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Edwards-Rossi-M1.jpgTech3 Yamaha rider Colin Edwards on why he’d have turned down a ride on Rossi’s M1 if it’d been offered to him. Instead, 41-year old Yamaha factory test rider Wataru Yoshikawa will be keeping the World Champion’s seat warm.

via RoadRacerX

  • gregorbean

    If Colin doesn’t step it up I’d guess he’ll probably have to look to WSBK for a ride next year. He looks in good shape at Assen, maybe a podium for him, or that elusive first MotoGP win? Either way he seems in better spirits after his little bitchfest at Silverstone. He probably realizes that if Spies produces and he doesn’t, it won’t look good.

  • Steve

    “…and you’ve got some other ding-dong coming in to fill my spot. I don’t think they’ll (existing Tech 3 sponsors) be happy about that. My own opinion is it’s a Fiat Yamaha problem; you sort it out—don’t bring us into your problem.”

    This is an extract from the full interview. My feeling is that Colin is more concerned about the “ding dong” showing him up than anything else. Either that or he is pissed that he wasn’t even asked in the first place.

  • meatsmasher

    That whole article and you zeroed in on that one statement huh? Looks like those trips over to Fox news have really rubbed off on you Wes.

  • RagingBull

    Great come back Wes – I couldn’t say it better myself. Bada Bing – Bada Boom!