. For a moment. And then reality strikes, just as it did in this thread. Far from being impressed with your behavior, you are condemned for acting like a squid. But you can’t handle that; your brain, so absorbed in its fantasy, can’t bring itself to process the disapproval of that sort of behavior.

      Instead, you choose to entirely misinterpret what is being said. The criticism that you see is of the behavior that you displayed in that instance, not of you in your entirety. But even so, you choose to take it as a personal insult against your very being, and you start to categorize responses into a black-and-white “them or me” way. You say “thank you” to anyone who strokes your ego and gives you that social validation that you crave, few and far between as they may be. For those that display even the slightest variance from your desired response, you desperately try to find chinks in their self-confidence. When you fail at that, you resort to words such as “pussies”, “fags”, “bitches”, “dickless”, etc. Then you claim that you’re only going to keep doing it response to our comments, like a child that threatens to hold his breath if he doesn’t get what he wants. When that doesn’t work, you just start throwing a fit. In the comments of an internet blog.

      Thus is the psychology behind Skank and his “boys”.

      Here are a few tips for when you’re ready to be a man: Take care of the other issues in your life that are causing to depend so much on being an adrenaline junkie as an escape. Family problems? Work problems? Personal problems? Whatever. Stop running away from them, recognize them for what they are, and work to solve them. Not sure how to go about solving them? Ask for help. There is nothing un-masculine about asking for help. Running from a problem, however, is not particularly masculine. Once you’ve done that, you’ll start to notice that you always feel good about yourself because things in your life are running much better. You won’t need that fantasy personality you’ve created for yourself. You’ll still enjoy hauling ass on a motorcycle, but you won’t let that be what defines you as a person. Nor will you feel the need to brag about what you do and post videos of it up on the internet for everyone, including law enforcement, to see. You won’t care if other people know what you have accomplished, nor what they think of your accomplishments. You will know what you’ve done and the skill it took, and that’s all that matters. You won’t need anyone else to validate your self-image; you’ll be able to do that yourself just fine.

      At that point in time, you will be a badass and a biker. You can get there if you so choose. But you have to make that decision, and make it for yourself, by yourself. Until then, you’re the motorcycling equivalent of that hormonal, pimply-faced high school kid cruising around town blaring punk music and trying to race people in his ratty Trans Am.

      • Nick

        Dude, you just wrote all that based on a guess and then worked yourself up into a froth about it. Sounds like you have some issues of your own to deal with.

        On your way to see your suburban shrink (or perhaps you are one yourself) spend a minute contemplating what a hypocrite you are and how brainwashed you’ve become.

    • Bryan

      Wow…you almost most it through to the end of the post without sounding like you ride the short bus.

      People are pissed at this shit because you are putting other people at serious risk for harm whether you see/admit it or not. So, nothing happened THIS time…You got lucky some cager didn’t fall asleep behind the wheel or throw his soda can or coffee cup from the window, the DOT must have scraped up all the hubcaps, and road-kill and broken car bits from crashes, there were no animals actively crossing the road or other debris…. YOU GOT LUCKY. When a bike and a car get into an accident and neither were screwing off, I feel bad for both, when one or the other is screwing around I wouldn’t give a bucket of spit for the life of the one who caused the accident.

      Had I been going down the highway and witnessed someone like you doing this and you smashed into the back of another car I would not render assistance to you at all (you’d be dead but I wouldn’t even check, you wouldn’t deserve to live). I would give aid to those in the car.

      God help you if you smashed into me while I have my 15 month old in my truck. Had you lived, she been seriously hurt or killed, and I been still mobile you would have gotten one of these 2 options…

      1.) a 185gr Corbon through the face shield. It would have made sitting in prison tolerable.

      2.) me “rendering assistance” to you including making sure I shake and band around your spine/head alot while taking your helmet off, kneeling on your chest while yelling “you ok buddy?”.

      Hopefully you would just die from the impact so I can just become the spokesperson for cracking down on sportsbike riders. Me standing in front of TV cameras talking about how they injured/killed a family member to politicians who are eager to look pro-active for the next election.

      Those of you who support such riding are so ignorant and short sighted.

      • John Whorfin

        You know, I’ve been going at this all backwards, calling you all cowards and stuff.

        See, I live in a world where motorcyclists are killed by cars. Or they kill themselves. and that’s pretty much all that happens, every time.

        If I lived in your world, where somehow we are all equipped with baby-seeking missiles instead of fiberglass motorcycle helmets, and where a motorcycle can demolish a pickup truck, and where a little water sends a motorcycle flying off into outer space, and where every angry granny has a red phone to the governor’s office, then hell, yeah, I’d be afraid to ride motorcycles at all. I do have a conscience, and I guess if I had bigger mirrors I might notice the sea of red and the total carnage I leave in my wake every time I twist the throttle in sixth gear.

        You all are some brave motherfuckers just to strap on a helmet every day. Or every third saturday or whenever the hell your wife lets you out of the box.

        Tell you what, though, you’re right to help the people in the car first. It’s called triage. and after you get done with them (are you ok? yeah. you? wow that was scary! you? maybe you should check on the dead guy lying on the highway, dude) please have the common courtesy to call 9-1-1 so they can farm my organs and give ‘em to the some nice old lady

        • Bryan

          My point is that there is more to the world and what goes on around them, than JUST THEM. I take my daughter with me almost everywhere I go because I don’t work the same schedule as my wife and can do so. Some people would pay for daycare regardless, but I actually like spending time with her. Believe it or not kids are in a lot of cars! DUH.

          The comment about “If I lived in your world, where somehow we are all equipped with baby-seeking missiles instead of fiberglass motorcycle helmets, and where a motorcycle can demolish a pickup truck”

          If this kid was really going 190+ with a 450 lb bike and however much he weighs, do you have ANY idea of the amount of kinetic energy that is involved? It is MORE than enough to total the truck and cause all but complete disintegration of the motorcycle. Hopefully he would rocket into the tailgate or launch up over the truck and avoid the cab…

          • Nick


            Unfortunately you can’t use 192mph as the velocity in this situation because the truck you mention will be going in the same direction at around 70mph. You’re therefore looking at about 122mph. Secondly, it’s very unlikely that it will be a direct hit – either the truck will be changing lanes or the biker will be swerving or braking. Again, there’s a point at which said rider will be decoupled from the bike, reducing the mass.

