2010 MotoCzysz E1pc takes off

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Photos: TMGreed

These action photos from the TT Zero race last Thursday literally show the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc leaving the ground. But Michael Czysz’s new electric superbike is taking off in the metaphorical sense too; starting with our exclusive unveiling of the bike in partnership with Popular Science, the E1pc has spread across the web. Here’s a partial list of sites that have picked up the story. 

>Popular Science
Discovery Channel

When was the last time you saw an ICE bike garner that much interest?

  • http://www.brammofan.com Harry Mallin

    Congratulations to you and to your photo-correspondent on the Isle of Man, Frank of Amadeus Photography. I wonder if the airfoils and winglets did a number on the normal ability of a bike at that speed to catch bigger air. Seems like that hop should be a bit higher.

  • johnnyC

    Great job on helping spread the word about the role Michael Czysz is playing in the advancement of electric motorcycle racing! I’ve been a fan of his ideas since the inception of the C1, and I almost feel that the poor timing of the C1′s development was a “blessing in disguise” for him, because it sort of acted as a springboard for a lot of the design features (other than the propulsion method) found on the E1.

    As cool (and effective) as the electric drive is on the E1, I feel like a lot of people overlook the innovation that went into the E1′s chassis & suspension as a result of the C1′s creation. The 6x Flex monoshock front end seems like the perfect balance between traditional forks, and something more radical like the Tesi-3D “front swingarm” design. I heard Motoczysz was going to sell this as an aftermarket conversion kit (which I’d LOVE to check out w/my 1198! Any word on this?).

    I LOVE the electric drive progression and from a fellow mechanical engineer geek’s prospective, I know Michael Czysz is heading in the right direction with this project in the long run. I’d be curious, however, to hear what Mark Miller’s impression is of the bike’s handling versus a traditional chassis/fork/swingarm setup (from a fellow rider’s perspective! ;). Jeremy McWilliams was certainly a fan of it when he rode the C1!! :)