Donate $7 to charity, win $1,700 of gear

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Want to win head-to-toe motorcycle gear worth over $1,700 or a scooter outfit worth almost $900? Our friends at Urban Rider are organizing a raffle to give away all the helmets, jackets, boots, gloves and whatnot pictured above. 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Homes in Zimbabwe, a registered charity dedicated to helping poor elderly people living in the country. The drawing is July 16, one month from now.. All the items will be provided in the winner’s size and they’ll cover shipping worldwide so yes, Americans can enter. Each raffle (scooter and motorcycle) is limited to 250 tickets, so you stand a pretty good chance of winning.

Urban Rider motorcycle raffle

Urban Rider scooter raffle

Homes In Zimbabwe is a UK registered charity established in 2004 in order to “relieve poverty and sickness of elderly people residing in Zimbabwe”, says Samantha Watson, Head of Fundraising.
Homes in Zimbabwe is one of only a handful of organisations providing food to residential homes and other groups, it is the major source of food for 1,800 elderly people in Harare and Bulawayo.
Urban Rider is the UK’s leading retailer of fashionable yet protective motorcycle and scooter wear.  The London store is the main stockist of Belstaff motorcycle jackets, Tucano Urbano, Draggin Jeans, Roof Helmets, Davida Helmets, Givi Helmets, Johnson Motors T-Shirts, Momo Helmets, Lem Helmets and more.

  • cramer

    Unfortunately, they added shipping to my cart for GBP 37.25.

    If they’d fix that, I’m in.

  • Urban Rider

    Thanks for the heads up, just asking the techies now.. Cheers

  • Urban Rider

    Shipping issue resolved now. Payment confirmation is instant, your e-ticket will follow within 12 hours of purchase.

    Cheers, Will

  • gregorbean

    Entered! I want that jacket, please please please! Either way it’s a good cause. Thanks for the heads up, Wes.

    • Wes Siler

      If you win, you win EVERYTHING, including the jacket.

  • gregorbean

    Ahhhh, even better! Daddy needs a new pair o’ shoes. C’mon Lady Luck!

  • cramer

    Fantastic. Thanks for following up.

  • Ninjah

    Clickety-clack, clickety-clack!

  • Urban Rider

    Tickets selling fast. Hopefully that means we have assembled a tasty prize for you all!

    This is a brilliant cause, it costs Homes In Zimbabwe £5 a week to feed one elderly person living in residential care.

    All your e-tickets will be emailed out in the morning UK time when the store re-opens for business. We have to process each one individually to comply with UK law.

  • Urban Rider

    Some European ticket buyers (Germany) may still encounter the site trying to add shipping. Apologies for this, we have a gremlin in the tubes!

    Either go ahead and buy your ticket and we will refund the shipping or wait until tomorrow morning when we can rectify it.

    Thanks for the heads up Markus.

  • Paul

    Alright, I went for one of the motorcycle raffles, should be interesting!

  • Case

    Doubled down on my double down: 2 tickets for each raffle.

    Great idea to have a raffle and also props to HFL for getting the word out.

  • Brad

    I got one. I want to be the only guy in town with that jacket and lid.

  • amsterdam

    In. (2X)

  • chrisF

    Same here. 2X.

    Thanks hfl for the heads up!

  • Spank

    I’m gonna get 1 or 2 motorcycle tix for myself, but I want to buy a scooter one for the wife. Should she win, would the prize be available in something more lady friendly?

    • Urban Rider

      Absolutely, we can arrange for female substitutions of any of the items in the 2 raffles.

      You can find more information in the description on our site:
      ‘please note you will receive your size in items and women’s articles will be substituted if needed.’

      Also, if the winners have any specific colour requests we will do our best to cater!

  • mike

    Sweet, done!

  • Jefferson

    Note: Even when scooterati have a raffle designed by themselves to get some nice digs, the motorcyclists get the cooler looking gear.

  • wes (not wes siler ;) )

    tickets still available? i’m a little late on the draw it seems on this one

  • wes (me again)

    o and by the by, it’s adding 30 pounds to my total at checkout… I selected “none of the above” for country – I am in South Africa…

    • Urban Rider

      Hi Wes,

      There are a few tickets left now. (50 or so) Please select ‘UK’ and fill in our company address when you buy your ticket.

      Urban Rider
      51 New Kings Road
      SW6 4SE

      Sorry for the inconvenience, the main thing is we have your email and phone number.

  • wes

    thanks, done, 2 tickets bought, here’s holding thumbs ;)

  • dv

    What happened to the raffle? I have not seen who won, and will not respond to my email. Has anyone else heard of the winning ticket number?