Dainese D-Air: development of road-ready airbag begins

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Dainese-D-Air-Road.jpgDainese has begun collecting telemetry data for a road-use airbag motorcycle suit, meaning we can expect to see a consumer product in showrooms in a couple year’s time. Dainese D-Air has actually been in development for race-use for over a decade and the track-only system will go on sale very soon. The road system will be very similar, but will use altered data points that are more appropriate for real world riding in which a crash is just as likely to be caused by getting run over by a dumb bitch on her cell phone as it is a 110mph highside at Mugello. In keeping with company tradition, Dainese’s press release is extremely vague, but it appears that Guy Martin, who is now collecting data for the road system, was equipped with a D-Air suit when he crashed heavily at the TT this morning. If that’s the case, the airbag(s) could be partially responsible for him surviving that crash with what currently looks like only minor injuries.

It’s also unclear what the different applications for the two different
airbag systems pictured above are. While one is very similar to the
Alpinestars TechAir in that it only covers the shoulders, neck and
collarbone, the picture on the right is far more intriguing, expanding
inflated safety across the back and chest. Like TechAir, D-Air is
clearly designed to inflate inside a suit or jacket. We’ve reached out
to Dainese for clarification, but it’s possible that there could be two
levels of protection being brought to market to suit price points and
customer preference.

We’ll bring you more info once Dainese has finished its espresso, ridden
its Vespa to work and finished making its entire-month-of-August
holiday plans.

  • vic

    something for the chest area that is actually effective woulf be a welcomed adition.
    the future is michelin man..i can feel it :d

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    I cannot wait to look even more like a Power Ranger.

  • Richard Gozinya

    There are currently air bag jackets on the market, one even made the news.


    • Grant Ray

      Richard, there are basic tether systems on the market, but both the tetherless D-Air and Alpinestars systems are significantly more advanced.

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D.

    “We’ll bring you more info once Dainese has finished its espresso, ridden its Vespa to work and finished making its entire-month-of-August holiday plans.”

    Ahh, the Continent. We like to make fun, but lord knows I’d like 10 weeks of paid vacation a year…

  • Hiwatt Scott

    God bless Wes Siler and his writing utensil of choice.

  • Sean Smith

    That right there is some good writing. You I came for the dumb bitch, but stayed for the vespa.

  • DanHL

    I suggest that they change the name of the product to “Dianese D-Bag” if the product looks anything like what is pictured above.

  • DanR

    Kudos to Dainese for continuously advancing rider safety. They’ve been the pioneer. (Alpinestars’ continues with their tradition of “the sincerest form of flattery”… ;-)

    I’m guessing the system on the left is the Race version while the one on the right is presumably the Consumer / Road version.

  • Barcode

    Godspeed, Dainese.
    Making the world’s most hoontastic activity safer through better equipment can only be a good thing.

  • Con

    How much do you expect it to be?