Thud me gripkins, it's the Deus Bloodnok

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Named after Peter Sellers’ character in the 1950s BBC radio show “The Goons,” the W650-based Bloodnok is sort of a cross between a tracker and a bobber. The end result of looping the subframe, lowering the front end, fitting a tiny peanut tank and spoked wheels is an incredibly clean, simple bike, an effect Deus has contrasted with the fussy bars. 

  • Chuluun

    If they don’t follow this up with the Bluebottle and the Eccles I’ll be disgusted.

  • Chuluun

    Seriously though, it’s beautiful. Some might see it as just more of the same from Deus but to me their bikes are getting purer every time. I love the triangles and parallelograms, including the ones implied by the bars, and how they’ve lightened all those straight lines with delicate stuff like the lights, speedo and petal disc.

    I bet it goes like stink too, it must weigh nothing.

  • Chris

    I love this bike. Especially the raw, unfinished look, and the fact it’s stripped down to the essentials. It captures what motorcycling’s all about for me.

  • Anders

    Looks like a Wrenchmonkee

  • Teebles

    That’s gotta be a compliment

  • Emmet

    yeah, but Zero, Wrenchmonkees, and Deus Ex Machina all share styling cues. Large front tire, vintage rubbers, hooped subframe, banana seat (what would you call it?). Dare I say Mule? Just kidding, I know he doesn’t like those vintage tires.

    Back to the bike: I like the minimalistic look, yet it still has the street legal amenities many “custom” (i hate using that word) bikes lack. Very thorough in design, captures the classic parallel twin look with modern parts (gotta love that kickstarter).

  • brettvegas

    Love bikes paired down to the essentials.

    Shit, makes me want to track down that
    Peter Sellers radio show, never heard it.

  • Sean Smith

    That would look damn nice in my living room next to the fixie and vintage stereo.

    It’s a super nice bike, but that swingarm angle is all old-school RD. And that scares the shit out of me. If you’re gonna lower it that much, just make up a set of struts.

    Deus builds some damn nice bikes, but I’m calling fail on this one. Bratstyle has that, er, style of W650 covered pretty well.

  • Anthony D

    Not so fussed about this one.

    I still think Dave’s Bonnie is Deus’s best bike to date.

  • powermatic

    @Sean Smith-

    Exactly-Brat. Nothing new to see here folks.

  • rattatatat

    Bloodnok the flatulent must be so proud.