            I would be very interested in knowing how many deaths to motorists have been caused by being rear ended by a motorcycle. I bet it’s almost non existent.

            • Bryan

              You are most definitely right, unless the vehicle is slowed for some reason whether it be construction, an accident, car on the side of the road or whatnot. I tend to stay at 55-60MPH if not in a time bind as it saves considerable fuel in a truck. That still leaves an impact velocity of 190 down to 120mph, still an astounding impact. At such impact the rider becomes a secondary missile. I have seen pics and read incident report of motorists killed by hitting dear that went up into the windshield of cars killing the motorists so an accident as described hear is well within the realm of possibility. After such a violent impact the vehicle will lose control momentarily, hopefully not to the point of leaving the road or hitting another car(s).

              That is the problem, people don’t think things through to a logical conclusion or about the “what ifs”. Any fool that slammed into me causing injury to my child had better hope the wreck kills him, it would be a swifter death than at my hands and I am not so sure a jury would convict me. ;)

              • Nick

                Bryan, I agree with you in regards the retribution but in all seriousness, has a car driver or occupants ever been killed or injured through a rear ending from a motorcyclist. It is possible but highly unlikely. The main danger here is to the guys riding the bikes and they most definitely know that – they’ve lost friends to these antics. I think we all get a little carried away by a few guys having some fun – at the end of the day, it’s their risk and their return (the rush). I personally have no qualms with it and yes, like you, I have a wife and child. Again, these aren’t the reckless kids that everyone thinks they are, they’re adults – heck, some of them don’t even ride motorcycles in the daytime, they ride 125cc scooters. This is as controlled as it gets and done by as experienced riders as it gets.

  • Nick

    The issue here is that our perception of what a bit of healthy fun is, has been tainted by the nanny states that we all live in. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking that anything slightly unsafe is evil and most of us are scared shitless.

    Why don’t all of you haters get a passport and take a trip to the Isle of Man during the TT when the course is open and unlimited and you ride at 192mph between houses and trees, dodging a 90 year old in her 20 year old Vauxhall Astra. Or why not go to Jerez next year during the GP and get pissed all night with 100,000 crazy Spaniards and take the 30 minute ride to the track going 192mph at 5am having had no sleep for 24 hours. Or pay your 30 Euros and drive the Nordshleif at 192mph passed cars and bikes.

    The point is, these guys are not doing anything different to what other people with balls are doing all around the world. The only difference is, it’s not legal where they’re doing it. Therefore, unless you’re here to arrest them, shut the fuck up.

  • John Whorfin

    of course the common fear on here seems to be the one put forth by these legislative watchdog types.

    excuse the analogy, but I equate you all to those bourgeois black folks who are always moaning that dudes in the hood are ‘making us look bad’. anybody who thinks those knuckleheads represent greater black America is just a racist looking for an excuse to justify their sick mindset.

    to move it back into the terms of the current conversation: assuming, arguendo, that the motorcycle legislation is in any way subject to any kind of democratic process (I live in PA, where they certainly tried to fool us into believing that it wasn’t driven by in$urance), then yes, the opinions of the greater public would matter.

    any person who sees a motorcycle whizzing past and says to herself ‘Oh my, I could have been killed’ is an irrational person and a complete coward. is that whose vote you’re relying on for your continued freedom? guess what? she does not have your back.

  • John Whorfin

    it’s been real.

    except for the part where it’s been completely surreal.

    so now I’m going to step back through the portal, and you all can go back to your perpetual disagreement. sometimes I need to remind myself exactly what the internet isn’t and I thank you all heartily for that

    Skank n’ them, please give your next of kin my number, because I’d sure like to make a streetfighter out of that BMWer after you bundle it…


  • nobody

    When they open the IoM roads up for Mad Sunday, EVERYBODY on the road knows what is going on and participates accordingly. Nobody on the above trivia highway agreed to participate in this.

    Ride like a knob on the autobahn, pass people on the right, and you WILL find out if the Polizei carry submachine guns.

    But who cares – this is all about little children telling everyone else that it is their toy – “You can’t tell ME what to do! Waaa! Pay attention to me! I’m a rebel!”

    Or maybe HFL’s stats had too many of those awful 40+ year old white guys – can’t have them around. They might remind the emo/metro kiddies that cafe racers, scramblers, and street trackers are old ideas. And that bikers have been going a lot faster since before they were born.

    • Nick

      ‘Everyone participates accordingly’. You’ve obviously never ridden mad Sunday. The number of morons who turn up there on the wrong kind of bike and or cars don’t have a fucking clue what is going on.

      Secondly, you’ve obviously never spent a lot of time on the autobhan to think that the police find out what you are doing – check out the YouTube videos. Also, take a look at what goes on France and Spain where yes, it’s against the law but quite freankly the police don’t give a hoot.

  • rohorn


    It was my experience in Germany that lane discipline was vastly batter. Or at least it was almost 30 years ago when I was there. Yes, the cops turn a blind eye to some things in some areas. I was amazed at how few high performance bikes were actually on the road when I was there. Ooops – will have to deal with the “Every rider in Europe rides a supersport literbike” myth elsewhere.

    There is already a famous picture of a rider with his head stuck in a semi trailer’s back side. Nobody (else) got hurt. Still, it was really quite rude of the rider to interrupt the trucker’s trip that way. But nobody (else) got hurt – that’s what really matters!

    Another funny thing is why Mr. Fearless Bigballs slows down for what he thinks is a roadblock. Why did he slow down? Fear? No balls?

    Not that it matters. I’m sure the webmaster enjoys the hits this generates.

