MV Agusta Brutale Cannonball: the most powerful Brutale ever

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MV-Agusta-Brutale-Cannonball.jpgMaking 165bhp, the MV Agusta Brutale Cannonball is 20bhp more powerful than the MV Agusta Brutale 1090RR it’s based on. The Cannnonball is a special, track-only edition of the naked bike intended to illustrate what MV’s factory hop up parts are capable of.
That power comes courtesy of a new ECU, cylinder heads, hotter cams,
some unspecified valve work and the sexy titanium exhaust that lends the
dainty Brutale a much needed dose of mechanical aggression.

The Cannonball has also been crashed through the bodywork section of the
MV parts catalog, gathering a seat hump and a bunch of carbon bits in
the process. The whole point of this exercise appears to be to promote a
new interactive customizer on MV’s website, or at least that’s what the
press release says, there’s no sign of any such thing on

  • robotribe

    “Track-only edition of the naked bike”.

    Wait. What?

    • Wes Siler

      It’s got an illegal exhaust, ie it won’t make advertised power in a road legal form.

      • robotribe

        Sorry. My initial reaction was cloudy at best. What I was reacting to was the oxymoron of a tricked-out, track-only NAKED BIKE.

        Perhaps my imagination is narrower than I first believed, but what’s the point of tweaking something for such a specific purpose that it makes it impractical for its intended design?

        I see it as the equivalent of modifying an iPod so it can only be used in the shower.

        • Wes Siler

          Naked bikes are pretty awesome on the track. The wide bars mean you can flick them through tight chicanes super quickly and for larger or older riders or for people that can’t deal with leaning way over, they offer more feasible ergonomics.

          • robotribe

            I agree with the awesomeness afforded by naked standards on the track. The handful of times I’ve been on a track was on my former Honda 599, and while it didn’t have half the power this über-naked MV affords, the ergos were definitely welcome to a newbie such as myself.

            Still, I was just poking the reality-stick (for fun) at the idea of a “track-only” super naked. Then again, it’s probably just as common for BMW GS bikes with dual purpose tires never meeting the trail as it is for a “track-only” super naked–illegal can and all–never touching the track.

        • John

          Hey… if you figure out that whole shower iPod thing, I’m interested.

    • Michael

      Just nod, smile, and go with it.

      :In other news:

      “Oh, hi Sex, it’s Mike. Yeah I just called to inform you that I am going to have to let you go. No, no, no; this has nothing to do with the Great Reccession. It’s just that some bike manufacturer named MV Agusta called to let me know they built a bike and actually had the balls to name it the Brutale Cannonball. Yeah, I think that’s badass too. Oh, tell me about it. Believe you me, the Mrs. won’t be pleased at all that I’m letting you go. Maybe I should name her Cannonball too..?”

  • Mark D.

    That GP-style exhaust is pure SEX. The oblong headlight on these bikes creeps me out, though. A nice bikini fairing would be a cool addition; anything like that in their catalog?

  • Oleg

    It’s rather considerate of them to put mirrors, turn signals and lights on a “track-only” bike.

    • Backhome77

      If your bike has any kind of aftermarket exhaust, chances are it’s “track only” as well ; )

      The bike looks awesome.

  • Case

    All that power seems like a bit much.

    This bike is awesome but riding a naked over 100 MPH is not for me. I guess people do it but I hated it when I did (call me a puss if you want to). On the other hand, riding a naked bike from 0-90 is wicked fun.

    Exhaust looks fantastic.

  • Jnk

    Seriously… love this bike… but its range ridicules … 6 gal tank almost 120mile… with this kit… like to be worse then my Hyper…

  • Botswana Meat Commission FC

    I have a naked SV1000 and sometimes I get a bit carried away and fantasize that it’s some special edition MV or Bimota that no one other than Jay Leno has ever seen.

    This Brutale here is pretty much my fantasy.

  • Maas

    HD must sell MV now, before they can come up with more silly names

  • Johndo

    The rear of the bike looks awesome, anything past the tank, for me, doesn’t work at all. Clumsy headlight, mirrors, and dials.

  • s1102879

    Now that is ugly. It looks like somebody dropped and anvil on the handlebars.

  • Isaac

    I thought ‘track only’ bike didn’t need a lights, mirrors, blinkers and a license plate frame? Or is there a new race segment I don’t know about.

    Yeah the Brutale looks nice but 165hp is 5 years ago power. If it had like 190 – 220hp then it would be something to rave about IMO.

    This is just some bike a rich guy can make on a website configurator and think he has built a race bike. Sorry but even AMA bikes have more development money applied than this thing has poured into it.

  • baddad

    I dont like design. It looks almost like FZRCBZRGSV japan boring bike for a triple price.

  • Kit

    Good bye Speed Trip, hello Brutale!