Destination: TTXGP Infineon

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TTXGP-postfiller.jpgGrant and I are in San Francisco to cover this weekend’s TTXGP race at Infineon. Between now and then we’ll be meeting some people and creating stories with some other people. We’ll be adding live content throughout, which you’ll be able to see right here, even if you don’t use Twitter. Don’t worry, we’ll be doing regular work too, but this story is going to stay up top through Sunday. The photo above is whichever one we’ve snapped last, it’ll be constantly updating thanks to a custom embed from the folks at Want to ask a question or request specific material? Hit us up on Twitter or leave a comment below.

Update: We’re back in New York, thanks to everyone who participated, especially those who were in the women’s bathroom Saturday night.

  • brettvegas

    Put new tyres on the beemer, Ely is firing up the aprilia, we will be there. The nice thing is I won’t have to listen to ely running his mouth the whole trip, he is the kind of guy that tells you how to use superorange handwash. Annoying.

    See Ya,


  • Goose916

    I’m sure Rob made you feel right at home at the Ace. Hope you tried the fish and chips (if not, you missed out). Glad you found one of San Francisco’s best kept secrets!

    • Wes Siler

      Rob and the fish and chips were great, the moonshine was less so…

  • Zer0

    The Ace is real, like Goose said. No pretentiousness. I don’t like bars, but Goose took me there, and any time I’m up in the Bay Area, I am in the Ace. Great people, friendly, but you can sit and chill by yourself if you want too. Great jukebok and always some motorcycle or racing playing on the big screen.

    If you love bikes and don’t have an attitude, go to the Ace. +1 on the Fish n chips.

  • brettvegas

    Crap, somthing came up, I can’t make it.

    I won’t apologize for stuff out of my controll.

    Hope you guys have fun watching crappy little electrics go realy slow around a track!


  • Azhar Hussain

    Hi Wes,

    Wanted to welcome you and all the readers of Hellforleather to TTXGP at Infineon this weekend.

    Their is a current in the atmosphere that isn’t just from the bikes. The sense that we are collectively about to make history is palpable. We’ll be talking about this weekend for years to come.

    We hope that as many as possible can be part of it as we launch into the next generation of motorsport.

    Kind regards,

    Azhar Hussain
    Founder & CEO
    TTXGP – The eGrandPrix

  • Duge

    I’ll be in the tower offices RIGHT over the last turn for the first half of the day…come say what up to me if you see me (you cant miss me, i’m a 6’5″ white guy with a buzz cut wearing BRIGHT blue)

  • Woody

    Hope there’s a good turn out for bikes, as well as a good number of finishers. The e-FIM grid was just pathetic.

  • Jonathan

    I was on the fence until the last minute to buy a ticket, friends flaked out and I gotta cage it there.

    But I said f*ckit and bought my ticket for tomorrow anyways!

    See ya round!

  • Urban Rider

    Will there be a live video stream of the race at all?

  • Duge

    WOW…I was a bit TOO hyped about those E-bikes….I was on the shuttle when the race started, I got off, RAN to the grandstands and waited to hear the whizz of the E-bikes pass…I saw what I thought was a pit bike cruising down the track, then I realize I’m watching the race…I KNOW the tech is really new but I felt I could run faster than these guys….I can’t wait til 5 years from now when these bikes can actually move!

    • http://Http:// Wes Siler

      The lightning looked as fast on the straight as the 600s and the Agni was cornering as good as anything, but yeah, there were a couple of slow bikes. Off the top of my head the Agni did 1:56 laps

      • Bruno

        So after all, the only good/fast engine came from an EV1?

  • Trula Zemlicka

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