Moto Guzzi V7 Clubman Racer returns!?

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2011-V7-clubmanracer.jpgI know, I know. We all got worked up last time only to get our hearts ripped out and stomped on, but don’t worry. This news comes from somebody who’s definitely not just an intern, and it happened like this. I was asking about a possible V7 aftermarket parts project and that “somebody” responded with: “No progress on the V7 project. With a potential launch of the V7 Racer from Milan we may let that find its own space here first.” Needless to say, we think the “potential” launch will be at this year’s EICMA. Also, our guess is that if you offer your nearest dealer a deposit, then Piaggio and Moto Guzzi will have no choice but to give you what you want.

  • Johndo


  • Ken

    This is just gorgeous, but a maximum allocation of one per city is necessary. If you pull up at the lights next to someone else on the exact same thing, you and the other feller will both look like pseuds. That’s how it is with prefab customs.

    • Grant Ray

      Omigod, Ken! I told you I already rented that prom tux for tonight’s El Dego Upper Valley Sr. High Great Heights, Great Expectations Dance Night!!! How could you!?

      • Ken

        Wait, I have a solution. Price it up so only one person per city can afford one! That’s a plan so fiendish only Italians would think of it. Oh, hang on…

      • DoctorNine


    • Stephen

      I call dibs on Chicago!

      • Bronson

        Dibs on Philly, yo! Through Love Park, wheelie down the Parkway & then up the Art Museum steps!!

  • Rich


  • robotribe

    C’mon Lottery…!

    Dibs on Pasadena.

  • Brandon Glanville

    That is something! That is one of the tastiest looking bikes I have ever seen.

  • Noone1569

    Dibs on Indianapolis, look real nice sitting next to the XB12R

  • the_doctor

    Dibs on Austin.

    This shit is hot. I have always wanted a Guzzi. Always.

  • RagingBull

    Sweet dreams are made of these ,
    Who am I to disagree? …….

  • Patrick from Astoria

    It works. Plus it’s not that nauseous bile yellow like on the V7 Cafe. Dibs on New York.

  • jonb


  • Johnny

    Why’s the engine canted backwards? A pimple on a pretty face.

    I’ve noticed this on all the V7′s.

    • Woody

      The whole bike is tilted backwards, not just the engine.

  • bzr

    I call dibs on Massachusetts. Incidentally, there’s a Moto Guzzi dealer a few blocks from my house, so it all comes down to a mad sprint to the front doors.

    • Matt

      Massachusetts? Don’t be greedy; one per state is going too far

  • SanDaniele

    47hp at the crank, Talk about a tart all dressed up with no one to blow. It’s a Breva 750 for christsake, a little red lipstick and some ‘metallized’ plastic (the tank and prolly the side covers too) and everyone all a flutter. This is the ultimate ‘go fast’ stripe if there ever was one.

    • Grant Ray

      My friend Peter over at Moto Borgotaro is a unabashed Guzzi fanatic and swears that engine should be taken out back and shot.

      There are a ton of reasons why he’s right from a heritage standpoint, but if the rather stylish Clubman can breathe new life into the old bird with a new demo of buyers, maybe the Italians will use the capital to push the Terblanche V12 bikes into produc…

      Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t even finish typing that sad excuse of a dream.