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Half custom Harley fabrication and half European restoration, Union Garage is home to the separate shops Keino Cycles and Moto Borgotaro. It’s kind of like if The Odd Couple was recast as a mild-mannered Japanese gangster and a dirty mouthed Italian from Queens, and they lived in Red Hook, Brooklyn building a whole bunch of bad ass.

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Shop: Union Garage

  • Sean Smith

    That jug of fast orange in their crusty bathroom is the twin brother of the one in my shower. I like these guys already.

  • Divino

    sounds like a Discovery program waiting to happen.. someone call development asap.

  • CMC

    Nice photos, Grant.

  • tony starr

    damn, you wouldn’t want to drop the kids off at the pool on that toilet. love the photography, what camera did you use to shoot with here grant?

    • http://Http:// Grant Ray

      Thanks. I used a Leica M8 and vintage lenses

  • Core

    Dirty bathroom, is dirty.

  • Sen Heng

    Nasty toilet.

  • Ron

    Just awesome.

  • Ray

    HFL, NYC motomag.

  • lenny


    i went there 3 weeks ago to take pictures for my blog. still have to post them but your pics are 10 times better..!