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Ducati-Multistrada-Pikes-Peak-4-1.jpgHere’s a short documentary filmed at Pikes Peak this weekend as Greg Tracy won the 1200cc class aboard a 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S. It’s a neat little look inside head of the racer, but the really impressive thing here is that it was all shot on iPhone 4s. The secret to doing that? Apparently an Owle Bubo camera mount that adds the ability to use tripods, lenses and microphones. The product looks so good that I think this just tipped me over the edge into upgrading to the iPhone 4 a year early. We’ve also got some interesting technical info on the Multistradas from the race.

The USP for the Multistrada (beyond packaging a superbike v-twin in an
adventure tourer that is) is the electronically adjustable riding modes
the mean you can switch between power delivery, suspension and ABS
setting optimized for different tasks at the push of a button.

Both Greg Tracy and Alexander Smith used Sport mode on the Asphalt and
Enduro mode in the dirt. Sport mode tightens up the suspension, allows
the full 150bhp, reduces traction control to a minimum and backs off the
ABS. Enduro mode increases travel and softens the suspension and
disables the ABS and the traction control. Typically, Enduro mode limits
power to 100bhp but the Multistrada’s ride modes are completely
adjustable by customers and both racers modified theirs to allow full
power in Enduro mode.

The impressive thing here is the attainability of all this technology,
your phone can now shoot 720p, 30fps video and your heavy adventure
tourer can now optimize its drive settings to the point where it can
beat pukka supermotos up a part asphalt/part dirt/all corners hillclimb.
If this is the future, we like it.

via Jalopnik and MyLifeAtSpeed

  • JEsse

    That actually sounds super freaking awesome. The only question I have for me is how tall and long is it? I love Ducati’s in theory but at 5’6′ I’ve never found one that fit me.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Sit one one at a dealer! But yeah, you’re probably a bit short for one.

  • Kidchampion

    That does look great. I’ll be especially impressed if they edited the project on an iPhone4.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Somehow I doubt they did. That would be awesome though.

  • adeysworld.com

    You and me both on the Iphone purchase, that was pretty good. Impressive run by the Multistrada, didn’t know much about it until now. My eyes are open…Thanks!

  • Turf

    I think i’m sold on finally upgrading my original iphone, The new multi is cool but I’m actually pissed off about the vyper thing. I know a few people in the ducati food chain, they are getting calls.

  • monkeyfumi

    But what happens to the power of the multistrada if I’m left handed?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      They’ll be issuing a “Multistrada Bumper” to fix that with the next release. Just don’t drop it on a glass surface.

  • Michael


    Great article. I just have one exception. The Multistrada really is not that heavy. Compared to a bunch of slinky Supermotos it is, but then again, so is pretty much everything else.

    Of course I would think that My ‘Strada 1200 S Touring is not that heavy considering I came off a Concours 14. On a cool side note, the guy I sold my C-14 to is up at Pikes Peak racing his KTM SuMo. How cool is that?

    When selecting bikes, I was also considering a KTM 990 SMR. Honestly between the power advantage, sheer quality of the suspension and geometry, and the awesome brakes, the ‘Strada 1200 S really doesn’t give up a thing dynamically against the 990 SMR.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Oh yeah, I mean less than 200kg for that kind of bike is amazing. But this is racing and very challenging racing at that, in that environment, 200kg is heavy.

  • Michael

    Oh yeah, I am 5’7″ and some change. If you are not a noob, the bike is more than light enough to be manageable for those of us who are… concise… in terms of vertical stature.

  • DAvid Folch

    this video wasn’t shot 100% on an iphone4. You can see a chick with an EOS 5d mkII with a microphone and some images ARE from a 5d mkII in that video (when a slight increase in quality is visible… but I wonder they manage to downgrade eos5d images) !
    that said, with the amount of money Ducati put in this race, it would have been really lame if they couldn’t beat the cheap/dead Buells…

    • VetteWrecker

      Way to beat a dead brand.

  • GeddyT

    So does the Multistrada only work on a single road that occasionally is broken up by ten foot deep potholes that span the entire width and bumper to bumper traffic that doesn’t move? And is it capped so that I can only ride 200 miles per month? And does it do everything great except the actual purpose of a motorcycle, making calls?–I mean, riding?

    So that’s pretty cool that you can connect a tripod and microphones to your phone so that you can make videos with it that are still put to shame by even the cheapest standalone HD camcorder. And THIS is why people want one?… If you’re planning ahead enough to pack a tripod and microphone, you’re planning ahead enough to bring a camera that doesn’t suck. I’d rather have a phone that can make calls reliably and not contribute to a certain corporation’s closed and DRM-riddled ecosystem and crazy cult following.

    I just noticed that I only comment here when I have something negative to say. Well, Positive Me would like to point out that those Multis are awesome and I wish I could afford one!

  • Kit

    So when’s Droid hooking up with KTM to put this to shame?