Gruesome crash breaks Rossi's leg

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Valentino Rossi fractured his right tibia during a huge highside during the second practice session at Mugello today.  A Clinica Mobile doctor attending the scene described the fracture as “serious” saying, “it’s an exposed fracture with the bone protruding from the skin…which fortunately has not affected any blood vessels or nerves.” Because of the injury, Rossi will not be able to race tomorrow, the first time he’s missed GP since his debut in the 125cc class in 1996.

Update: Turns out Rossi fractured both his tibia and fibia. Surgery was a success and he’ll make a full recovery, but it’ll be four to five months before he’ll be able to ride a bike again.

The incident occurred at the top of the turn 13 chicane. Judging by
these pictures, Rossi landed on his right leg, which can clearly be seen
bending at the top of his boot. It’s currently unknown how many races
Rossi will be sidelined due to the injury, but it’s sure to end any
hopes of a seventh MotoGP world championship this season. via Ash On Bikes

  • ChuckNorris

    C’mon dude!! It’s so sad! I just survived from a high side on a public road, by landing on my head!! I feel for ya, brotha’! Get well soon!


    Wes, thanks for the exclusive footage!! I was just about to spill out bunch of euro’s to motogp website to see this in action!! Cheers mate!

  • Sean Smith


  • Brennan

    I hate this.

  • JF


  • speedealer

    this breaks my heart. Get well soon Doc!

  • Alfonzo

    I want to kick Ms. Fortune right in the ovaries.

  • the_doctor


    Thank you Wes. I appreciate finding this out from HFL first. Jesus. I has sad now.

  • Jorge


    • Mitch

      Haha, I laughed. Though as stated, this would tinge Jorge’s win somewhat, as you want to beat the best by winning, not by their non-participation.

      I’m no Rossi fan at all but this truly sucks and don’t wish it on anyone. Exact same step-out happened to me once, but it just emphasizes how crazy powerful and on the edge these MotoGP bikes are; with a 100 less horsepower and street tires, I was able to reign it in without much trouble. Hard to imagine being able to do the same with a bike twice as powerful and 15 degrees more lean.

    • vic

      actually the right answer would be..FUCK!!

      in all fairness “iorghe” is not at all comfy with the situation mainly because it looked like he had a better chance of winning the championship
      now with rossi out he will most likely win but it will be bitter sweet because everyone[prob the team as well] will say that if only rossi was racing it could have been differently.
      remember last year with pedrosa..he finished third but everyone whispered behind his back “if only stoner was well”.that’s why he’s in the ropes now with next season,even his team thinks he only got third out of luck

  • RT Moto

    What horrible news. Get well soon Valentino! MotoGP isn’t the same without you!

  • poosanth

    T__T”" arrrr, get well man!

  • jwinter

    Whatever you think of Rossi, this sucks for the championship. If Jorge wins, and I suspect he will (I thought he was going to win before this), it will cloud the legitimacy of that championship.

  • CafeRacer1200

    On another site, I read that Dr. Costa said it was worse than he expected. Instantly my heart sunk. Coming from the good doctor, that means a lot.

  • Isaac

    Man, this would suck for any rider. Even though I think the Pedrobot and Jorge are arrogant little dweebs, I wouldn’t want ‘this’ to happen to any one of them. I can’t even imagine what that feel like. I was knocked out cold when I had my high side, thank God I was.

  • Jeffrey Stearns

    This could be crucial for the rest of Rossi’s career in Motogp. He has never had a major injury such as this. In fact I think he has only had a couple serious offs in all the years he has been racing. How he responds to this mentally could determine a much sooner switch to 4 wheels or retire completely. I for one would be disappointed but the one defining thing about Vale’s illustrious career has been his relatively injury free career.

  • stan


  • Isaac

    Even if he does retire, the youngn’s have a long, long way to go to catch up to him. As in about 10 more seasons worth of racing.

    If he does, I’d like to see him become Ben and Colins rider coach as they move up to FIAT.

  • Kevin White

    I think you mean he broke his tibia and fibula.

  • Travis

    I have done the exact same thing to my left leg. I still have a titanium rod from that crash. I feel for you :( I know exactly how that feels. The doctor will be back… better than ever!

  • sofjr

    Oh man, that is just horrible. We’ll miss you Valentino! You are the best!!

  • godwin

    Vale get well soon. As Lorenzo well summarised it in his pre-race show…Everyone can be strong when facing pain but few can be legends. You are a legend.

  • brettvegas

    Hate highsides(knock-on-wood)
    Hope he recovers soon.

  • Darek

    Man, just look at picture #6. Cringing just thinking about it.

    And as for Lorenzo’s title not being legitimate if he does win (which is a frequent comment), Rossi was pushing to find a setup that would beat Lorenzo. Is it different to pass someone on track or to push them into a mistake? All part of the craft. And for my money, Lorenzo had been looking stronger than Rossi this season, and I would have pegged him for the title even if Rossi didn’t have this accident.

    So let’s not start putting asterisks next to championships where a competitior got injured while pushing to stay ahead.

  • joneez

    Ok Vale, it’s time to move to F1. As much as we’d miss you, F1 desperately needs a personality like yours.

  • Smith

    Oh My God, I hope Rossi recover quickly. Go Rossi Goo… I Love you Rossi

  • Pamberjack

    C’mon Casey – now’s yr chance!

  • Chris

    Man, that is terrible. Quite a rude example of who can go down at any time.

  • soupy

    If Pedrobot keeps up the pace he had in this race, forget Lorenzo winning a championship, it’ll be a return of HRC on to top of the podium.

    Get better Rossi, this weekend made me realize how boring MotoGP can be without you.

  • Mark D.

    What a gruesome crash. Get better, Rossi, you’re one of the handful of international motorcycle stars! Terrible flashbacks to Tom Brady’s knee injury…

    I have a feeling he’ll be back next season with a vengeance, though. Maybe for Ducati?…

  • JohnnyC

    Man, that sucks; the part of moto racing you don’t wish upon anyone but can happen at anytime.

    That being said, it would be AWESOME to see him pull a Mick Doohan, get a thumb-brake installed on his M1, and race (maybe even podium!) again before the season’s over!!

  • Core

    I’m curious about what happened? Sitting here watching the video… the details are not all that clear?

    Did his bike tires grip more than was expected, causing them to grab and throw him?

    Someone who races please explain to me what just happened…

    • Wes Siler

      He had too much lean angle and throttle on relatively cold tires. Slip, catch, flip, ouchie.

      • Core


    • Ninjah

      Highsides occur so quickly that it’s tough to see exactly what happened and it looks like the bike just flips the rider off. Check out this excellent photo series that captures what’s actually happening to the bike and rider during a highside:

      • Core

        Thanks big time! Very clear and high detailed images…

        You can really see everything.

  • de Puniet

    Oh no, now they will tell Lorenzo won by attrition. Darn.