MotoCzysz annihilates competition at TT Zero practice

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TT-Zero-Practice-Times.jpgThe 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc recorded a 131.1mph trap speed on the Sulby straight and a 94.664mph lap at the Isle of Man today. Those figures compare very well to the competition, easily besting the second fastest team, Agni, on both top speed and lap times. Michael told us on Saturday night that his rider, Mark Miller, was achieving these kind of speeds using only 40 percent throttle on average. The TT Zero race takes place on Wednesday at 10:30 AM EST, we’ll be bringing you plenty of coverage then and in the run up to the race.

  • skadamo

    This is great for Miller and Czysz and the rest of the team. Congrats and looking forward to race day!

  • Mark D.

    In his previous comments, it looks like Michael is a bit concerned about Mr. Miller getting a bit throttle happy towards the end of the race! Here’s hoping he can reign it in and not suffer a loss of power like last year!

    130 MPH on an electric is a huge milestone, I think. What a rush that must be!

  • Pete M.

    That’s a beautiful looking bike and now we know that it performs as well. Great job by the MotoCzysz team! Good luck in the TT Zero on Wednesday. Pints on me if you get it done.

  • freddyb

    I’ll save the “USA, USA” chants until they’ve won something.

  • bg

    Just double-checked, IOM schedule shows 1630 UK time, which would make it 1130 EST, or 0830 for those of us on the west coast. Is there earlier coverage that we should know about? Can’t wait to hear the E1pc get that 100 mph!

  • Pete M.

    “USA, USA” right freddyb? Great job MotoCzysz!