Photos: Ducati Multistrada racing Pikes Peak

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The 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S placed first and third in its 1200cc class and second and sixth overall at its first ever race, the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. Five-time champ Greg Tracy rode the second place bike, reaching a top speed of 137mph at one point during the 12.42-mile, part dirt/part asphalt, 156-turn hillclimb. These are the first high-res photos of the Ducatis to come out of yesterday’s race.
“When I was growing up, and all these factory teams would win races, I
was sure they had these $100,000 engines and that was why they went so
fast. I was wrong,” said Tracy. “This is my first year on a factory motorcycle and
I’ll tell you that bike was box-stock. It had some carbon, and few
tweaks and that was it. That motorcycle is crazy fast.”

We’ll bring you more photos and video from the race as they become
available, there’s practice video here.

  • Jason Stone

    Every-time I read about these bikes despite the funky beak I just appreciate the versatility. If only I had the 18k or so to spend on a new toy.

  • Rich

    Wes, can you please reread that first sentence and explain it? “The 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S placed first in third in its 1200cc class and second and sixth overall at its first ever race….”

    I’m having trouble with it “…placed first in third…” Huh?

    Cheers – Rich

    • http://Http:// Wes Siler

      Two multis were racing. First and third in their class, second and sixth place overall. 750cc class had the winner plus third, fourth and fifth. Make sense?

      • Kidchampion

        “first in third” I thought that sentence was a deliberate typo. Just bait to launch into an Abbot and Costello routine in the comments section.

      • Rich

        It does now – thanks.

  • Jnk

    I checked out results … Don’t make sense Check it out… Under 750cc there multistrada and it’s got faster time then 1200 top score also little note 11:33 beats the old hyper record 08…

    750 cc

    357 Gary Trachy Ducati MultiStrada 4 Stroke — — — 11:33.710


    555 Greg Tracy Ducati MultiStrada 4 Stroke — — — 11:46.550
    136 Walker Pew Buell XBSTT 4 Stroke — — — 12:35.551
    55 Alexander Smith Ducati MultiStrada 4 Stroke — — — 12:53.38
    8 Rob Smith Buell S1 Lightening 4 Stroke — — — 14:22.000

  • Woody

    I think what’s even better is that a Buell came in second in the 1200cc class.

    The guy’s wearing a flannel and is faster than a liquid-cooled factory ride, hahaha

  • Mike J

    Is it true they’re paving the entire course for 2011?

  • Michael

    It’s a good day for me. I had a Buell XB9S, circa 2004 as a first bike. I know those bikes are faster than what people give them credit for. I now have a Multistrada 1200 S, and can tell you that it is all around crazy, stupid fast. Do the results of the race surprise me? Nope, those are both excellent machines.

    I would like to know what modifications the Buell had. I believe the Multistradas had just Racetech front forks, the Ducati Performance full Terminogni system (which is rather overpriced, but apparently effective), and course appropriate tires. Oh yeah, the ‘Stradas also had a kick ass paint job and requisite carbon fiber anti-bling. Any jack-ass worth a shit knows that’s good for 20, no 40 lb-ft at the wheel. True story.

  • amsterdam

    That’s Inglish, innit?

  • Nikker

    I dont understand. Aircooled Buells finishing second and fourth between 2 watercooled 160hp Ducatis and a supertuned BMW HP2, do not worth a mention?

    People are constantly bashing Harleys and Buells and are being dismisive, yet victories, big or small, go unnoticed.

    G O N G R A T U L A T I O N S
    T O
    B U E L L ! ! !

  • dfelix

    Got 1st and 3rd… in a race with 4 bikes!

  • http://www VonSonntag

    Sorry for being a little late but I’ve checked the results on PPIHC website and I still can’t understand two things :

    Who won the overall race if the Multi came second ?
    And how can a 1200 multi run a 750cc race ? Taking a spark plug off, promising to run only the 1rst half of the throttle ?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer me…