Field Test: Alpinestars Stella range

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Switching sides in our Field Test series by real riders, we gave a set of Alpinestars’ textile Stella gear to a biker we’ve never seen in less than leather, waxed cotton or wool, much less anything with colors lighter than a piece of coal. Did the techy Cream threads pass muster?
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Field Test: Alpinestars Stella range
  • Ryan Chappell

    Wow! I can’t remember the last time I came across a GB (500 I assume, we get the 400 version over here) not many around. It is good to see a bike that has a bit of a cult following here getting some time on a blog like this.

    Oh and as this is a review of a jacket and boots I should probably say that they are pretty nice too, though as a fellow GB owner I am far more distracted by the bike.


  • brettvegas


    At least she liked the boots and the jacket.
    Ms Wurtz seems like one of those hard to please
    chicks. There’s no making some people happy.

    Great pics Grant.
    And a well writ write-up Ms Wurtz,
    enjoyable read.

  • Paulo

    Nice GB, They’re a dime a dozen here in N.Z

    great little bikes.

  • Mark D.

    I’ve got the male version of those jeans, and I concur with her assessment. I have to roll the legs up (damn stubby legs), and while they are comfortable and don’t look too ridiculous at a restaurant/bar/whathaveyou, I’d feel a lot more comfortable in leathers for any non-urban riding.

    They have pockets for knee pads, so maybe buying some would boost the confidence level.

    Any word on the sizing of the jeans? My good friend who rides is a size zero, and she can’t find anything protective that fits her decently.

    Those boots seem a little overpriced, to me at least. Probably for the A*s logo. I’ve got a pair of Puma Bonnevilles that look very similar, and were almost half that price.