    My biggest fear? That had a camera ever been mounted on one of my bikes, it would have been used as evidence against me. Jail would cramp my lifestyle – and having the bike confiscated and auctioned off is something I do fear.

    But that wouldn’t matter at all if Mr. Fearless Bigballs stole the bike and robs banks for a living. Now that would show everyone just how tough he is!

    Or he could really prove it and join the Marine Corps.

  • Nick

    And don’t forget, adeysworld himself admitted that this is an addiction – you need to go faster and faster – I’ve been there myself – but in far more irresponsible ways when I was younger. These guys are being as responsible as it gets. 10 broken bones including back and skin grafts didn’t stop me. Nobody on this blog or anyone else is going to have an effect on what these guys do. The best thing to do is sit back, grab a beer and enjoy the vicarious ride. I promise you, there’s more chance of you being struck by lightening twice than being killed in a car by a speeding biker.


    Cheers to Nick! Thanks for the support.

    Kudos to you man,
    I don’t know how you maintain the rhetoric with these puffs, cuz i’m exhausted just from reading their longwinded comments.

    This pauljones guy sounds like he’s trying to get his PHD off this topic. Somebody should tell him he is one already..a Player Hating Dickhead. Sorry paul but you’re as lame as your comments. We’re not that easy to figure out.

    Putting the vids up on youtube are not for validation Einstein, we’re just sharing the experience with fellow riders and for those who admire the sport. No one posted up vids and asked…”Hey how’s my riding?” Why? Cuz we don’t care what you think. Either enjoy the show or keep it moving. Better yet, go tell someone what we’re doing. You seem like the tattle tell type.

    This is a lose lose debate with most of you guys, simply because you can’t relate.
    So for those who enjoyed the show, stay tuned…more to come!
    The rest of you…blow it out cha ass!

    • Nick

      Well, I guess it’s just been a slow week at work and I get lured back to this blog – anyway, it does no harm to Wes’ blog stats.

      By the way, I checked out those videos of you on the Snake. Now that’s hair raising! I live in the UK and have never been on Mulholland but was wondering how much visibility you have around those bends. Cyclists, downhill skaters, cagers and slow bikers – there’s more going on than Mario game. Nevertheless, if I lived there you’d see me on the Snake.


        I feel ya man…I keep getting sucked back into too! This must be a record HFLM article for the most comments…and curses!lol

        In regards to the “Snake” section of Mulholland, most of the turns are blind. There are a small handful where you can see thru the turn. But for the most part, going into the apex is a roll of the dice. It took about 3 months before I could ride with the local fast guys.

        Speaking of blind turns, cagers, cyclist and slow riders. This vid has it all! My buddy is following me on his DRZ400.

        • Nick

          Wicked! I’ve gotta admit I’m surprised how well that DRZ manages to (some degree) keep up.

  • Wombat

    I dunno what all the hub-bub is about. We always tore up that part of the LIE and the Southern State doing 186 before getting capped out.

    But, we went much later at night. Would head West and then East checking for traffic, cops and deer before cracking the throttle.

    Its fun, but I have to admit I have seen quite a few people ruin their lives for a few minutes of top speed. Not to mention the families.

    Keep it on the track ~ where it belongs.

  • Liquidogged

    There have been enough startling failures of logic on this thread that the conversation has been rendered almost completely unproductive, despite the efforts of people like pauljones and Bryan. I’ll just point out some of these broken pieces of not-logic. Read these statements one at a time, on their own, and maybe it will be more obvious how none of them could possible be true. I didn’t make any of these up. They are just boiled down, uninflected, raw versions of previous arguments made here.

    192Mph on a public road endangers only the rider.

    Endangering other people is ok if it’s a controlled risk.

    Endangering other people is ok if you display great skill while doing it.

    Endangering other people is ok, as long as there are some other people endangering you with what they’re doing.

    You can’t complain about riders endangering people in your country if it’s legal for riders to engage in similar behavior in other countries.

    If a sportbike is capable of ____Mph, and is sold as a street-legal vehicle with lights, then it’s ok to take it up to ____Mph on public roads.

    Being upset about riders endangering people means you have no courage.

    Being willing to endanger people means you have courage.

    Posting videos of endangering people and breaking several laws while riding a motorcycle can’t possibly have any effect on legislation related to motorcycles.

    Nick, Skank, Bandit, etc: by making these and other logical failures, you’ve proven yourselves to be either:

    A) Not very intelligent. (Stupid.)
    B) Totally unconcerned with the health and welfare of your fellow riders, as well as the general populace. (Evil.)

    I’m going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and simply suggest you fall under the first category.

    … thanks for playing.

    • Nick

      The point is, the danger to the public is being over exaggerated by you and your cohort of sissies.
      Nevertheless, the public are forever indebted to you for your courageous stand on this issue. As are the thousands of sportbike riders who only take their 170bhp bikes to the legal speed limit, for not having them restricted to 100bhp which would actually make no difference to their lives EXCEPT that they would no longer be able to pretend to their friends how hard they are for owning a 170bhp bike.

      Now that Skank has told you he isn’t changing anything despite your immensely compelling arguments, please take up your fight against liberty and justice elsewhere. May I suggest the fast food industry that is killing more children in the USA than all motor vehicles put together?

  • Skank

    Please, stop killing me your intallect. You’re over working your little brain. Is it really worth it?

    Now, face the facts:
    1. No matter what you say or how much you fucking cry about it we will still continue to ride fast, wreckless with no concern for the public or the law.

  • bjorn

    wow, the comment section is getting more interesting than the video.

    There’s Hyprocrites on both sides of the fence here….I’m one.
    All the guys preaching here are most likely speed once in a while. I ended my previous comment about these guys being squids..with a wink and a comment about my “getting old” I understand the rational behind doing this..I’ve split lanes at 185 and been forced to pass on the shoulder. Did my wearing leathers and doing trackdays at the time NOT make me a squid?? No it did not.

