TTXGP Infineon, the movie

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TTXGP-Infineon-Documentary.jpgPhoto: Grant Ray

Two weeks ago, the first American round of the TTXGP was held at California’s Infineon Raceway. SPEEDtv partnered with the race’s organizers to produce a one hour in-depth documentary on the historic event. Here, for the first time, is that documentary in full.  >


  • Alf

    Makes the FIM version look like a cheap track day.

    Go TTXGP!

  • Lemurpilot

    I thoroughly enjoyed every second of that, thanks.

  • gregorbean

    That race wasn’t nearly as boring as some made it sound. Looks to be a promising future for electric bike racing. Gotta love the burnout!

  • Bruno

    Much more interesting than portrayed in the news.

  • Michael


    FIM have a distinguished record of screwing up most things they touch. Their electric efforts smells so so desperate and sad.

    Not unexpected to see that they could not resist screwing with TTXGP too. Good to see TTXGP really pulling this together despite FIM.

    Very professionally done film and a great marker for electric motorsports. Good work TTXGP, am looking forward to the next show.

    Anyone know when this is on Speed? Can’t find it on any listings.