Triumph Sprint GT: less ugly, more power

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The Trumph Sprint GT is a more practical, refined take on the 1050cc ST first released five years ago. The GT was first spied in March. Power is up 5bhp to 130bhp at 9,200rpm; torque is up by the same amount to 80lb/ft at 6,300rpm; there’s standard 31-liter panniers and an optional top box with a 12v power supply; ABS is standard; the 43mm forks get revised internals and the shock a remote preload adjuster; but most importantly, the headlights have been restyled to look less like a Fisher-Price toy and the underseat exhaust has been dropped in favor of a single right-side item so there’s now underseat storage room. That sounds like an overall improvement to a great, but somewhat flawed bike. Let’s hope the headlights are brighter and the revised forks improve front end feel, that’s really all the old bike was lacking. Video below.

Triumph via MCN

  • Tim

    Umm…The new front sort of looks like the new Honda VFR…?

    No still pics of the new exhaust?

  • 2ndderivative

    Triumph, please make a 675 version of this bike!

    • CMC

      Put Heli-Bars on a Daytona and you’re there, bud.

  • Tomas

    Whitestripesque video!!! Looks great, if you are into big old touring bikes.Anyway, I’m waiting for something in the trail/adv segment which is their big gap. Please Triumph, show me something I can choose over BMW (the new Ducati and Tenere are too heavy for me)

  • Eric Sheen

    It appears that Triumph’s advertising firm may have taken inspiration for the opening to that video from this young man:

    • s0crates82

      Dang! beat me to it!

  • http://Http:// Wes Siler

    Price and availability info:

    Priced at $13,199, the Sprint GT will be available in US dealerships this fall as early release 2011 models

  • Bill W

    At that price, suspension upgrades are pretty affordable.

  • Shinigami

    What the Shamu… er, “VFR” 1200 should have been, perhaps.

  • Max

    Nice but….

    Triumph, PLEASE release a 1075 Daytona!

    Why is Triumph leaving this segment empty? They did the 675 Daytona, and kicked everyone’s ass. Time to do so in the big-bore superbike category. Get with it, Triumph, I can only hold my money for so long before I hand it to BMW, Aprilia, etc.

  • http://Http:// Wes Siler

    Price and availability info:

    Priced at $13,199, the Sprint GT will be available in US dealerships this fall as early release 2011 models

  • Astro

    I betcha they sell ship loads of them.
    A bucket load cheaper than Shamu, not to mention way better looking.
    Two bucket loads cheaper than the K13.
    While it may not pull your arms off like the BM and have all the bells and whistles ie. ESA, ASC, DCAT, XYZ.
    Who needs all that stuff anyway.
    Just learn how to ride without a computer helping you.

    And Triumph dont even charge you AU$1400.00 for the panniers like Honda do.
    How Honda can charge that much for two plastic panniers has me scratching my head.
    Yes I am sure they are very nice panniers.
    But $1400.00, WTF.
    Come on Honda thats a ripoff in anyones language.
    Dont start me on the top box!!

    What we have here is a good old fashioned simple tourer.
    Well done Triumph, you deserve all the success in the world.

  • GeddyT

    Sweet! The “upgraded” forks look like something off of an sv650!… I’ve always kind of liked the look and mission of the Sprint, but have always turned my nose up at the parts-bin front end treatment. It’s hard to stomach paying a premium price for last century’s chassis tech.

    Say what you will about Shamu (and, believe me, I have), but at least for your extra $thousands you get USD fork and radial mount calipers–you know, upgrades most bikes got years ago. Yeah, it sucks not getting panniers thrown in, but I’d rather have a bike that can turn and stop.

    It’s funny, too: you’d think that the heavier the bikes get the MORE important it would be to have up-to-date braking systems and suspension hardware on board to handle the extra load. And yet these sport touring bikes always seem to be last to the party with the good parts in spite of their premium price.

  • El_Diablo

    Still a horrible looking bike, what is the point of this bike?

  • PhillyGuy

    Sounds like a relatively minor update, considering the bike’s been in production for what, 5-6 years? My guess is that by moving the Sprint to the “GT” category, Triumph is setting up the introduction of a light-weight tourer (most likely a tall-rounder), with some version of the 675 engine. Come on Triumph, time for some new hotness!!

  • generic1776

    While the fairing is beautiful and far more elegant, I may try to pick up a used ST and just figure out what it would take to upgrade the suspension all around.

  • WoodmanWest

    Chain drive?, belt?, shaft?, mouse on a wheel, we need this info please.

  • Bald Shaun

    I like it. Lacks the bells and whistles of the uber-tourers, but it’s also cheaper, better looking, and (I hope) lighter. Sounds good to me. However, I’m not writing the my check yet. I’m crossing my fingers and holding out for a go-anywhere 675 based Tiger.

  • Tour Man

    Why do these companies take a sport bike and rebag it as a sport touring bike? This is not a sport touring bike. No cruise control, heated seats and it is missing a decent windscreen. If Triumph wants to get into the sport touring market then design a sport touring bike from the ground up. This thing is terrible.

  • Mike

    Tour man- this is real motorcycle. It’s not a rebadged tourer. For people with real riding ability. It doesn’t have an auto-ass-wiper or douchebag override. Stick to your Goldwina-gaybo or Electra-vibro-glido and let us ride the real motorcycles. You probably don’t even ride more than a few hundred miles a year.

  • Not the Real Deal

    Touring bike with chain drive? This needs a little more work before it is released. Mike thinks this is a real motorcycle. Might be true but it sure is not a “sport touring” motorcycle. This class has been bastardized by the likes of Yamaha and Honda both. If I was going to ride all day I would want a decent windshield and at least cruise control and a shaft drive. Maybe next time Triumph will get it right until then if you want a ‘real’ sport touring motorcycle try a BMW R1200RT or K1300GT.

  • No Tourer

    This thing is almost as bad as the Honda VFR. No windshield? No cruise? Chain drive – give me a break, Heated seats & grips? I think this is a sport bike with panniers. I would hate to put 600 miles a day on this thing………

    • trophy rider

      I have a 99 trophy with chain drive, no heated grips, and no heated seats. It doesn’t have a cup-holder, a huge screen or a fuzzy animal taped to the rear. If I could afford a new touring bike (and only could have one bike), this would be it.

      I regularly travel long distances in all weather and have no issues at all. Chains are underrated. They are lighter, cheaper, and easier to replace if damaged.

  • Mike

    +1 to Trophy Rider

    Not the Real Deal- spoken like a true Beemer snob. Have the BMW guys started showering yet on road trips or is that a BMW sin on 600 mile days also?

    The Sprint’s triple has soul, and you can’t buy soul on an RT or K1300 for really any price. They are almost appliance-like and have no defining character. They could be a Jap bike if you took the rondel off.

    All the money saved on the Triumph over the BMW goes a long way towards buying the top box, heated grips, taller screens, a chain oiler, several riding trips, a boob job for the missus, gym memberships to work out and get your ass in shape so you don’t need car-like features on your bike etc. etc.
    Not to mention with your nose not pointing at the sky no need for expensive plastic surgery either!

  • Brian

    This machine is a very nice package indeed and priced to represent good value for money.
    If you are one of the lucky few who are cash rich in these troubled times by all means buy the K1300S/R,but this is affordable!