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GarageCompany.jpgGarage Company moved last month to its new location in Inglewood, California. To call it “special” is an understatement. Alabama’s Barber Museum may be dedicated to the glory of the motorcycle, but Garage Company has become a living shrine.

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  • robotribe

    I’ve been to their old locale years ago. Incredible. It’s what the Johnson Motor Co. store in Pasadena (now closed) wishes it was. Looking forward to checking out the new joint!

    • Urban Rider

      Johnsons in Pasadena closed? How come?

      • robotribe

        No idea why. It’s had the windows covered on the inside with paper for months. I thought it would re-open but just noticed the For Lease sign about a month ago.

        • Urban Rider

          Hmmm, interesting. We sell their stuff in the UK, they have just shown us new designs so maybe they’re just cost cutting.

          On topic: Garage Company looks extremely cool, nothing quite like that in the UK.

          • Fizzy Fox

            Yeah. Some Persian is selling crappy “designer” jeans out of that space now. Such a bummer.

  • Himbo

    Just; Wow.
    Think I said it 5 times looking at the pics.

  • DisplacedYankee

    Looks like they took all the coolest stuff from Mid-Ohio Vintage Days and put it in one room. Terrific!

  • Paul

    You must have one of those new fangled side scrolling mouse wheels, because all that did was aggravate my carpal tunnel…

  • JZ

    Yoshi is a gentleman and an incredible guy. He’s got an eye for style, taste, performance and history. Kudos to him and best of luck! -JZ

  • The Grudz

    Looks purdy neat. Cool collection of goodies and fine photos that represent them.

  • Peter

    Oh my God

  • damien

    great pictures.

    that helmet wall is kick ass.

  • Ray

    Nice pix Grant. Like to see what they are doing with the XR. And the pink bobber is not Aermacchi – Benelli?

  • Sean Smith

    Inglewood? It’s a hop, skip and a jump away from my place. I hope they don’t get weird over loitering.

  • Dax

    Must Go Now