Is this the new MotoCzysz E1PC?

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2010-MotoCzysz-E1PC.jpgIs it? Well, no, it’s just Michael Czysz playing around in photoshop to try and torment you, dear reader, but it does raise a very important question. With an as-yet unseen bike shipping to the Isle of Man in less than two weeks, how is Czysz going to top last year’s show-stopping MotoCzysz E1PC?
When it leaked shortly before last year’s inaugural TTXGP race, the E1PC
instantly made every other electric bike look decades old, it still
does. Where the rest of the competition simply shoved a bunch of
batteries into GSX-Rs and similar, Czysz showed up with a neatly
integrated design that looked like a cross between an iPhone and an
X-Wing. It even used an iPhone as its dashboard.

Sadly just part way through the 37-mile lap, an electrical spike caused
by the top-secret regenerative braking system fried the  E1PC’s
off-the-shelf electrical system. This doubles the importance of this
year’s entry, Czysz can not fail again.

The thing is, MotoCzysz had to rush development of the E1PC, heavily
basing it on the stillborn C1 MotoGP bike. This year, the bike is
starting with a clean sheet.

We already know some details of the new 250lb/ft (nominal),
liquid-cooled powertrain dubbed the MotoCzysz Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve,
but we don’t know a thing about the bike it’s going to go in. What
tricks do you think Michael has up his sleeve?

  • Mark D.

    May 1ntell1gent tract1on cont0l?

    • Wes Siler

      God, you know he’s going to spell it with 1s too. that’s a good guess given it’s on the Swigz/Yates bike.


    all together!!! Michael let us know something new!!!

  • brettvegas


    It is amazing what a person can do with photoshop these days.
    Hmm, personaly I put the lame-ass stickers on the bike after it is done, but whatever. Or get some graphic artist to do it, I can’t draw at all.


  • Keith

    Michael Czysz is my hero for working in the legendary Gulf Oil racing colors in to this bike via a Gatorade branding. This is just amazing.

  • http://Http:// Skadamo

    @Kieth nice catch! Awesome.

  • sburns2421

    I find it ironic that the first bike to be raced by Czysz is an electric bike and not the goofy narrow V4 contra-rotating contraption he wasted so many years on.

    But he definitely has ideas (the Iphone dash last year was very cool) and if the bike works as good as it looks he could be on to something.

  • Sean Smith

    Looks like all he needs now is a graphic designer to cover up his taste in type.

  • Isaac

    I nominate myself.

  • vic

    simply shoved a bunch of batteries into GSX-R=>and he shoved a bunch of batteries into a c1
    and lost
    this looks neat but i think that bikes like the s1000r “ar3 mor3 d1g1t@l th@n th1s”

  • james

    OK the artwork is pretty good, as the question that was asked “With an as-yet unseen bike shipping to the Isle of Man in less than two weeks, how is Czysz going to top last year’s show-stopping……” how about finishing the race? These bikes remind me of the Seagway. An engineering marvel but an invention that can be bested by just walking, a bicycle, or a scooter at thousands of dollars less. A list of vehicle that could have beaten the epic ground breaking E1PC: all Amish people (even crippled Amish and three legged horses) two guys rolling a baby grand piano, those outhouse racers, a kid towing a radio flyer wagon with a wiener dog puppy, a wiener dog puppy, a girl on a $69.00 Huffy with pink streamer out the hand grips, a parrot riding a tiny parrot bike, a 300LB man on a 1968 Solex eating a Superman ice cream listen to a baseball game on a transistor radio, jogger, walkers, and crawlers, a honda Kick-N- Go. Two guy paddling a aluminum canoe on a dry race circuit might lose… it would be close. Our motor vehicle history is filled with products that look good but are never actual produced. I hope his investors are happy? When can i buy one and how much….didn’t thinks so.

  • Tony

    I wish them all the best, but I was just poking around on their web-site and I saw something that was too funny not to share:

    “MotoCzysz, one of the few American motorcycle companies to have designed, engineered, and manufactured their own internal combustion engine now stands alone with the addition of a proprietary electric motor.”

    Isn’t that a strange claim to make for an engine that was never in a production bike and never raced . . . and never did anything other than power a few prototypes?

    They may have a great electric bike, but the idea that MotoCzysz is an expert in the area of internal combustion engines and now is branching out to show the world that they can make electric bikes in addition to their great ICU’s just strikes me as really funny considering the situation.

  • Anders

    Aw c’mon. This is gonna be fun to watch. I really hope they do well at IoM. But please stop the naming nonsense. It will get you nowhere.

  • eric

    I think Michael Czysz is a brilliant designer, but I’d put my money on Roehr to bring an electric sportbike to market. Czysz doesn’t seem interested in building production bikes. It would be great to see their team do well at IOM, though.

  • johnny

    hopefully this bike will be !00% reliable and blitz the field after a years development.

  • KRT

    Jordan and gatorade? This is portland, lets see Nike and Rogue.

  • shinigami

    Why is there a slot machine mounted where the motor belongs?

  • jt_gsxr600

    cant all electric vehicles look as sexy as such?

    would like to see this in action, and hoping all electric sports/superbikes can aim to achieve high with style

    *love the comment in relations to the engine being a slot machine

  • ludofrenchalpes

    je pense qu’il doit aitre amusant de voir du “gatorade /E1pc” au “monster” TT ;)
    pourquoi pas le REDBULL support
    Money is Money …
    le buzz est en cours
    le CZYSZ est en course
    participer au TT est déjà une victoire en soi !
    combien ,au TTzéro2010 ,les concurrents ont une telle expertise de conception ?
    combien de leurs clients ,de”kit moteur & batteries “valise” sont sur la ligne ?
    le 06 09 2010 vas augmenter de quelques péta/infos de la vision du futur
    Mr CZYSZ est un “champagne” d’idées
    ont peut donc lui dire (ainsi que,son team) merci, pour ceci ;)
    DREAM est un bon mot .