Team Texas on Team Texas

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team-texas.jpgBen Spies, Colin Edwards, cowboy hats and hot sauce. In this BBC video, the two Texans interview each other ahead of next weekend’s Mugello MotoGP race.  >

via BBC Sport

  • gregorbean

    there’s actually some funny moments here, much less cringe-inducing than the mancation video.

  • shinigami

    While his podiums are somewhat rare, there’s no doubt that Edwards’ personality and demeanor more than make up for the fact that he’s not quite one of the “aliens”. This is a man with a future once he closes his racing career.

  • damien

    theses guys are awesome. very likeable, and i don’t even like texas! really hoping both podium a few times this year.

  • Marco

    Too bad Edwards never made it to the top spot on the podium. He sure deserves it! What a nice fella!

  • YellowDucati

    As a Texan I must say thanks for posting this ya’ll.