Nicky Hayden to Jorge Lorenzo: 'pip, pip cheerio'

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Despite growing up in England, I have no earthly idea as to how cricket works, so I can’t really be sure, but it looks like Nicky Hayden and Jorge Lorenzo suck at it. These photos were snapped as some sort of press thingy in the runup to this weeekend’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Think Nicky had to ask his daddy’s permission before playing?

  • the_doctor

    “Why couldn’t that boy just play baseball, like regular kids???” – Earl Hayden

  • Urban Rider

    As someone who was dragged to Lord’s cricket ground as a child I can identify that shot Nicky is playing as a ‘slog’.

  • Tim

    Good thing the bowler didn’t pitch a googlie.

  • Maas

    According to
    “It was the Ducati Marlboro rider who appeared to get the hang of things quicker, hitting a few boundaries before taking tea and scones alongside Lorenzo.”

    The other riders must have sucked badly…

  • gregorbean

    Good thing those AirAsia flight attendants were there to serve the in-game tea. That was a wicked googly!

  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    “Cricket? Nobody understands Cricket. You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand Cricket”

    Is that Bradley Smith as the bowler?

  • ToeCutter

    Finally a sport Nicky can Succeed

  • Jeff

    I think I saw Nick on a “Save the Children” advert. My god, could he even lift the bat?