NCR Millona 16: like a Desmosedici but faster

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Take one Ducati Desmosedici RR, replace the fairing, tank, frame, swingarm, subframe, tailpiece, fender and wheels (and paddock stand!) with extra lightweight, extra swoopy carbon fiber and you’re only about half way to creating the NCR Millona 16. The bike is also upgraded with SBK-spec Ohlins FGR000 forks, ceramic brake discs, a full titanium in-seat exhaust system, a lightened gearbox and full on-board telemetry (including suspension), traction control and programmable engine maps. The end result? Dry weight is reduced by 71lbs to 319lbs (145kg), power is up over 200hp at the back wheel. Also gone is the Desmosedici’s ugly, replaced instead with purpose and mechanical function. If you have to ask (and you do have to ask, price on request) you can’t afford it.


  • Hugo

    It’s amazing that a 1000cc V4 MotoGP (replica) bike can look so “lightweight” and “fragile”
    …great work from NCR and I think it doesn’t get more pure then this bike (for a liquid cooled 200hp engine)…

  • Johndo

    Holy crap. 319lbs/200HP at the back wheel?! What a beast.

  • Glenn

    Wow, but I think the Desmo looks better.

    But wow, HP/weight…wow.

  • the_doctor

    Wow, dropping 71 pounds?! That is more impressive than eating Subway.

  • Brian Zooom

    I agree with the_doctor on the jaw drop to getting 71 lbs. off that horse.

    As far as the power, I think JHP in the UK was working on one for serious power tuning and was just around 210 at the wheel and still working with some info gained from sources in or around the Corse division FWIR.

  • Trojanhorse

    IMO, an obnoxious and tacky ego-stroke for someone with more money than sense. Guaranteed, anyone outside of a professional race grid would lap any track faster on a bone-stock CBR1000rr. And the racers could do it on the genuine last-season superbike you could get for the same price. NCR’s weird obsession with bikini fairings doesn’t help (when was the last time you saw a top-tier PERFORMANCE bike running those?) To say this monstrosity is even in the same league as the absolutely gorgeous D16…well, I guess there’s no accounting for taste. This thing is like the mullet of the moto world.

    • Grant Ray

      Aww, are you jealous you can no haz? That’s no reason to get so testy because a modded DesmoGuppy has been built that doesn’t meet your requirements.

      • larryE

        I’d agree with what Trojan horse said. Grant, I’m not so sure why your so hot on ncr’s cock… It was a valid opinion.

  • damien

    i hate those 1/2 fairings. it’s cool to see the engine and all, but it’s all or nothing for me personally.

  • MotoRandom

    Well, there you have it. About the most awesome motorcycle ever. It makes me think of a Koenigg or Gembala Ferrari. Because it’s just not fast enough from the factory. Unbelieveable.

    Thank God it only took 6 comments for someone to claim a cookie-cutter mass produced liter bike is better. I was worried we have to go a dozen or so before the great squidly flag was raised. Oh when will us torque loving twin riders ever learn how stupid we are for not buying a inline 4 plasti-clone? Damn our love for mechanical beauty and quirky rumbles. BUZZZ man, BUZZZZ!!!

    And now these crazy Italians and their mega power V4s just don’t get it either. Enough with your drop dead sexy bikes. Don’t they know V4s belong in bloatmobiles? (cough, SHAMU, cough) When will the world learn? L4, wrap it in plastic, make whine like cat in heat. Only bike worth having, brah.

    • pauljones

      Dude, no more cocoa puffs for you.

      On a more related note, I can’t imagine what even the most talented riders in the world would be able to do with that kind of power; 200 hp pushing a 320 pound bike is borderline insane, but nevertheless cool.

  • Mark D.

    My god where would you even ride this thing?! Who is the target audience (obviously, the filthy rich, but…club racers? Vanity race teams?) She really is a looker! Compare this thing with the Falcon Kestrel and you see the difference between countless man hours for the sake of man hours, and countless man hours for a higher purpose (and really, what higher purpose is there in motorcycle design than speed?)

    • pauljones

      I’d argue that simple enjoyment is the highest purpose of a motorcycle; whether it achieves that through speed, comfort, extreme trail ability, etc. doesn’t really matter. As long as the bike does what it is designed to do, does it well, and the owner/rider enjoys riding it every chance they get, I’d say that the bike has achieved its highest purpose.

  • Wes Siler

    Oh man, I just saw the rearsets, never seen anything like those before.