    Would I ride the posted limit on a Litre bike? of course not, what’s the fucking point? These things are great, totally overkill and they put a smile on your face, it just takes a little self control to know when and where to light it up.

    And sure, if you get to know a section of road, canyon whatever…you can get a good pace going, but unless you are some nutty Ultser or Scottsman, chances are you won’t come anywhere near the “pace”

    Saying you are fast is hilarious. It’s like proclaiming you are “good looking” or have a “big dick” These are things you let OTHER people say about you, or trophies ;)

    Everybody’s perception of what is dangerous is different. The Cops would look at this and think it was absolutely bonkers, while a TT vet would probably laugh. I have no idea if this dude is riding 6/10ths, 8/10th or 10/10ths of his ability, never ridden with him so I can’t say, even if he finds this easy, its still squidy.

    All the guys moaning about how this gets bad attention have a serious point. This is not Europe, where a huge percentage of the populace understands motorsport. Bikes in the US are only used for recreation not transportation, so its easy to put legistration in place. Remember the 3-wheeler anyone?

    • Da Foxx

      Very well said.

  • Mr. Bandit

    If you don’t think a motorcycle can do damage, check out 5:58

    • Nick

      No one said a motorcycle can’t do damage dude. It’s just highly unlikely that a motorcycle is going to ride up the rear of a car and kill someone – there are too many other factors at play.

  • karlsbad

    Not only do I remember the 3 wheelers but i remember being a wee lad and my father selling this awesome convertible called a Corvair Spyder He told me the goverment thinks they are unsafe so we are going to sell it. (yes he was a pussy)
    But it brings to light the simple fact that a few powerful people can and will change the sport we all love for the worse given the smallest chink in our armour.
    I love to ride quickly all my friends love to ride quickly.
    Speed limits and double yellows are for the lowest common denominator, Buses and Motorhomes ! Are sub 200 MPH flogs on city freeways smart hell no but they can be an aweful lot of fun.
    I myself prefer the twisty roads in the mountains and the west coast from which I hail
    Ride hard ride fast ride fun there is a reason why they call them sport bikes.

  • Nick

    over and out.

  • BigCheese

    So I’ve read a few comments and this is what i think:

    1. The time and location of this top speed run was not done in a safe manner. If you want to go top speed do it on an empty wide open road in the middle of no where.

    2. Yes there are many riders that actually respect/like these guys for their videos.

    3. The guys that made this video are complete tools/Dbags.

    4. I find it laughable that some people think this video is in KMH.

  • Skank

    Oooh boy, this keeps getting better.
    Yeah, this is not Europe. To bad it’s not.
    I came across a real magazines site that had this video posted. I basically said that all you fucking morons cry about this video are IDIOTS. Then they added a link for all its readers to click on so they can read all you wannabe riders crying. It’s called ‘What about the children!’. Hahaha. It’s great to see a world famous mag appreciate this video. Man buys crazy fast bike and goes slow on it? Lol. Only you fags.
    But you’re not alone, there’s another site out there and not only are the crying about this video they’re crying about this site. So sad. No wonder why all of Europe thinks U.S. riders are a joke. I’ve been there. I go 4 times a year. All I see are serious riders in full leathers all day long. Over here we got squids like you guys wearing jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and maybe a kevlar jacket riding like pussies.

    • Nick

      Looks like a lot of sites fighting for viewers – and all thanks to Skank and his crew! You guys should get a cut of the ad revenue.

    • who cares

      hey and even more delusional stuff. So you are 4 times a year over here and all you see is …… quite selective cognition that. Maybe Europeans thing that guys “over there” are simply pretentious wannabees because of loudmouthes like you

  • Skank

    Loudmouths like me? Not really. The bitches with the loud mouths are the little cry babies like you that get on your key boards and type all this hate. Dont be mad. We can ride your bikes for you and fuck your wifes.
    Just for all you little babies 1Arm is going to make Real Deal II. The big badass S1000RR going 55MPH. Hahaha. A video you fruits will appreciate.

  • typhoon1

    This is REAL DEAL MPH. That BM is TOPPED!!! 186MPH is all the BM will read on the speedo. If any of you ever rode the new BM the way it was intended to be ridden you would know that. I’ve ridden with these guys. THEY’RE OUT. Blazing through the turns. This IS NOT a straight line for 9 minutes. It’s NOT the LIE. It’s not during rush hour, or any time near it. This run is CONSERVATIVE. Bandit is riding on OEM tires, with STOCK suspension. He just got this bike. This is what they do, and been doing for years, so obviously there is some level of professionalism here. These guys are Ex racers. 1:15s at Louden on a STOCK 600. STOP HATING.

    • pdub

      Wow, this is still going on eh? Ok, ok, we get it and yeah we heard you in your all CAPS whining. Yes the BMW is a quite a potent tool. Nobody doubts that. It’s the impotent tool atop it and all his backslapping boyfriends that keeps us laughing.
      Professionalism? Now that’s the funniest thing said in this whole ridiculous comment saga. By definition a professional gets paid for their services or performance. Last time I checked there was no sanctioning body or factory teams handing out paychecks for guys to blow past SUV’s and economy cars in the middle of the night. Nope that equates with beating up kids in a playground or drunks outside bars and calling yourself a professional fighter. More like professional clown. No wait, professional clowns also get paychecks from circus’ and kids’ birthday parties. I guess that just leaves a bunch of self deluded nobodies looking for validation crying and name calling when their stupid acts get no love or respect. Someone bringing up the “ex-racer” thing again? Why ex? Oh yeah, forgot. Tracks are for pussies too. One armed skank or whoever owned everyone at the track so went looking for sleepy grandma’s in their Toyota’s to pass. Why quit racing? Too expensive? Hmmm… $18K for a new BMW would get you a decent track prepped 600 or lightweight twin with about $12k left over for parts, consumables, and fees. Now if Skank Arm or whomever was all they say they are and owning everyone on the track then that means they probably win or place quite often. That would mean a regular flow of contingency money coming their way which does a lot to keep from racing out of pocket. A season or two at the front and with a little bit of savvy and such a hot racer could easily get a little sponsorship. Nothing big at first, maybe from the local pizza chain or an auto body shop that supports racing. That might get you racing for free and maybe get some traveling in to race other regional hotshots. As King God Arm or whatever his name is starts to make that name known beyond blog comment sections and youtube home movies it’s quite conceivable, actually it would be inevitable that he would get a shot at real sponsorship and go pro. You know pro as in professional. As in getting paid to ride fast and given free bikes every year. Doesn’t sound bad to me. What stopped you from owning anything more than an internet alias and a youtube video?

