Stoner to Honda, Rossi to Ducati?

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Casey-Stoner-Honda.jpgPhoto: Grant Ray

Dissatisfied with Ducati’s lack of support during last season’s mystery illness, Casey Stoner has reportedly accepted an offer to replace Dani Pedrosa at Repsol Honda for 2011. This obviously leaves an open seat at Ducati, which they’ve supposedly offered to Valentino Rossi.
The Ducati deal, which Rossi is said to have until Mugello on June 6 to
consider, is apparently tailored to the world champion’s unique
personality. In other words, Rossi would have carte blanche at Ducati, the team would be his, he could bring Jerry Burgess and naked 12-year old boys would lie prone on the floor so Rossi’s god-like feet wouldn’t get cold. Rossi’s contract with Yamaha runs out at the end of this
season and his chief ally at Yamaha, executive engineer Masao Furusawa,
is planning to retire at the same time.

Back in November, Rossi told BBC2, ” Yamaha has to decide between me
and Jorge for 2011.” Following that statement up with, “I have a great
option to join Ducati. I could change bike, ride for Ducati and try to
win the world championship with an Italian bike. That would be a great

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  • RT Moto

    If that happened, the world would it explode. It’s just too much awesome.

    • Isaac

      LOL, That was good brother! =o)

      I hope it happens. I hope that Val goes to Duc and both Ben and Colin take over Fiat Yamaha.

  • the_doctor

    Stoner, I just dislike this guy more and more. Being lactose intolerant or whatever is not in any way, shape or form Ducatis problem.

    What is Pedrosa going to do? I could see him going to Yamaha to replace Rossi.

    Lastly, Rossi and Haden on the same team after 7 years? Awesome.

  • Sean Smith

    It’s all BS. Everyone knows that Rossi is going to drive WRC cars with mitsubishi next year.

  • Cynic

    I think I’d like to hear it from a source that isn’t the Italian press =)

  • JohnnyC

    Do it Vale, DO IT!! I’m sorry but if you are paid millions upon millions to ride a GP bike, then subsequently throw away your team’s chances at repeating a world championship just because drinking milk gives you cramps & makes you have to take a dump? I’d tell Stoner to screw too if I were Ducati (which is what I bet happened & they’re just spinning it as him being “dissatisfied”)…

    Besides, if I had the balls to ride a GP bike as fast as those guys do I feel like I’d be crapping in my leathers anyway!!! ;D

    Rossi on the Desomsedici would KICK ASS!!!

  • Odie

    Oh man! It IS silly season, isn’t?

  • Carlos

    Naked 12 y/o boys????? Dude, that’s pretty gay.

  • Brizzle

    @Carlos: Dude, Rossi is pretty gay.

  • Desertbilly

    Replace Pedrosa? Where is Pedrosa going? He’s the best thing that’s happened to the Honda team.

    (And I can’t wait for Vale to ride red!)

  • pepi

    Pedrosa happened…
    Right now he`s only wasting resources.

    Dovi is the best thing that is happening to honda in the last couple of years.

    • Nick

      That’s ridiculous. Pedrosa is the best technical rider in the paddock and that’s according to Casey who is no slouch. Sure, there are better racers but Dovi is not one of them.

      I guess Rossi will also want a place for his boy, I mean best friend, Uccio.

      Personally, I can’t wait to see Stoner thrash Rossi if he does go to Honda.

  • Sasha Pave

    Rossi: Take the red flag and go for the gold!

    Wes: Your little boy analogy might be the most disturbingly accurate description yet. You’re a sick man.

  • Bill W

    Hey, I thought Rossi was going to drive for Ferrari in F1!

    But wait! Wouldn’t it be too perfect if he could, as an Italian, win the MotoGP championship on an Italian bike, and THEN win the F1 championship in an Italian car? They’d probably declare him emperor.

  • K2theM

    I thought Rossi wanted to end his career as a Yamaha man?

  • Ken

    Getting rid of Pedrosa? For Stoner? They’re bonkers. I can only assume Casey doesn’t like the smell of Hayden’s exhaust fumes.

    I do think Yamaha should pick their man though, and it might as well be Lorenzo because he’s the man from the future.

    Rossi on a Ducati will make Dorna so happy they won’t be able to hold the camera steady for the first half of the season. Hell, we all like that idea don’t we?

  • monkeyfumi

    You are all morons

    • Astro

      Come on Monkey there is no need to be like that.
      Go and wash the sand out of your vagina.

      • monkeyfumi

        Well, with incisive wit like that, how can I argue?

        • Nick

          In relation to what Monkey? Your incisive whit a few posts earlier. Methinks you missed a few grains. Time for a new douchebag, douchebag.

          • monkeyfumi

            Well Nick, what could have been a sensible discussion about a rumoured rider move in motogp, quickly degenerated into a tired “casey is a wimp and rossi is a fag” slang fest (perhaps encouraged by wes’ words about 12 year old boys)
            When I expressed my opinion that this was moronic, I was told to “Go and wash the sand out of your vagina”. A retort that was the height of maturity.
            This was none of your business, but evidently you feel the need to label me a douchebag.
            Having visited this site for quite a while, I have noticed a distinct decline in the quality of discussion, which seems all too common on blogs these days.
            But hey, opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one, and more than half of them are attached to cunts.

  • Giova

    LOL Astro funny shit.

  • 6mt

    come to think of it, i actually do think Rossi does like to dab into the sweet side secretly.

    even if he is gay, i could careless; better yet, i do wish he is gay, then the whole motorcycle world would be less ego driven, cause all those mohawk helmet wearing street bike homo-phobs will have to come to term with the fact that their biker God is—GAY!!!

    fuck yeah!!

  • Tom

    Am I the only one that remembers that Casey Stoner had a little trouble keeping the RC211V rubber side down?

  • The Grudz

    Holy shit…Rossi, Hayden, Ducati. Holy shit. That’ll be it. I’ll get that Ducati tattoo. And when I’m a wrinkly old raisin and the tat looks like a box of melted crayons, I can tell all the kids what the meaning of “awesome” really was…holy shit!

  • Kek

    So, if there’s a spot open on the yamaha team, wouldn’t it be obvious to fill it with Ben Spies, or am I missing something?

  • damien

    Rossi on any bike is pure awesome. Rossi on a Duc is just going to be icing on the motorized cake.

  • Pablodechaves

    Pedrosa=Repsol=Honda I don’t think he moves.

    • Isaac

      He’s gonna ride ‘bitch’ on the back of Caseys bike. You know like that creature Jabba the Hut had with him all the time.

  • william

    No way, Rossi is unlikely to move to the Ducati team. Because, Rossi will always be loyal to Yamaha