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Located in San Francisco’s Mission district, Charlie O’Hanlon repairs and restores old Honda motorcycles with a love generally reserved for dead European marques like Mondial and Vincent. Known as Charlie’s Place, the garage is also a repository to some of the rarest vintage OEM Honda parts in the Western hemisphere.

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Shop: Charlie’s Place

  • Paulo

    Great Photo’s

    I bet despite all the chaos he knows exactly where he put those fork seals for a 1976 CB750.

  • amsterdam

    Cool series.
    I sensea coffeetablebook in the making.
    Maybe with greasy fingerprints all over, printed on?

  • Scott

    Pristine CB350/400 in restoration photo startled me; scrolling into its patina free zone.

  • Rob

    Wish I had cubic money, and wasn’t on the east coast… I’ve got a 1970 350 Scrambler that I rescued from somebody’s lawn years ago. The kid had given up on restoring it, and I’ve never gotten around to it.

  • Mark D.

    Argh, why are these awesome shops all on the West Coast? I’ve got a ’78 CB400 Hawk that would look amazing if given a full restore…but there aren’t a lot of parts for that bike!

    But agreed on the coffee table book. Those are beautiful pictures.

  • JaHo

    What camera, and more specifically, what lens? What type of film?

    • Grant Ray

      Leica M8 plus old Leitz lenses. No film.

  • The Grudz

    Reminds me of how much I love these old things…

  • sidecar_freak

    Hey, I think that is the place my sister gets her CB400F worked on. That is what sucks about living in the middle of no where, no cool bike shops.

  • Matt

    The guy is simply brilliant. Charlie rewired my CB550 and got it running like a stabbed rat.

  • Jay

    I love this shop. It’s like a museum and shop all rolled up in one. Charlie rocks, he helped me find parts I needed and recommended a machinist.

  • brettvegas

    Great Photos Grant.

    Love the paint on wood rider.

    Not a serious correction Paulo, but some folk prefer the spelling “Kaos”.

  • mark

    Those were fantastic. I love it when someone is able to recognize the beauty of the mundane and grasps it with such passion. Cheers Charlie and Grant.

  • Kerry


    You missed the best part, The functional guitars Charlie makes out of old honda parts. I am glad you finally took my advice and visited the shop.

  • Kerry

    in case anybody wanted to see the guitars made of honda parts.

    • brettvegas

      Bitchin’ Guitars! Way cool.
      Thanks for the link Kerry.

  • BL

    very cool. thanks Grant.

  • baldheadeddork

    Don’t suppose they’d have a water pump for an 87 Interceptor?

    Never mind.

  • Divino

    I’m currently in san fran vacationing and have seen a ton of great looking Hondas. i guess now i know where they are all coming from