      • Skank

        You ain’t shit. You want me to show you how to ride? I’ll even teach you how to fuck you girl the right way. Or do you like men? Probably. You got no balls and you do whine like a bitch. I really enjoy how you get all in to IT. I got a great idea!! Get a life and stop wandering around the InterNet crying about your cause.
        Your king God.

        • pdub

          Thank you for the kind offer to help me with my riding and love life. Very generous of you. I’ll decline though since it’s always best to learn these things on our own. Maybe that’s your key to going pro? You could advertise. “Skank’s Sexual Secrets to Speed” Good luck with that.

      • Liquidogged

        Exactly. The proof is in the pudding. If you guys are so badass, how about a display of real skill? Where’s the trophies? The sponsorships? You know, the actual achievements? You see, despite your constant yelping about how everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a pussy, most of us on this board are actually full grown men. What we RESPECT is people who actually ACHIEVE things. Skank, you can attack people like a rabid little pit bull all day, and it will prove absolutely nothing to anyone. You’re just another little yappy ankle-biter, worth nothing more than a kick and an unkind word. You think this is work for me? That’s a good laugh. You’re way out of your league, little man. At this point, the only reason I’m bothering to do this is because I honestly enjoy pointing out what a waste of oxygen you are.

        You can post a million speeding videos on youtube, and you still won’t get the respect you crave. You really just aren’t going to get it until you do something of value that takes real skill. And nothing you say is going to change that. Nothing. In fact, the more baseless shit you spew from your nasty little mouth, the farther away from respect you get.

        Of course, if you really think all your arguments are effective, then I encourage you to go down to your local biker hangout, show off your video, and tell everyone who doesn’t like it that they’re a big pussy. In fact, I double dog fucking dare you to do just that. Get your bullshit off the web and into someone’s face and see how they react. Film the whole thing. Put that on youtube.

        I promise you, I’ll watch it.

  • PeteP

    Well, thanks for posting this, Wes. “Respected”? How can anyone have any respect for these douchebags?

    “Skilled”? All the do is hold the throttle WFO. That’s not skill, just lack of common sense.

    The next time I’ve given extra scrutiny for riding my sportbike, I will remember exactly who to thank.

  • Viktor

    No point in raising the blood pressure. Time and a little luck will tell what kind of riders they are and are going to be.

    We have serious issues in the US. They are trying to shut down motorcycles when they should be empowering it. Motorcycles are efficient and fun. Popular around the world.

    Helmets should be mandatory, sorry, and drivers should be educated to watch out and support motorcycles. Our days are numbered with texting drivers. Stand together gents

  • Wheelie

    Tuna Tuna Tuna!!!! still causin trouble? LOL another fast ride by the Tuna!


  • Mr.Bandit

    Skank, yo Bad Ass King God of Wank, why do you keep coming back here to validate yourself? I’m here because I have no life, like men, and have no balls. What’s your excuse? Why aren’t you out riding more?

  • Skank

    In fact I just got back from riding, did 2 loops each 70 miles. You do the math. Yeah, just parked it(4:20AM) and we made a new video just for all you little crying ass bitches. A little something more your style. Stay tuned. Hahaha.

    No, I’m just a Internet bully that has nothing better to do in between riding.

    Liquid, don’t worry about what I’ve done and still doing. Damn, you really love to hear yourself type. What’s with the big speach? All that fucking time you waste typing you could be out riding like me. As for looking for respect? Lol. I could give two shits about respect. I’m all about the speed. And like the man says ‘highly respected throughout most of the motorcycle community’ and all of the NYC Tri-State area. I’m global, baby!! And you ain’t shit.
    Your Mac Daddy,
    God King

    Wheelie, whats up homie? You still over there at SBU?

    • Liquidogged

      It’s just too sad now. No more fun to be had here. Your posts read like transcripts of Xbox Live Halo chat. If I wanted to beat up on kids I’d go back to school.

      Signing off.

      • Skank

        It took a lot but you guys with your constant beating me over my head with those damn biker bible hand books finally knocked the sense in to me. So I pulled the Bandit to the side and gave him a good lashing. Only after a few hours and some minor black and blues he came to his senses.
        We are riders all of the biker community can now respect.Heres the outcome…
        That BMW is a fine machine and now the Bandit can enjoy it to its fullest.

        Wheelie, send me a PM at SBU with your email.


          that was funny and painful at the same time to watch!lol
          good shit skank!

          • Skank

            I knew you would get a laugh. It’s the perfect video. It shows how fooking stupid all this assholes are with their idiot comments. I bet they STFU now. Nothing like poking fun at a bunch of wannabe biker squids.


              Yeh I told OneArm i’ll be out there in June to chop up with you guys. Hopefully there’ll be an extra bike available for me to ride out there! wink wink*

              As dangerous as it is, I do miss the highspeed runs. The canyons out here in SoCal are fun, but I never feel satisfied at the end of the day. Guess if I don’t come close to death, it wasn’t a good day. lol

        • Nick

          Dude, that was km/h, there’s no way you hit 55mph THAT quick.

          • skank

            yeah nick im going to have agree with you..thats in no way mph.


    My videos have made me internationally known. See for yourself:

    • pdub

      Gotta say, that is funny. Good one.

  • vvkk

    speed don’t kill, stupidity does
    never exceed your own limits
    if you can’t take it, get off this page
    192 is a stretch. 186 for sure :)

  • Wheelie

    sTUNA, I go there once in a while, hey is the BMW piped?


