Philippe Starck designs Pramac Ducati livery

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Lacking the ability to generate excitement by winning races, Pramac Ducati has instead chosen to brand itself as “the first ecological MotoGP team.” What’s that mean? Well, they’re sticking some Starck-designed wind turbines on the roof of their team trucks (presumably creating enough power to run their on-board toilet’s exhaust fan) paying some poor people to plant trees to offset their carbon emissions and, most importantly, paying the most famous designer in the world to lend his name to a phoned-in race livery designed to advertise all this. Why fly Starck all the way from Burano to Mugello this weekend? Saturday was World Environment Day. To commemorate the momentous occasion, the French designer composed a short poem, it’s below.  >

Times are changing.
Times change,
Very fast.
Yesterday, ecology
was looking backwards.
Now ecology is creating the future.
surprise, even a motorbike can do it.
What will be next ?
you Pramac Racing Team.

Pramac Racing

  • Sean Smith

    I’m no designer, but I’m gonna say this is a low point for Philippe. His furniture is awesome, and even the voxan cafe racer super naked is pretty damn sweet. But that duc…. It’s way fugly.

    • robotribe

      I am a designer, and have respect for Mr. Starck’s body of work. That said, this is gimmickry; and worse yet, lazy in execution.

      C’est merde.

  • Lemurpilot

    Is that a Kawasaki?

  • The Grudz

    Fucking lame.

  • Nick

    Heard Starck being interviewed on the BBC pre-race. They’re obviously paying him a fair amount because he went on for five minutes about Pramac before the interviewer cut him off and ran for it.

  • Isaac

    I am a designer as well and I agree with robotribe. That is a very lazy design. Shoot, if that’s all it takes to design a moto GP livery I’d be rich.

  • Ian

    Pretty poor on the livery front, but then Troy Lee’s Suzuki isn’t exactly much to write home about.

    And yet, here we are all talking about a third tier satellite outfit on Monday morning after the potential champion lost his season. Who’d have thought that would happen? Maybe not as silly as they look.

  • gregorbean

    I just wanna know where he gets his pants.

    While I recognize all of this eco-friendliness as mostly a means to a marketing end for Pramac, it’s still nice to see some lip service given to the environment every once in a while. I appreciate that people are talking and thinking about it at least. And like Ian said, even though their team (and temporary livery) sucks, they’re still making news, so they win in a way, I guess.

  • Urban Rider

    He is a great designer for sure, but this whole excercise is lazy.

    When interviewed on the BBC he said words to the effect that you never saw green race bikes. Hmmm, Kawasaki Philippe?! He clearly did a lot of research…

    It was cringe worthy.

  • Maas

    Starck is a great product designer but he must just stay away from graphic design.

  • chili sv

    He made it look slow, so I guess it’s appropriate.

  • Ken

    I never realised that you wrote poetry
    I never realised you wrote such bloody awful poetry
    Mr Starck

  • Kidchampion

    This isn’t the first time he’s designed a mediocre motorcycle:

  • The Grudz

    Perhaps if Mr. Starck had done anything at all to convey his green message rather than standing around autographing a GP bike and proclaiming Aleix Espargaro to be number one on the starting grid I’d be moved, but alas…is it getting stuffy in this bathroom?