    • Sean Smith

      Same idea as the race bikes. The lack of fairing here makes it a lot more dramatic.

  • Reversed

    That’s one nice looking Superhawk…


  • al b

    Damn thats beautiful and mean at the same time. and that engine is tiny for a 990cc’s. the sound this thing must make dammit for not being rich!!

  • George

    I love the exhaust setup, out the back and side, looks incredible.

  • Spiny Norman

    Fugly fairing.

  • robotribe

    THIS is what Batman should have rode in that last movie instead of that ridiculous POS with the dune buggy wheels.

    Goddamn that’s hot.

  • nick


  • Ian

    Impressive job, love the footrest hangers, but can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed by the fact it looks like a TL1000S. For that amount of cash I’d expect a little more effort on the body, but thats just me. In fact I’ll take the mods, just leave the stock fairing on and bag it up, thanks.

  • Anders

    Love it! Amazing. Now If only they’d reconsider the color & finish on the bodywork…

  • Ninjah

    Styling reminds me of a more feminine version of the BMW R1200S, which I briefly lusted for after seeing the big twins roaring around the high-bank turn at Daytona a couple years ago.

    I love the looks of the drive train just hanging down from the the body.

  • Sean Smith

    Then again, I Really like the desmo fairing unmolested. That and the hibachi grill out back.

  • Beale

    Hey look! An engine!

    Pffft on the full hatred of the half fairings. I love ‘em. Yeah it doesn’t make a lot of sense on a bike with this kind of power to weight ratio but a bike like this doesn’t make sense anyway.

  • Mark D.

    Ok, I’ll take that amended definition! I don’t know if I’d ever think of a Goldwing as beautiful, though, even if tons of hard work and brilliant engineering has gone into making it super comfortable!

    Now, those ceramic brakes on the other hand…*those* are sexy!

  • gregorbean

    I want to make sweet love to this bike.

  • Eddie Smith

    That is some artistry… The half fairing brings back memories of my old TL1000S but that clunker never looked this good in my dreams. WTG NCR

  • chili sv

    A few cans of Krylon and my SVS will be a doppelganger, right? Right.

  • Trojanhorse

    Hey MotoRandom, hate to bust up your clever little attempt at snark, but please notice I said the CBR was, in the hands of 99.99% of people, FASTER on the track. Maybe the point of this bike isn’t to be fast, you might say? Then what the f@ck IS the point? My question exactly – and the answer is, mostly, to be a rich-guy cock extension.

    As for your random tie-in of IL4 vs. V-2? I mentioned nothing about engine architecture. Chose the CBR because it’s very easy and comfortable to go fast as hell on…but if you like, you can substitute a 1098 (if that meets your standards of “not cookie cutter”…I.E. if you don’t live in California). Oh yeah, the superbike I mentioned also comes in Ducati flavor. So, take your BRAH and suck it.

    Why is it okay for the hipsters to rant against the latest high-dollar custom, saying it’s a “celebration of someone else’s adventure” or some bullshit, but something arguably more ridiculous, like this, has you wanking all over the carbon fiber? It’s okay to have opinions but a little less hypocrisy would earn a little more respect.

    • MotoRandom

      Whoaa! Dude! My bad. I thought you were part of the “LITERBIKES RULEZ!!” crowd. I didn’t realize you were in the “This sucks because I can’t afford it” crowd. You got some serious rich guy hate going on there. You know, sometimes when you make something really awesome using rare materials it gets kind of expensive. I can’t afford them but I sure do like reading about them.

      You take a thousand riders, put them on track and only ONE of them could do a lap faster on this bike then the CBR? Seriously? You actually believe that? Please establish some sort proof for this claim so my snarky little brain can try to digest it. Because, damn. That’s some might strong opinionating you got going on there otherwise.

      And thank you pauljones for actually getting it. Mmmmm, cocoa puffs. Though I much prefer Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs drenched in Red Bull. Breakfast of champions.

  • vic

    for the fact that they managed to make the desmo so light NCR will be my favourite custom builders…i would lick barbara bush’s cunt for that bike

  • BL

    replaced the ugly?
    i like the look of the original version much better.
    but if you’re gonna chop it, finish the job.
    take that upper fairing off and throw on some speed triple lights.
    also i think i actually left a poop in the toilet that looked exactly the same as that swingarm.

  • Backhome77

    Why did they bother with lights, signals, and such?
    For a street bike the original D16 holds much more poser value. I could see this as the ULTIMATE track day weapon (for someone several income brackets higher than me). But they’d have to ditch the unnecessary weight.

