That's a lot of batteries

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Swigz-TTXGP.jpgBut they only add up to 11.5kWh of capacity, meaning the LiFePO4
Lithium-Ion batteries aren’t achieving great power density. The Swigz
Pro Racing Electric Superbike is going to need that capacity too if it’s
going to use all its 194bhp and 295lb/ft (peak) during the 25-ish miles
of lapping Infineon next weekend; a Kinetic Energy Recovery System will
Based on a GSX-R750, Chip Yates’ bike ditches the inline-four in favor the three clusters of batteries and a single liquid-cooled permanent magnet DC motor. Don’t get too terribly excited about those power figures, they’re peak, continuous output is most likely half those figures, making the MotoCzysz Electric D1g1tal Dr1ve (seriously Michael) look pretty good in comparison.

The Swigz bike will be using an all-in-one power management, traction control system capable of altering power delivery throughout the race in order to stretch the battery capacity as far as necessary. The goal in racing is to carry only enough energy to get you across the finish line, so such a system combined with KERS should help ensure that the bike delivers the most power possible without running out before the finish.

What’s the reason for the multi-location battery pack? All the batteries likely couldn’t fit between the frame rails without compromising ground clearance, this arrangement seems like a reasonable compromise between packaging, aerodynamics and center of gravity.

PlugBike has full specs and more pictures, make sure you check them out.

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  • EWL

    Red flag due to battery spill in turn 1….

  • DaineseDan

    Um…where does the rider sit? Or is this remote control? There is a huge batter pack located where the rider would normally reside! If they are supposed to sit on top of that, that is going to be one goofy riding position.

    • Wes Siler

      The seat will go between the tank and the rear battery pack, look closely, there’s the usual amount of space.

      • DaineseDan

        Maybe it’s the angle, but that looks like one incredibly cramped cockpit if that’s the case.

        • Wes Siler

          Maybe that effect is created by the ‘Busa fairing on a GSX-R750?

  • Matt

    The future is… unsightly.

  • brettvegas


    The batts behind the seat couldn’t be more unsightly.
    No 50lb permanite-magnet motor is going to make 150kw+, they are dreaming. I doubt that the motor will be able to do much more than ~75kw peak, 20kw contious.

    They run that thing with 150kw+ the motor will go krispy on the first lap.


    • Wes Siler

      We need to do a “Brett Says” sidebar on every new electric bike…

  • vic

    if jeremy clarkson would ever design an electric bike..

    btw that sharp plexyglas edge looks really really close to the rear wheel

    and that website states that this franken-bike has “beautifully crafted battery racks” .right

  • Matthew

    The design doesn’t matter much for winning the race. They’ll make it pretty when they have more money. I’m thinking they could have hugged all those individual batteries closer to all of the various components, though. The cluster behind the front tire for example.

  • Shinigami

    Come on, you’re just messing with us now. Anyone can see that’s really just a fancy Red Bull dispenser…

    • Mitch

      That’s the first thing I thought of. If they wrap each battery in a Red Bull can label I bet they could get some major ad bucks.