Maradona dedicates Argentine victory to Rossi

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Maradona-Rossi.jpgArgentina’s manager dedicated yesterday’s World Cup victory over Mexico to his personal hero, Valentino Rossi. The Hand of God himself said, “I’d like to dedicate this victory to my friend Valentino Rossi who is injured. I hope that he’ll return to racing soon. He’s the greatest of them all, just like Messi.” It’s not clear when Diego Maradona first met the motorcycle World Champion, but this video shows Maradona eagerly cheering Rossi on at the 2008 San Marino Grand Prix. Rossi had a gruesome highside at Mugello earlier this year and is currently sidelined due a fractured tibia and fibula.  >

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  • DangerD

    Maradona is a epic asshole.

  • Mark

    Maradona is a superstar.
    Argentina will be World Champions – again.

  • vic

    for a football junkie this is the equivalent of being impregnated by god and giving birth to the second jesus.really

    glad i don’t like soccer

    • A P

      “soccer” thats a sport girls play un the US, right? Try football, its great. . . everybody is doing it.

      please don’t even try to understand Maradona, those who can see through all the shit the press say, will enjoy a passionate man a true artist who never compromised to the pressure and bullshit of the establishment ( like Pele , big time sell out). those who can’t , it don’t matter . it doesn’ make any difference.
      he was born in absolute misery and achieved glory, his childhood dreams and more than most men can even dream of having.

      don’t judge , enjoy.


      ( my respect to Mr. jones, it would have been great to meet in quarter finals. I was cherring for you!!!!)

  • giova


    Maradona is like a God. He was given the award for the best fooball player of the century. Maradon is the shit and now he has a good chance to win the world cup as a manager.

    • Peter

      But just for the record, so was Pele. They were ‘tied’.

  • The Grudz

    Is that one of the guys from Menudo?

  • DangerD

    “I believe in Chávez, I am Chavista. Everything Fidel does, everything Chávez does, for me is the best.”

    “I hate everything that comes from the United States. I hate it with all my strength.”

    The prick even has a tattoo of Fidel on his leg.

    I thought he was a pretty interesting person until I looked into it.

    • Nick

      I think you’d be surprised to find how many people feel the same way. Anyway, despite who he does or doesn’t have a tattoo of, he is the greatest ever and also a pretty damn nice person too, were you to meet him instead of judging him by his crazy ass statements.

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    Don’t even try parsing Maradona’s words. You realize he is completely insane, right? Even his biggest fans admit this.

    The world is so much more fun with that crazy fucker in it.

  • Mr. Jones

    Maradona is crazy and says crazy things. He is unorthodox in coaching ability. He is not afraid to call anyone out, including FIFA officials. I’m English and I’m supposed to hate him, but that crazy fucker makes me smile every time he opens his mouth. Ok,I’ll say it…. as an Englishman, I admit, he is greatest of all time.

  • Chuluun

    Maradona is one of my all-time heroes. Opening fire on paparazzi. Responding to a journalist calling him a ‘national disgrace’ by saying, “The ‘disappeared’ is a national disgrace. I’m the best thing that ever happened to this country.” Picking a player because his was the only face he could remember from a dream of Argentina lifting the world cup. Being the greatest player ever to play the greatest game ever.


    • Wes Siler

      +1 Maradona is my hero, all the more for being crazy, crazy like a fox.

  • Marco

    Sorry everyone, but Maradona is not the best! He’s good, really good! But not #1.

    I’ll just give you these two names:


    Check’em out on youtube

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, but look at his hair!

      • the_doctor

        Yes, that hair is #1.