Bott M210: the sexiest CBR600RR ever

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These photos show the nearly completed Moto2 racer from tiny Spanish builder Bottpower. Previously the make of the CBR954RR-based Bottpower Morlaco, David Sanchez has been developing this prototype since the series was announced last year. The interesting things to look at here are the stemless headstock that allows a straight path for air to flow into the airbox, the simple and very slender fuel tank and the sheer elegance of Bottpower’s engineering. Aside from the diminutive proportions, that straight path for the air inlet is the most important thing for a series that runs spec CBR600RR engines, that almost the only area from which you can hope to gain a power advantage.


  • piccini9


  • jonb

    Wide bars, cool LED headlight/taillight, flat track tail, no flipping bodywork and i’m in love.

  • spectator

    i wish my cbr weighed less :^( i can has trellis frame plz?

    • georGe aka-VintageWrencher

      If you ask David real nicely(and have a wad of Euros in hand) I’m sure he would be glad to hook you up with a frame.

      I’ve been following this project from the get go and it has been pretty f’in cool to do so. David seem to be a really good guy and welcomes comments and questions on his site. I just wish I knew more Spanish as the English site doesnt have as much content.

  • michael

    I have been fortunate enough to work with David on his first motorcycle adventure, the Morlacco. He, like the Laverda brothers, Bert Hopwood, and Eric Buell, really is the kind of man that used to fuel this industry before it became so corporate : driven to excel, philosophical thinking, and using grit and clever thinking where money and resources are lacking.

    He is a self taught in many areas, self assured without being arrogant, and does not need celebrity high-dollar films to get his projects made.

    I hope Bottpower succeeds in Moto2 next year.

  • the_doctor

    Wow. That is by far the best looking CBR I have seen. And Bottpower is a very awesome name.

  • Nick

    This is the definition of an enhancement.

  • K2theM

    Bott = my favorite team for the 2011 Moto2.

    I have been following their site since the Morlacco.

    Freaking cool engineering and solid execution. What a good bike should be.

  • David

    Thank you Wes for the post, and thank you to the rest of the people for your kind comments. :-)

  • Adam

    That neck is clean.