Pirates, Power Rangers, Squids and Skulls: Hell For Leather t-shirts are here

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You asked for them. From the twisted mind of Grant Ray, here’s seven Hell For Leather t-shirts guaranteed to blow the doors off every square in town. The man won’t know what hit him.

All the designs are printed on American Apparel t-shirts, so they’re high-quality, last-forever pieces. Like other AA stuff, they do run a little small, so size up if you don’t want ‘em tight. They’re unisex. 

Cafe Press

  • Sean Smith

    HFL T-Shirt contest coming soon?

    • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk Urban Rider

      +1 for the t-shirt contest.

      T-shirts look great, will be ordering some.

  • Jimboz

    I like the idea of HFL shirts. But not these. I’d be fine with just the logo; I don’t mind being a walking billboard for a publication I like. These are kinda “ehhhh” at best.

    • weatherman

      I agree – I’d like to support HFL, but these shirts just aren’t doing it for me. Some of ‘em look like they were cooked up in MS Paint.

  • jim bob mahoney

    30 bucks for a t-shirt?
    hell no.

  • jwinter

    Glad to see you guys didn’t go the silly route. I like the guy going upside down particularly.

  • sam

    sorry but these are just juvenile. . .

    • Nick

      You signed in just to make that point? Like my grandma said – everyone’s entitled to their opinion, just try to avoid making yourself look like a dick when you share it.

      • sam

        i deeply apologize for having an opinion sir. oh and you “get” design? i thought beauty was in the eye of the beholder? i guess not, good design must be verified through yours.

        • Grant Ray

          Sam, enough please. You left a trollish comment that did nothing more than call my work juvenile without adding anything constructive to the discussion, and for which you were given tit for tat by another reader.

          My mother always told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, then I shouldn’t say anything at all. That you don’t like the illustrations is fine, just say so within the confines of constructive criticism, please.

  • http://twitter.com/greatistheworld will

    So I can’t just get the logo, then. Or a HFL DSC camo send-up.

  • Isaac

    I like the “I love Squids” shirt. I would buy that. How do we buy anyway?

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

    There’s HFL logo shirts in there now, they got left out for some reason.

    Jim Bob: It should be fairly obvious by now, but we believe quality is worth paying for. We’re not going to put our brand on a cheap shirt that wears out after 3 months.

    Isaac: follow the link to Cafe Press, it’s probably easier to buy one than it was to leave this comment :)

  • Ken

    Your merch is worthy. Or as sam puts it, “juvenile”.

  • http://electrovelocity.com/ Ben @ EV

    These are fantastic!

  • http://www.image-craft.co.uk Ian W

    I’d think about it but not from Cafepress. The garments are fine but the print quality isn’t the best in my experience. I’d recommend giving Printfection or Zazzle a try.

    Just my 2p’s worth.

  • http://www.damiengaudet.blogspot.com damien

    just ordered. more to come when i can afford it.

  • Bronson

    Awesome. I’ll be placing an order soon.

    Any chance we can get the Pirate vs. Power ranger on the same shirt? That’s the one design I’ve really been waiting for.

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D.

    I like that you kept up the “Design” aspect of your site in your t-shirts. Crashing man is awesome!

    Oh, and those American Apparel shirts really do hold up well. We used them for our band shirts, and they fit well enough that people actually want to wear them, rather than an impulse buy that sits in their closets for the next 4 years.

  • CynicChris

    Don’t you guys make fun of $30 HD t-shirts with Pirates, flames, and skulls on them?

    I understand the hypster irony but these are still pretty lame.

  • BL


  • http://www.brammofan.com Harry Mallin

    Yet another vote for a t-shirt contest. The ideas are brewing already.

  • chili sv

    Surprised to see you guys taking a swipe at Dainese with the Power Ranger tee.

  • Steve516

    Grant – we can make shirts for you, and bypass the CafePress price gouging. give me a hollar :-) – we are local in Westchester, NY.

  • carbon

    PEW! PEW! PEW! I love it! And I second the Pirate vs Power Ranger shirt.

  • brettvegas

    I’m sold too, dunno which one I want.


  • Nick

    Oh and I think they’re great but I guess I get design.

  • Vanessa

    Love these. Bravo, Grant! Now I need to decide which one I want. I do love the pew-pew-pew.

  • johnny

    awesome designs, all of them! I particularly love the bike crash one.

  • i need a decal

    I like the shirts, but where are the HFL logo decals you said you were going to have soon?

  • toeCutter

    Will be more original if you find a local printer and screenprint one or two designs… Cafe press Keeps a big $ amount out of every sale and their prints are not the best (screen print) so the tshirt might last 5 years but i know from first hand the artwork will fade in a few months…