  • Nunya Bizness

    I gotta admit, the posts on here seen to be on opposite sides of the spectrum.

    On one side, You’ve got the self righteous castrated sheep that want to restrict everyone for the “greater good”.

    On the other end, you’ve got guys that push their bikes and post GREAT videos.

    Push the bike. But, be safe and smart about it.
    Exposure like these videos hurts us all for obvious reasons.
    (although, I enjoyed every second of it)

    Frankly, the odds of a biker killing someone in a car is ridiculously slim. For all the brothers killed by cars, and for the risks we must endure every time we hit the street, I say we have earned the right to push our bikes at the right times and in the right way.
    Yes, I pushed my bike to it’s limits in the AM, during the week, in full leathers, and with COMPLETE clarity and concentration. So what?
    I don’t care what you think and I’m not looking for your approval.

    How much public outcry is there for our brothers killed while riding legally?
    How many automobile drivers kill people everyday texting, doing thier make up, looking for things in their car….and get away with it?

    Personally, I had to give up the street because I’m an addict. I can’t ride the street without maxing out my bike, and eventually running when chased. I know it’s a matter of time before an oblivious driver in a car kills me or I end up being sent on a long vacation. So, I had to quit cold turkey.
    Yes,I hit 186mhp and wheelied on public highways EVERY weeknight AM I could. But, I NEVER hurt anyone. I never crashed my bike. I respected my machine, my health, and the safety of the people around me. I always wore full leathers and gear and rode with ONE HUNDRED PERCENT concentration and clarity.
    How many car drivers can say that?

    Bikers are going to push their bikes.
    They’ve earned it.
    You can’t stop it.
    Deal with it.

    Just chill out with the videos. We don’t need the extra heat it brings on all of us.

  • Nunya Bizness

    You know what the irony is?
    If you actually did ride like that, you would be rear ended and killed by grandmother or soccer mom in no time.

    My 1st bike was a “big bike” and I rode it like that becuase everyone convinced my I would kill myself if I didn’t. Those 1st couple of weeks I had more brushes with death that you can imagine from cagers not “seeing” me and either coming close to rear ending me or almost hitting me while being pissed off they had to go around me because I was driving to slow.
    Even when stationary and stopped for a red light, I position my bike at the very edge of the lane because I’m afraid of some “law abiding citizen” running me over while waiting in the middle of the lane for the red light.

    When I ride the street now, I ride like the 1st video.
    This way, I only have to worry about ONE direction….the one in FRONT of me.
    If I die, it will be on MY terms. Not because I allowed some grandma to kill me because I was driving slow enough to let her do it or was slow enough to let some idiot “racing” a civic or impala to sideswipe me.

    You don’t like it?
    Fuck you.
    I don’t care.
    You’re not going to be wiping my ass when I’m paralyzed from being rear ended or sideswiped at because I was “riding legally”. At least the way I ride I’m either going home safe, or my family is getting the life insurance money.

  • adam

    awesome! long live spotbikes and f the police

  • DB

    We’d better get Laurence Fishburne in on this one…he would know.

  • Pdub

    Now that’s ridiculous and funny, especially the part about the blinkers. Commenters said the first video made their balls tingle. The slow-mo one is the one that I found more suspenseful. That’s a sure way to get killed and by someone else’s stupidity rather than your own. I might have missed it in the flood of criticism above (plenty by my own hand) but who was saying anything about obeying speed limits? Wasn’t me. There’s a difference between being an asshole and being a victim and it’s not that fine a line. I saw adeysworld’s linked Cali rides and don’t have shit to say about those. Look good, look fun, I’d be right there. I won’t speak for anyone else here but the part of the original S1000RR vid that screams squid asshole is mixing that up with the civilians. Were I to go get a new liter bike would I stick to the posted speed limits? Of course not. How can you? That’s like ordering cable TV with all the premium channels and then only watching the local news. What’s the point? The only point I was really trying to make (besides having some fun at y’all’s expense) was it’s all about time and place. Yeah living in the NYC area sucks quite a bit in that there are too many idiots on the road at all hours and few good roads for spirited riding. Just keep it in perspective eh? You can do your thing to the fullest as you say and still not be an asshole, and well if you don’t give a shit about anyone but yourselves then nothing’s gonna get into your thick skulls but maybe a highway abutment @ 150mph. I’m not lecturing here because A.) I’m not one to talk because I enjoy the same things on a bike it looks like you do and B.) like you’re listening anyway. Whatever. Good luck, you’ll need it.

  • Skank

    Pdub, we ride no where near the city or our full limits. At 3-4am(as you can see)there’s a limited amounts of cars on the road. And believe me, they see the row of H.I.D’s in their rearview.

    As for needing luck? After 16 years of doing this 3 to 4 time a week, 1 to 3 times a night, when do you think my luck will run out? Believe me it’s a lot more then luck or good fortune.

    • Nick

      That last video was some funny shit.

  • The Flash NYC

    Ok these comments are starting to get ridiculous, for 1, half of you guys on here probably dont own a bike, or even know how to ride one.. 2, The ones that do, but dislike the video are probably the slowest people in their town. So please, if you dont like fast, top speed, sport bike street videos then dont watch it! simple as that. There’s plenty of track videos to view if you’re that bored.

  • Nick

    I’m thinking of starting a motorcycle blog called Hell for Frilly Panties. Looks like there’s a huge audience of pussies who’d love it.

    • pdub

      Maybe your first blog entry should be on this guy.
      By your reckoning of what constitutes as pussy he should be wearing garters as well as lacy drawls.

      • Skank

        Doohans Active years 1989 – 1999 on the race track.
        We must be that good cause we’re not dead..yet.
        And we’re not racing on the street. We ‘just’ riding fast.
        pdub, will you just give up!!!

        • pdub

          Sure thing. This dungheap is aaaaall yours now. Think all’s been said that’s needed and then some, and then some more. It was fun debating or shit talking or whatever this was all about. Stay alive, have fun.

