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Casey Stoner calling the kettle black. Got milk Casey? Oh, right…

via MotoMatters

  • http://verywhitenoise.com jonb

    Casey is full of contradictions. One week he has arm pump and states that it was due to his suit, and would not happen again, the next week he gets pump again and attributes a boring third place to his condition.


  • G.Irish

    Casey makes excuses sometimes when he doesn’t do well but he’s hardly a wimpy rider. Here’s a guy who was rode to a 4th place at Laguna while trying not to puke in his helmet. He’s also someone who has done plenty of crashing and getting right back up and racing the next round with little complaint. If anything, he should know a lot about crashing.

    I disagree with him about runoff room but I think he’s right that it is a bit ridiculous to start making the call for more safety because of two crashes resulting in injury this year. The only change that might be warranted is that rookies need to be given more time to test.

    I also agree that the paved runoff leads to people taking more risks under braking but I don’t know if that is less or more dangerous.

  • jwinter

    My biggest complaint about him is that he seems to have an attitude that he is entitled to wins. He gets agitated when anyone interferes with that whole narrative.
    I think he’s a great talent but his attitude has gotten in the way of me pulling for him.

  • George

    Being too sick to race and having the balls to be fast are two different things. I don’t know what he had but you can be the toughest SOB on the planet and pneumonia will still shut you down.

    That said I don’t think having runoff area is a bad thing. What I don’t like is paved runoff. Make a mistake and the rider is right back on the track, not fair for the rider who managed to run a clean line, and that seems to be the major part of his complaint. Keep the runoff but make it grass or dirt.

  • http://www.ninja250blog.com/ Mark Ryan Sallee

    A bit catty, no?

  • http://cynic13th.livejournal.com/ Cynic

    Really this is something you needed to post.

    Pretty lame.

    • Pamberjack


  • The Grudz

    Casey’s a helluva motorcycle racer, but he should really let his wife do all the talking. Seriously.

    • AK


      …(insert panther call with the utmost repect)

      • Give rookies a few extra practice days. (Personaly speaking, the rookie-sketch-a-fast adds a bit of spice to the whole enchilada)
      • If you’ve won a championship & have a factory ride with a kush salery, you need not tell other riders they’re whimps. (Drop down on their equipment for a day.)
      • Concrete run-offs were never intended for 2 wheels but for 4.

      If Stoner needs more Epinephrine fix, I would suggest the Isle Of Mann TT. Pretty fucking real with little to zero saftey concerns…but did anyone watch him slide out in the lead @ Qatar? He was screamin’ until he lost the front-end.

  • vic

    i don’t know what’s up with stoner this year,
    after he came back and won 2 races in a row last year i thought he would slay this year ,even put a bet on him for the quatar race

    and call me crazy but i think the new boss hates his guts ,

  • http://speedmotive.blogspot.com Michele

    he was fast because he drank milk…

    however…I hope that the fight will be in balance, if not for the championship at least for single races…

  • Pete

    You all ride like he does for 45 minutes while holding on to 200+hp or stfu. Arseholes.

  • Ninjah

    That quote is out of context – RTFA before you comment. He’s talking about the series becoming overly reactionary to safety issues.

    I don’t agree 100% with him, but I gotta think his perspective is more valid than mine. As a spectator, I hated the 250 races last year that had paved runoffs – at least one of the leaders ran off every other lap and rejoined immediately, losing a couple tenths at most. Not enough of a penalty for such a serious screw-up.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Oh, I agree Casey. We need more wrecks. We need lots more. Fiery ones too. I know someone who could help. His name is Guy.

  • Turf

    Stoner is batshit fast he also have a very fragile ego, unfortunately they are linked together. He’s frustrated because he knows he can win but just hasn’t been. He’s coming off horribly whiny this year but i think it’ll get better from here on out.

  • Turf

    Also agree with stoner that gp…is pretty boring. The original point was that it was a prototype series, must have two wheels and be this many cc’s. someone would tell that to some engineers and they’d head to a garage to build things that went fast. They would give that go fast thing to a racer who would go win or blow it up in a spectacular crash or wheelie it across the line. There are no more wheelies, and crashes now have very little to do with skill. Electronics have invaded every part. I dont want gp bikes to have traction and launch control….if it’s something that they handed me and I wouldn’t have the thought that there is no question that i’m going to kill myself with it is odd. I’m just a moto-courier, a ride on the 800 isn’t scary…if they offered an old 500 gp bike…that i’d be afraid of. Electronics- to much for no reason.

  • erik

    paved runoff turns a track into a parking lot with paint. Moto GP is the worlds greatest, let them ride without electronics. If it goes any further it will turn into F1 where the crew can almost drive the car for the racer if need be.

  • Barcode711

    “”Everybody just expects to go out there and be perfectly safe and perfectly happy,” Stoner said, and that undermined the point of the sport. “I mean, what adrenaline rush are you going to get if there’s no actual fear in it?”"

    It amazes me how much people confuse “being designed to not murder the participants” for “wimpiness”. Non-wimpiness is unforgiving-ness, which does not have to be safety-wise – it can also be in terms of competition, or the motorcycle’s performance, etc. it doesn’t have to mean “crashing will kill you”.

    After all, a racer’s death is a tragedy – forcing them to risk their lives to compete is hardly a desirable trait of the competition.