MotoCzysz wins TT Zero

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MotoCzysz-TT-Win.jpgThe 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc, ridden by American Mark Miller, has won the Isle of Man’s TT Zero, lapping the 37.7-mile course at an average speed of 96.82 MPH. To put that in context, the first ever 100 MPH lap at the TT was in 1957, last year’s TTXGP winner, Rob Barber, lapped at 87.434 MPH and the outright record is held by John McGuinness and his CBR1000RR at 131.5 MPH. Second place went to Rob Barber and the Dustbin Agni, finishing 1:58 behind Miller with an average speed of 89.29mph. This is the first time the US National Anthem has been played at the TT since our buddy Dave Roper won the 500cc Senior Classic Historic race in 1984 and only the second time it’s ever been played there.

Update: three videos below, some race action and the post race press conference.

  • Mark D.

    Woooo! Congrats Michae Czysz and the whole racing team! 96.82 MPH is damned impressive for an iPod on wheels ;)

  • Geoffrey Roy Wells

    Blimy, that was a fast report. I only just finished listening (in real time) to the parke ferme interviews a couple of minutes ago. Well done Czysz, 100 mph lap next year for sure. The top 3 all sounded so enthusiastic and boyant about their race, good to hear.

    Cheers Zunspec

  • skadamo

    Congrats Czysz and Miller! Amazing bike and great ride.

  • gregorbean

    Americaaaah, fuck yeah!

  • coho

    Go Czysz!

  • JR

    Amazing! Makes me want to drop 3 bones on the Skip Barber School at Laguna just to meet Mike!

  • the_doctor

    The past years development has really paid off. Soon, these ‘lecric bikes will be cooking along as quick as the combustiblez.

  • Michael

    Holy fuck! This is a big deal! This not just historic for our country, but more importantly, for motorcycling.

    E-power just became quite a bit more legitimate.

  • eric

    Well, now what do all the naysayers have to say for themselves?

    Well done, team motoczysz! Fast AND beautiful.

  • Keith

    YES! Congrats MotoCzysz! It’s such an incredible story of how this started from them trying to get a bike into MotoGP (please still do that!) to now creating the most innovative motorcycle (electric or otherwise) in the world.

    Michael Czysz thank you for taking the risk and bringing some true innovation back into the world or motorcycles!

  • Bryce

    That is awesome! Those speeds are incredible by themselves, but on a machine that has JUST been finished using new technology…history just happened!


    Congratulations Michael! by Italy.

    See you at the e-power for a challenge!

  • poosanth

    Woooo! Congrats MotoCzysz team!

  • gildas

    From a nerdy geeky number luvin’ perspective, electric jumped from 1938 to 1955 in one short year (I think).

  • Cajun58

    After so many still births Czysz finally did it!

  • MTGR

    Good job. Nice to see an electric finally show some of the true performance everyone kept waiting for and (over) hyping. And really nice to see it was these guys, their stuff always looked worlds better than the rest and finally they managed to prove it is more than just a (killer) showpiece, and on a real-world stage too.

    Congrats MotoCzysz team!

    Keep racing, keep evolving, and maybe these things will be a viable option sooner rather than later.

  • RedJet

    Michael Czysz, Mark Miller, and the whole MotoCzysz Team have done us proud. Winning the TT is an awesome feat on any machine let alone an entirely new class of vehicle. Thank you all!
    USA! USA! USA!

  • Isaac

    That’s AMERICA bitches!

    (Team America world police Theme Song Playing)

    Americaaaaaaa….Fuck Yeah!

  • Darek

    I lol’d at the first video towards the end “haha you can cycle faster”

  • Ninjah

    This will be the perfect climax to Mark Neale’s documentary about electric racing and MotoCzysz’s development of the E1pc. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  • gr8scotny

    I hope there will be more race footage. In this day and age of mini cameras, why do we have clips of 2 seconds of footage as they zoom by? I would have thought they could put a battery powered camera on one of these things.
    Oh yeah, Congratulation Team MotoCzysz! HELL YEAH!!

  • StevilKnevil