    Now, I’d love to see them build a naked streetfighter version of the D16. That’d be badass!

  • MTGR

    Regarding the cost and half fairing.

    This is clearly not intended to be a race bike, so what? It is designed to be the coolest thing on wheels for people who can appreciate quality craftsmanship and elegance and not just lap times.

    And, since most of the people who fit in that category, and can actually afford one of these, will be old enough to remember when classic racers did not hide their engines- the half fairing makes perfect sense.

  • Trojanhorse

    Well, maybe if you’d read the first sentence of what I wrote you’d understand, but I’ll give you the slow and simple recap.

    IN MY OPINION, the bike is just an ego-stroker for someone with:
    a. Little sense
    b. Lots of money

    If you think that constitutes “some serious rich-guy hate”, maybe you need to increase your understanding of the English language a little bit. Or maybe you’re just piggybacking on Wes’ little jab at me?

    The reason VERY few people could pull fast laps on this bike, and I’d back up .01% of the riding population, or less, any day, is because first of all the vast majority would scare themselves shitless with 200+rwhp/319lbs on the track, and over-ride their abilities REAL quick, traction control or no.

    And second of all, the same vast majority wouldn’t be going fast enough to allow a MotoGP frame/SBK fork like this to work properly. Same criticism could, and has, been leveled at the D16 – it’s why lots of actual fast guys prefer the 1098R among other reasons. Pro-level racers can get the most out of one, but based on my personal experience they don’t spend their money on things like this.

    Anyways I’ll shut up now. But yeah, as you proved, you really DON’T know who I am or what “crowd” I’m in…

    • Grant Ray

      Trojanhorse, my comment had nothing to do with your opinion and everything to do with your aggression, which is unnecessary.

      • Trojanhorse

        Aggression? Really? Even re-reading my original post, I thought I made it clear that I was just stating my personal opinion, and using no harsher language than has been used by the authors of this site when they don’t like something. But sorry if I offended, not trying to get kicked out of the sandbox here.

        Anyways, I’ve just returned from seeing the bike in person for 2 days. And I still think it’s a monstrosity…but I say that in the calmest manner possible :)

  • Case

    Let’s hug it out.

    I like this okay because it delivers no-compromise speedy awesome, but I like the bottpower 600 better. Not sure why. Just do.

  • danny

    hey look its a sedici superhawk! but i do kinda like it.

  • Desmolove

    Now and only if the mighty smart and elegant designers at the “Vyrus” motorcycles in “San Marino” could get a hold of one of these Desmo engines and then you would be able to see some magnifico and utter gorgeous motorcycles that are not only attractive but also supremely built with performance in mind. Being one of the owners of the so called 1500 units (with the exception of the ones already crashed), I’d say that this is a heretic act since the bike feels light already and does not need extra power as it is. If anything, the handling needs a bit improvement for the slower speed as it is super stiff on none track lower speed roads. I still would love for vyrus to build one. I am thinking of selling mine as my friend at Ducati has brought up a rather important fact to my attention, which scared me horrendously and that is the cost of rebuilding the engine after the 3 years of free maintenance runs out, which is something around the US $50K. According to this source and in his exact words, the cost of repairs of a failed cam, and by that, I assume that he means a total engine failure- will be what I just quoted. I think that I have enjoyed mine enough in the past 2900 miles- I put on the bike and with a year and half of free maintanace left on the bike, I’d rather have it gone before the hasselful engine issues destroying my savings and life. Enough said.

  • Desmolove

    And the O.E.M rear turn signals look hideous and those should have been the first thing to remove. I tell you; with an additional “$15K”, you can certainly build an Desmo to a much higher level of performance and yet maintaining the ultra unique looks of it.

  • El-Diablo

    I prefer the Desmo, but the design is awesome.

  • Sen Heng

    If we’re supposed to only ride bikes that our abilities allow, almost everyone would be riding a Super Cub.

    Motorcycles don’t make sense.

  • pdub

    I wish I had more money than sense. I run out of funds long before utter senseless overkill is achieved. It’s good to know though that if/when I come into that financial strata there’s things like this waiting for me.

  • azim sock

    THIS is what Batman should have rode in that last movie instead of that ridiculous POS with the dune buggy wheels.

  • forum

    Hey look! An engine!

    Pffft on the full hatred of the half fairings. I love ‘em. Yeah it doesn’t make a lot of sense on a bike with this kind of power to weight ratio but a bike like this doesn’t make sense anyway.