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Guy-Martin-Supersport.jpgGuy Martin was was stripped of his second place finish in the TT SuperSport race because he exceed the pit lane speed limit by .122kph, losing £7,000 prize money in the process. Apparently he’s pissed off about it. This video comes from the post-race SuperSport press conference and Guy’s clearly not a happy man, nomming a power bar and playing with his Kriega instead of answering questions. Living in the land of media-trained robot racers, it’s refreshing to see a real human being racing motorcycles.  >

  • sam

    good lord he is hard to understand

    • Russ

      Not for me. I’m English and from the North where the TT guys are from. Sounds normal to me! LOL.

  • Ninjah

    Did you know that Guy Martin was moonlighting as a voice acting coach for Brad Pitt for “Snatch”?


  • skadamo

    This may be earliest in the year I have known what I am gonna be for halloween.

  • will

    I do not think I’d want to go near him, there.

  • Case

    Sucks. But the limit is the limit, right? That’s why it’s a limit. Set your shit 10 kph slow and you won’t have an issue.

    He’s a first rate guy but he could have handled this with more class. I read on MCN that the limiter switch on the bike for this race was press-and-hold, and the limiter for all his other bikes is press and release. Or ‘fire and forget’ if you’re into that.

  • Peter


    I agree about the limit, but why would you purposely go slower than the limit? It’s a race. Spend 5 seconds longer in the pits, and the next guy’s caught up to you by 5 seconds.

    Personally, I think it’s lame that they fined him for 0.122KPH. Maybe if it was 1KPH I would understand.

  • AK

    He knows he did his best.

  • Kevin White

    Hmm, it was embedded at a certain point — wish I knew how to do that.

    • skadamo

      append “&start=130″ to the youtube url. change “130″ to what ever number of seconds into the clip you want to start.

  • The Grudz

    Brad Pitt- what a lucky dude. Some guys get it all. Porkchop sideburns- where can a guy who can’t grow ‘em get ‘em? .122 kph- I don’t know that I can blink that fast. 30 seconds seems a bit severe. I guess rules are rules. I know what Guy sounds like to my ears, but what do we sound like to his?

  • Troy Smith

    I can’t understand a word he says. I was totally lost in Snatch too.

  • AceCafeClipOns

    So… is behaving like a wanker praiseworthy in HFL?

    • Wes Siler

      We applaud humanity and deplore managed messages.

      • the_doctor

        Fucking-eh-right! When I flipped through HFL yesterday and saw that high-side in action, I said, “oh! the HUMANITY!” And clapped.

      • AceCafeClipOns

        Rules are there, and I guess there must be a reason for them. You might think 0.122kph is not too much, so do I, but then 0.244kph is not too much either (only 0.122 more, in fact)… and then 0.366 shouldn’t be considered… see where I’m going?
        And besides all this, the interviewer is not guilty of Guy’s dissapointment. Neither are we, by the way.
        You might think throwing such a tantrum is “humanity”. I might think being polite and knowing what to do (and most important, when) is much more “humanity” than behaving like an “I-won’t-forget” teenager.
        We do agree in the deplorement of managed messages, though.

        • Larry PIlkins

          Where do you guys see him as not acting sincere and with aplomb? He did not yell at any judges like the Williams sisters. He graciously said it was his fault and took all responsibility for it. He was also the loudest one clapping for the winner. I saw nothing but a good sport!

  • Lee

    Okay, so, as someone that understands every word he says; he was perfectly fine in that interview. AceClips, I think you’re way off the mark with your assessment mate. The guy is disappointed but he was nothing but sporting in his praise for Hutchy.

    As for the pit lane issue, it’s nothing more than a man disappointed, he’s sucking it up and getting on with. If you think otherwise then maybe we’re watching different interviews or maybe we just have different opinions, the shock of it :)

  • jimboecv

    0.122 kilometer/hour = 0.075 807 285 454 mile/hour (mph)

    Yeah, I’d take that finish away.

    Rulemakers should be racers.

  • Brian

    There should be some tolerance.

  • Tim

    Shouldn’t the rules allow for some variation (+0.5KPH or within 1% of the limit)? It seems extreme to penalize someone for that low level of infraction. Clearly, a pit speed limit is implemented in the interest of safety. Is someone going to get severely injured if they are struck by a bike going 0.122kph over the limit? For the sake of comparison, that speed equates to 3.4 centimeters/second (please check my math).

  • richmeyer

    How do you even determine .122 KPH? He got screwed plain and simple. Handled it pretty well actually, considering.

  • chili sv

    I don’t have a problem with them dinging him for going the slightest bit over the limit, however I’m doubtful their speed measurement device is calibrated quite that accurately.

  • Gary Sideburn

    I read this as a comment someone left on Guy’s own blog and it makes sense to me, ‘Aren’t you doing 60kph until you’re doing 61kph?’

  • NoRubber

    I think he is one of the coolest racers around. Plus, he has got a Black suit and a killer paint job.

    To bad he lost second he deserved it, after the bad luck in the NW200.

  • frostyfreak

    I am just asking not trying to fuel anything. If the equipment is that accurate why not just take however much you go over the limit off the final time. That way there is no real advantage to speeding and the punishment fits the crime but crap like this does not happen? For the record I feel like I am missing some obvious reason not to do this.

  • kyall

    i’m on your side Guy. You did your best – now go and have a cup of tea and reflect on a great ride. well done !!!

  • Nick

    Maybe Guy needs to ‘enhance’ his bike with a 6 foot swingarm?

  • powermatic

    Ummmm….he did answer questions, didn’t so much as raise his voice, and seemed pretty well adjusted to the punishment. Fail to see an issue, but due to the misleading headline I did click on the thread, so I suppose that it’s ‘mission accomplished’.

  • SpeedJunkies

    I love Guy Martin he is so Real… I think the Weird Guy in this Press was Dunlop he acts like he should Win every race… reminds me a bit of Biaggi….