How to get kicked out of the TTXGP

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Photos: Grant Ray

Want to get kicked out of the first electric motorcycle road race in America? You’ll need one unreleased Native X electric supermoto (more torque than a Zero S, tubular steel chassis), a women’s bathroom located inside the paddock and six or seven friends that share your complete and utter lack of common sense. It helps if you wait until late at night when you’re the only people left at the track too. Oh, and don’t forget $1,100 to pay for the damage you caused. 


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  • pauljones

    Now that is proper motorcycle hooliganism, Pissed Off Bastards style.

    How many drinks did it take you guys to get to this point?

  • the_doctor

    Smokin’ In The Boys Room seems like a fitting tune for the most part. Why a ladies room Wes?

    • pauljones

      Well, if you’re in for a penny, you may as well be in for a pound and use the women’s restroom, which would likely generate a lot more complaints than the men’s restroom.

    • Mark D.

      …Because it was the place least-likely to have anybody near it! Its a motorcycle race, after all. Sad but True.


    good stuff! jackass for motorcycles!

  • Eurothusiast

    I thought the bike was off – damn they’re quiet!

  • BigCheese

    haha i love it!

  • brettvegas

    The website says they are bringing motorcycles to market in an environmental manner, this vid seems to counter that kind of mission statement. Despite such obvious hipocracy, I had a difficult time not spitting coffee all over my new-to-me laptop.

    Hooliganism polished to a shiny finish.

    Huge bultaco style thumbs up, not that my opinion matters…


  • 2ndderivative

    Lolz at disclaimer below video.

  • DoctorNine

    $1100.00? I’ve spent WAY more than that for a good time. Money well spent. And it’s not true what they say about sex in the VIP Room.

  • barbecue master

    “smoke detector” team at work…
    well done guys !

  • Ben!

    Disclaimer for the win.

  • Tom

    Crap man, there’s nothing left to smoke. Hey wait, let’s find a smooth polished surface and smoke the tires man…cue video.

  • johnny

    haha I guess he thought he had a bunch of carbon credits to spend

  • Sasha Pave

    Were there already too many bikes doing burnouts in the men’s room? Hooligans!

  • BL

    idiots, you’ve tarnished the good names of the 3 electric bikers of the world.

    you’re the skank of e-bikes.

  • W


    You seem to be ready now. You have a bike that has no range so it will have to ride the trailer pretty much anywhere and you have figured out how to do a burnout with the front wheel pressed against a wall.

    The assless chaps legion at Sturgis eagerly awaiting for your arrival. All you need to wrap it up is an aging soccer mom, inappropriately wedged into the garb of a dominatrix, on your arm, as you stroll down the main drag to the tattoo parlour to get her a trampstamp.

    • Marshall Haas

      oh shut up.

  • D C

    So much for being green.

  • http://Http:// Skadamo

    Todd needs to build that floor polishing machine you are testing in this video. Did Infineon feel it left a waxey buildup? They should have paid you for the janitorial work.

    BTW Did they charge Esling for the winners circle smoke show?

  • I hate hipsters

    I don’t get it.

  • chunky

    “Always, obey all local and state traffic and safety laws and wear approved riding gear.”

    “Motorcycles mean going fast, they mean breaking rules…”

  • chunky

    Next we’ll hear that motorcycle should be banned.

  • Bruno

    First the one arm bandit
    and now the bathroom bandit!

  • Sean Smith

    Man, it looks like some asshole hooligan stole Wes’ Death Spray painted helmet and did hooligan type things whist wearing it. I’d probably buy that guy a beer.

  • Design Ronin


  • Ian Stacconi

    You guys are retards. I’m living vicariously through you. Keep up the good work.

  • AceCafeClipOns

    Is that what you call humour?
    Should I write “LOL” now?

  • PeteP

    So, lemme get this straight.

    The guys running 192 MPH on public roads are “respected”, and a little electric burn-out demostrates a “complete and utter lack of common sense”.

    I don’t get it. Is this all tongue in cheek?

    I enjoy seeing it all, but how about giving me some insight to the joke?

  • Harry Mallin

    Hell for Leather: The ladies want them; the guys want to be them. It was great meeting you last weekend and the only downside to your adventure was that we missed hanging with you on Sunday. This stunt gave the image of electric motorcycle racing a much-needed jab in its geeky pocket protector. I give this cinematic creation two big thumbs up. If you’re ever near KC, stop by — my home is your home and you can leave your filthy skidmarks in my bathroom anytime.

    Damn… doesn’t this blog have an RSS feed for comments yet?

  • Samwise

    Regarding the disclaimer… Bravo sir!

    wink wink motorcycledaily. :p

  • Bronson

    I need your boots, your clothes and your motorcycle! I’ll take that fly ass helmet too.

    P.S. Got any more details on the bike??

  • skadamo

    More Infineon smoke show…

  • Kidchampion

    I realize this is intended to be humor but he’s obviously very serious about AGATT, even at 0 mph.

  • George O.

    This is a most amusing post on how to get kicked out. I’d why even bother in he first place? Unless you are really drunk out of your mind.

  • Porky

    What’s so unusual about skid marks in a toilet. Actually that’s probably a brit joke.

  • Pinkyracer

    I STILL don’t understand why you didn’t do laps in there! It’s a freakin’ giant rectangle! And with the turning radius on that bike, those sharp corners would feel like sweepers.

    throwing my hands up in despair. too bad the ladies room at VIR (and every other track) is not a giant rectangle like this one. But Albacete perhaps? I’d challenge you to a flat-track ladies room TT. ;-P

  • Brammofan

    Hey, are you guys going to the races? Already there? Stay away from the bathrooms, assuming someone is clueless enough to loan you a pit bike.
    Damn… wish I was there right now.

    • Wes Siler

      Nah, we’ll be at Laguna though.

      • Brammofan

        Cool. I’m seriously considering it, too.