Joey Dunlop, Mr. Careful

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JoeyDunlopKatesCottage.jpg“That’s one of the backmarkers in that dark place, you have to be careful.” ”There are a lot of walls around there, you have to be careful.” “You have to be careful there, catch the wind coming off the road.” Listening to Joey Dunlop softly narrate a 1984 TT practice run on his Honda V4, the warning to be careful is repeated for nearly every section of the course. Screaming down the road through patchy light, dark shadows, off-camber corners, pedestrians, errant birds, protruding walls and occasional flying over blind crests at speeds up to 180 mph, the consequences are obvious if you don’t do what Joey says.>

Part two.

Part three.


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  • shamowfski

    Larger image link?

  • Tim

    Of the many people associated with motorcycles, he tops the list of people I would like to have known.

    • C Mad

      I agree 100%

  • Bruno

    That is skill, confidence and knowledge of your roads….

  • Charles

    Sweet Jesus…

  • Fattony

    This…I respect.

  • DoctorNine

    Interesting to hear his philosophy of how to use the road. Those were definitely worth watching! Thanks Grant!

  • Tom

    More of the understated riding prodigies like Joey D. Less of those other idiots. That was fun.

    • Nick


      How do you think the Dunlop brothers and a whole host of other riders of that era got to be that good on the road? Let me give you a clue – it wasn’t on the track.

      All of these hero’s of yours did EXACTLY what Skank and Adey and Onearm do EXCEPT they did it more often and during the day on roads with oncoming traffic.

      So may I ask once again that you stop being a hypocrite.

      • who cares

        actually i did not hear about being happy to go out and risk your live, having the biggest of them all and getting all the pussy

  • Paul
  • shinigami

    That scared the frack out of me. Seriously.

    THAT was a rider. RIP Joey.

  • Woody

    Watched this video on VHS with my dad last Christmas dinner. Good times.

  • Nick

    Not as quick as Skank though.

  • Nick

    “…but tonight they have to keep an eye out for patrol cars.”

    Please observe as your hero tears down a residential street wearing a t-shirt and jeans, in the wet, just feet away from little kids.

    The problem here it seems is most Americans have become a bunch of pussies. Obviously a few still have some balls (Skank et al). You guys really need to go to Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Spain – shit, the list is endless – to see how people with balls ride their super bikes.

    ASK YOURSELVES: why did Wes suddenly post these clips of Joey? Coincidence or a to lure you into the trap of contradicting yourselves?

    Before actually racing, the Dunlop brothers and a number of other well known riders – Farquar etc. also formed a ‘cadre of underground riders’. Joey himself talks about the insane things they did on the roads, illegally. They had a friend die too.

    So, who are your heroes now?

    • Samwise

      So is it risking your own life or risking your life as well as others that gets your ticket out of Pussyville?

      I know I’ve done stupid shit in the past and now have the wisdom to know when and where to do this. Luckily, I’ve never had the misfortune of hurting someone and am reducing the odds by being more responsible. Folks are trying to impart their wisdom to those too concerned with their nether regions.

    • pdub

      Aiyeee, are we dragging this balls, pussy, chest beating crap into every blog entry here? Let’s give it a rest man and leave it back in that S1000RR dungheap. It’s still going strong and stinky there last I checked. We can always dip back over there to sling turds at each other for fun.
      Dunlop was a great racer and true to champion form let his actions speak for him rather than beat his chest about it.
      We could go round and round in comparing hooning in rural Ireland vs the NYC metro area but what good would it do? We’re all here because we like bikes and riding fast, we just disagree on where and when to turn it up. There’s no hypocrisy in that. Everyone’s attitude is pretty much set in stone as to what and why they do what they do. If we want to make any comparisons at all it could be about the character of the rider. This is an apt quote about Joey that should cast the juvenile defensiveness of our modern urban maniacs in a proper light.

      “He will be remembered for his skill and determination to win, his humility and kindness, and his warmth and sense of fun.”

  • bjorn

    Funny how much he brags about being fast isn’t it??

    Maybe the Jersey shores MC could take a page outta Joey’s humble book.


  • Chris

    I recomend the movie “Joey Dunlop 1952-2000″ to any fan of Dunlop or the TT. You really get a sense not only of the incredible talent that was Joey Dunlop, but also the kind, friendly, humble and soft-spoken man that Joey Dunlop really was. A truly incredible rider and equally incredible person. R.I.P.