  • Mark R.

    respect? Why respect? impressive, scary, skills, fast, stupid, big ballz, yes, all that, but respect for someone breaking the law and destroying the hard work a lot are doing to help motorcycling image, no way Jose. If you want to go fast, go to track days.

    Impressive, for sure.

  • Havoc 1%er

    LOL,WOW I cant believe all the posts.People have to much time on their hands to sit here and argue of whats right, This n That..If u dont like it keep it moving,And then u come back to post for more! Why dont half of of do more riding than running ya trap!

  • johnnyC

    It’s MPH. Literbikes can only report a maximum of 186mph by law, which if I recall correctly, converts into 312kph (hence the name of the MV Agusta F4 312).

    The thing is though, this is all well and good. I can twist my right hand and duck behind my fairing with the best of ‘em. The REAL question should be: Can this guy hand off that S1000RR & drag knee through a chicane at 80-100mph?? THAT, in my opinion, separates the men from the boys!!! ;)

  • johnnyC

    @myself above: Meant to say “HANG off”…ooops!!

  • ORAN

    I saw the film, and it looks OK to me.

    The roads where clear and empty, the driver drove carefully, so I think there is no reason to attack him and the friend.

  • Roy

    I hope Johnny law uses these postings to track down these guys and remove their motorcycle licenses for all eternity.
    Idiots such as seen here are the ones that cause dislike for motorcyclists among the general public, Cause big brother to pass overly restrictive laws that further infringe on our rights, and generally endanger the future of the sport of motorcycling in general. Take it to the track.

  • KenDog

    “You don’t like it?
    Fuck you.
    I don’t care.
    You’re not going to be wiping my ass when I’m paralyzed from being rear ended or sideswiped at because I was “riding legally”. At least the way I ride I’m either going home safe, or my family is getting the life insurance money.”

    My bottom line is this…

    Anyone riding like that on a public road should be sent to prison for a year or two and have his license revoked forever.

    Oh….And by the way…

    While youre using your bike to commit a felony, your insurance is no longer in force and dead or alive your ass will be your families problem.

    • Nick

      Ken, my granny doesn’t use the internet but when I read her your comment she asked me to come on here and call you a pussy from her.

  • Skank

    Whaaa. Don’t worry about us. Whaaa. Worry about yourself. And fuck the law. Laws were ment to be broken. Felony? Really? Ooow, I better go into hiding. Lol. You have spoken like a true little bitch. Tell you what…why don’t all of you just STFU already. You all sound like a bunch of old ladies. Really. And you guys ride? Lol. You guys rolling around in leather chaps with the ass cheek cut outs? Haha.

  • skank

    I concur, he is a pussy.
    Now guess what tire company sent me free tires for a unofficial street tire test? Their words,’youre the only one to do that to our tires on the street’. What did I do? I can’t say. If you cant figure it out Ill have their label/logo in my next video. YouTube is a great place to market yourself. Hahaha. Bitches.
    Nick, you should ride with us. Haha.

  • Tom in Germany

    Before I comment on this, I would like you to know this:
    I am riding motorcycles uninterrupted for 34 years now. While I frequently have additional bikes (mostly older British bikes), I am still riding my 77 Honda CB75K7 which took me all over Europe, from the north of Scotland to the beaches of Portugal, from San Diego,CA, to NE Pennsylvania, which took me through the Sahara Desert in 83 , and though the winter months with ice and snow in Germany. I also recently purchased the BMW S1000RR as a toy, tax free and with military discount :)

    What these guys in the video did is completely irresponsible. But I also find it incredibly AWESOME!

    I live next to the largest race track on the planet: the German Autobahn. There is no speed limit here. I can assure you that it takes a lot more than just to open the throttle to drive at speeds seen in the video. And when I pass a car at these speeds, I just zoom by it–unlike in the video. And cars go fast over here. However, the BMW is quite capable of the acceleration suggested in the video. It only takes 7 seconds from a complete stop to 200kmh (125mph). And in a little more than 11 seconds, it takes you from a nap to 250kmh (157 mph). I thus believe the speed you see is authentic. The rpms match the indicated speed. And it does take a really good driver to drive at those speeds. You have to know what you are doing–and most people don’t. 95% of those who ride the BMW–or similar bikes for that matter–have driving skills that are well below the capability of their motorcycle. However morally wrong the guys in the video are, they know how to drive–no doubt about it.

    As a side note: if you want to drive that fast on public roads, see you local army recruiter, get stationed in Germany, buy the bike cheap through military sales, and enjoy the ride legally.

  • Ed

    Respected? No. Impressed? No. Pinning the throttle on the highway isn’t hard. I’ve done it, everyone else I know who rides has done it – difference being that we figured it out and got better judgment. This vid is only notable for the speed attained.

    Oh, and for Mr. I’ve-done-this-for-16-years: things work fine right up until they don’t. You’re not invincible or perfect and neither is anyone else. Hopefully you’ll only take yourself out if/when your number comes up after finding the loose muffler lying in the road.

    With guys like this around, nobody needs to wonder why the NY cops have a hardon for motorcyclists and the state legislature tries to pass laws like 416-A, under which any bike lacking an EPA stamp on the exhaust is subject to fines starting at $500 and seizure for repeat offenders…and yes, some of these laws do get passed, check Florida for some prime examples.

    Seriously, the general public doesn’t know or care if your straight pipe chopper is a Harley or your 180mph pass on the LIE feels comfortable for you. They just know it’s a bike, and the easiest way for them to deal with bikes is to try and ban or otherwise restrict them and fine the owners.

    …and all for a few fleeting minutes of fame on youtube. Yeah,that’s keepin’ it real, brah. You keep on livin’ on the edge like a real man.


  • GrinDAILY

    is Skank a guido?

    for some reason I’m just picturing him as like a meathead italian guy from the jersey shore who lives in his parents basement.

  • heavy-duty

    There’s a very fine line between big balls and no brains. I’m glad he pulled this off safely but if he keeps riding like this one day they’ll be picking him up with a sponge. Godspeed. pal.

