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guy-martin.jpg“I’ve got a bit of a bump on my arse that never went away.” The BBC gave a camera to road racing star Guy Martin and asked him to talk about himself. He did. We’d forgotten that motorcycle racers could have a personality.  >

BBC via @GuyProcter

  • Mark D.

    Those 60′s-style silver and red Hondas are beautiful.

  • Nick

    Before I started watching this I thought to myself, ‘how long before he mentions tea’? I’ve listened to Guy go on for 25 minutes on the subject including why the milk should go in first – apparently it has to do with the perfect cuppa needing to be an emulsion as opposed to a mixture.

  • Case

    Really enjoyed that. So much better than those manufactured ‘fun’ videos from Yamaha. I’m hoping he has success at the TT this year.

    And those modern bikes in retro colors were awesome.

  • CMC

    Love how the volume control for this BBC video “goes to eleven.” lol.

  • John Whorfin

    We’d forgotten that motorcycle racers could have a personality disorder.


    jk, you gotta love this Guy

  • Stu

    Gut Martin is a porn star!

  • froryde

    Genghis Khan?! Gotto love the Guy (pun intended)!

  • The Grudz

    I always love interviews with Guy ’cause I feel like I need a translator to interpret his English to my own. And then slow it down a wee bit.

  • Deltablues

    I must be listening to too many Mark E. Smith interviews, watching too many Joey Dunlop vids and reading too many British motorcycling mags because I understood every word Guy said.

  • richmeyer

    Fucking Rad.

  • damien

    Yeah, this dude is awesome. Drinking a cup of tea before he’s even off the bike after a race last year.

  • erik

    Twinings of London needs to sponsor that guy. I wish more racers could actually talk

  • Gazza

    I am currently facinated with him. My new favorite racer.

  • Paname

    Great character , he looks like he’s animated by Aardman – I’d like to see him in the next Wallace & Grommit
    I remember him posting on an Aston Martin forum , as his writing is as rustic as the way he talks no one believed he had an Aston , he does , a V12 even

  • vic

    ghengis khan and winston churchill? :)))

    gotta love the guy

  • s1102879


  • D.T>G

    Guy Martin is a genius! Hope he recovers soon from his accident on Friday!