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4q.jpgMax Schaaf does all his painting and building as 4Q Condtioning on an unassuming residential street in Oakland, California. Well, at least until he moves into his new spot next month. Originally a machine shop, the floorboards are so steeped in oil they weep under the sun-drenched bay of skylights. And yeah, it’s totally NSFW.

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Shop: 4Q Conditioning

  • brettvegas

    Great Pics. Keep up the good work Wes.


    • Grant Ray

      Brett, my name isn’t Wes.

  • brettvegas

    Shit, sorry dude. Didn’t read the fucking credits.

    Uh, great job anyway?



  • Sasha Pave

    Fantastic shots Grant!

  • gregorbean

    Wonder how much he rents that place for…I’m moving up there in a few months and want to find a space like that. Anyway, nice pics Grant.

  • tw

    Hey Grant
    You should bring your Holga out to the Born Free show.

    It’s all about the neo-ultra-super-retro choppers
    But of course always Period Correct.
    With coffin tanks and eagle murals galore

  • Harry Mallin

    Oops… might put a NSFW tag on this, Grant.
    Great pics, of course, because — hey — it’s Grant taking them. One noteworthy absence is a picture of the bathroom and the accompanying skid marks. Too much smoke?
    Oh…I just remembered. One more noteworthy absence: RSS feed for comments. :D

    • Grant Ray

      Harry, bug me one more time about the RSS feed and I’ll ban you to the corner for the rest of class.

  • DC

    Great pics! The 4Q knuck is legendary.

  • Harry Mallin

    Ha! “And yeah, it’s totally NSFW.” Man… you guys don’t do anything halfway, do you? Two nipples. I think the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website has more than two nipples. Of course, they are in a diagram about how to conduct a breast self-exam. Don’t ask me how I know.

    Could you share with us the equipment you use to take these great shots, Mr. Ray?

    • Grant Ray

      Oh, I just use the Leica M8 with a handful of Leitz glass. Sometimes I’ll break out my little Rollei 35SE with a 2.8 Sonnar Zeiss lens, but that’s usually reserved for the HFL Expedition features because the Rollei is such a tank. My backup’s the Zeiss Ikon L.E. with M mount.

  • chrisF

    Awesome feature! Thanks Wes… I mean, Grant! :-)

    That’s a beautiful sculpted pipe in the 3rd from last frame. I love them intertwined pipe look. Reminds me of Honda’s concept EVO6.

  • Eric

    I like how Max was influential when I was younger (he’s a pro skateboarder) and later on as an adult with custom motorcycles.

    The world is so small.

  • james

    Cool photo set. Let me say I’m currently a Blatz man 12.95 for 24 at Gronick Part Store Marysville MI or Niemans in St.Clair MI.(Black Label too!). But the Oly Beer pin takes me back. Can you still buy it or did it go the way like Goebel, Altes and Red White and Blue beer? HFL I love the one page format that you used for this photo spread and the Frontline feature.

  • Sean Smith

    Only Grant can make harleys attractive to me. Now that’s a neat trick.