  • Nigs

    Holy shit that bike looks like everything i hoped it would be. even if it is a BMW, i still want one

  • dids

    @Skank, first off,none of us here is your damn servant so get that straight first off. Secondly, if you were ever a professional racer you wouldn’t behave like this on the street.

  • steve

    I don’t care that they are going this fast. but now some senator or politician is going to see this and make 100 new stupid laws against motorcycles. thanks guys for being the few to ruin it for the many.

  • King God's Daddy

    King God is a fat ass who took it in the ass in prison? Man, what a let down.

    Stay strong, fatso.

  • Boston's fastest

    Hmmmm, 1:13′s at Loudon on a basically stock R6? There are about 3 people who can do that and you arent one of them.

    I have $1000 in cash that says you can’t beat 1:18 and another $1000 if you can beat 1:15. If you can’t beat the 1:18, you owe me $500 and I’ll give it to charity and post the video of your pathetic laptimes on youtube. You can use any bike you choose to bring. That’s 2 whole seconds off your reported lap time on any modified bike you choose for a quick $2k. Hell, just come up and bang out a quick 1:18 for a grand and bragging rights then piss off back to New York. It should only take you about an hour and a half to get up here on i95 at 2am.

    I have NHMS loudon rented on September 29th. Come up and back up your talentless loudmouth ranting with some action if you are man enough. We will get everylap there to time you and I’ll give you the whole track to yourself for 30 minutes.

    (taps foot waiting for pathetic excuse why he can’t come to Loudon, talentless pussy)

    • supermotoretard

      can i come to louden on the 29th..haven’t been there for a decade….you can make fun of me i don’t care… lemme know… will the woods be there?i ran 118 back in the mid nineties,,with a 68 horsepower f2…i understand that turn nine is changed??? i think i can remember my way around..








    Video is nothing but washed up street riders with a Big Ego’s as all NY douch bags have…hope you can back up your Big mouths and make it up to NH so you can see how the Fast guys do it…….shit money is Down on the table….Now its Time to STEP UP AND MAN UP…

  • kloudykat

    A) Liked the part where he got off an exit and right back on another highway and popped a wheelie at 130.

    B) Yup, he’s got it pegged at 186 mph not km/h

    C) Takes all kinds of people to make a world, fast ones and slow ones. I’m just glad nobody got hurt.

    D) Why Wes, why would you post this? Its like asking the chick that owns the donut shop how much she weighs. Why do it when all you are gonna get is a bad response and upset some delicate constitutions.

  • Vermont's Fastest

    Why do you do this again? It really takes NO talent. Anyone can go fast in a relatively straight line.

    I look forward to your not coming up to NHMS. It will be proof enough that you guys are full of crap. LOL.

  • Doubledge

    One word people. “autobahn” the worlds fastest road in the world and the safest. its not a crime or dangerous to go fast. you can die going 55mph. the speed limit is for the government to make money off us. nothing more.

  • NHMS's backmarker

    Stay home you freakin clowns. It is unlikely that there will be anything gained by your visit.

  • supermotoretard

    thanx to you all…kph???give me a nice that you can’t fathom the speed,your brain can’t comprehend it..and as for people saying the road is straight..ok sure it is,if that get’s you to sleep at night…yo Adey its me…..met you last year in the city with shaq (r.i.p.)at cippriani’s.. i hit you up tomorrow..

  • GuessWho

    Didnt realize you ass holes are still making comment over here. Lol.
    Richlicksballs, you having fun commenting all this time to no audience? Loser.
    I guess you’re one of the yolkle locals that lifes at LRRS. Must suck when some kid comes there first time on that track and crushes your times. All them years and wasted money in hopes of getting a sponcer and venturing off to a different track and not having your kids share the same underwear anymore must suck. LMAO.
    Come on moron, reply and sit like a good dog.

  • Vermont's Fastest

    First it was 1:13′s your first time at NHIS (back in the day), then it was 1:15′s, now it is 1:18′s.

    So umm which is it? Who did what?

    Just get to the track and back up what you are spewing. Or stop with the moronic name calling and homophobic humor, man up and put it in plain english.

    “I ride fast, on the street, at night, in full gear. I could be a doing 12 o’clocks up main street in shorts and flip flops, cutting through traffic and scaring old ladies and soccer moms.”

    “Which way would you rather have it?”


    my company actually sponsors people… i ride the track… im a natural i’m told.. your the next ROTY ive been told… my second track day i bumped up to expert.. where i was passing vets like they were in reverse…. is that why you went to street riding ?? cuz you couldnt make it on the track? cuz all the companies like myself that you went begging with your measly lap times in your resume laughed at and slammed the door to you… thats why pussies like you ride the street like you do. its your only outlet to being a super star.. where ballz is all you need and you can leave talent at the door.. you do what you do successfully because luck hasnt come up and bit you in your ass yet.. you sucked at the track. you couldnt make it as a racer. you couldnt afford what it took to be successful.. your a wish youd has been.. a never were.. you have the dates. you have the place. now shut up, show up and prove yourself to be the superstar you say you are.. im guessing you’ll have some lame ass excuse why you dont show.. matter of fact. i think i already put my money up saying you wouldnt..

  • Skid Vicious

    Fuck this bike thieving scumbag.

  • squirrelgonzo

    No respect from me. There are lots of other squids that film themselves going fast on a motorcycle. Seen one, seen’em all.

    • hththtt

      ^^ Mad cause yo bike cant reach those speeds?

  • Neil Devine

    You get the same thrill riding a CBR250R flat out, take my word for it. A lot of people get killed on these and yeah, it’s their right, but, the people who get left behind feel differently. Most of us have gone “fast” passing trucks from time to time, but we really do not come remotely close to needing this kind of horsepower and speed. E.R. nurses have horrible and expensive (to the rest of us) stories to tell. That being said, yeah, the video was entertaining. Adrenaline is a rush.

  • NICK