LeoVince trims Shamu, somehow makes it look fatter

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This photograph of a pre-production carbon exhaust by LeoVince just magically showed up in my email. No price has been set yet and the delivery time for going on sale was only given as “very soon,” but you can expect the new pipe to shave lots of weight, sound way better and add some mid-range pop to the 2010 Honda VFR 1200F. That said, the photo is not flattering for our favorite whale muffin. If anything, the new diminutive exhaust emphasizes the spaghettiness of the headers poking out from under the fairings and makes the whole bike look a little, well… You know that rule about large people not wearing vertical stripes? Yeah.
  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D.

    I’m sure that white color doesn’t help, either. White generally makes everything look…more bulbous.

    The can also doesn’t help its proportions, but it does make the styling look more “normal”.

  • Dennis

    I think you mean “horizontal stripes.”

  • GVIrish

    Honestly I think it’s a major improvement. That stock exhaust is hideous, eliminating that eyesore definitely makes a big impact. Doesn’t make the bike look fatter to me shrugs

  • Greg

    It doesn’t matter what you do to that bike – nothing can save it.

  • 2ndderivative

    As a large person I take offense to being compared to Shamu.

  • sofjr

    It’s all too bad really…such unfulfilled promise…I toughed it out for an extra two years on a cruiser waiting for the new VFR to appear…and then this thing was released. Good technology…not so good execution and styling…I don’t regret buying the FJR!

  • Backhome77

    It’s not the can, it’s the color. That, and well, the fact that it’s just a big bike. Bit take the same bike, same can, paint it black and it will look 50 lbs lighter.

  • Mike

    How do you make Shamu…I mean, the Honda VFR 1200 look smaller? Park a Victory Vision next to it. That will make it look smaller and actually, somehow attractive.

  • Kenny555

    Or a Ducati Multistrata. That bike is so fugly that it makes the Honda VFR look like an MV Agusta in comparison.

  • Jan

    I stopped at a Honda dealer in Madison, Wi. last week and took a look at a VFR1200. Believe me, a new muffler will not help this bike. Granted, the stock muffler is terrible looking and the dealer even apologized for it and said an aftermarket will be out soon. Still, at $15,000 I will take a pass. The bike in real life is just a bad as the pictures.

  • Geo.

    Hey Dumbass…it’s HORIZONTAL stripes…