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On Wednesday we exclusively revealed the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc, the future of motorcycles. Yesterday, we introduced you to Michael Czysz, the man making that future. Today, we take a look inside the shop where all that is taking place.

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Shop: MotoCzysz

  • gregorbean


    • Paulo

      Nice photos as always, Funny that workshop and office has a touch of the modernist cold war missile command centre to it. The dyno(?) looks like something from Moonraker.
      Very cool.

  • Noone1569

    Interesting pictorial.

    Conveys the up-ward professional image, yet still feels like a neighborhood garage.

  • Glenn

    Makes me wish I had money. My office has some IKEA.

  • Harry Mallin

    So I guess they did end up taking over the space that the “Union Garage” had. Amazing what a coat of paint can do.

    Actually, the “IOM or Bust” calendar was very cool. How do you go around these places without looking like a wide-eyed kid in a candy store?

  • eric

    Really nice photo-essay. I have a feeling one of those is going to end up on my desktop…

    Keep it coming!

  • Peter

    Damn Siler, you leave Jalopnik and become a bad ass. Very nice articles on MotoCzysz. Very nice work.

    • Grant Ray

      Actually, Peter, this photo essay is, like the rest of the Shop series, by me.

    • Wes Siler

      But thanks anyways :)

  • Isaac

    Wes great photos man. I was like Harry said ‘A wide eyed kid in a candy store’. I enjoyed the concept art photos the most.

    • Wes Siler

      Oh man, Grant’s going to blow his lid.

      • Grant Ray

        I’m resigning myself to the fact that some people, like Isaac and Peter, can’t be bothered with reading who actually designs all the layouts and all the typography and takes all the photographs and draws all the illustrations and builds all the large format features around here. And who also occasionally does some of the writing when he (that would be me) has time.

        • http://Http:// Wes Siler

          Wait, that’s you?!

          • http://Http:// Grant Ray

            Uhuh. Who the #%^* are you?

        • Isaac

          Well, I am a visual person. So, naturally that is the first thing I noticed was the visuals. Sorry if I didn’t credit the right person. Your photos are awesome! Like I said before I enjoyed the photos of the concept art. That is because I am an Industrial Design student. Keep the pics comming brother.

  • Doug

    Is that a sybian on the MotoCzyz coffee table?

    • Doug

      I mean Czysz.

  • Chris Y.

    Grant, you might want to put a giant watermark on a corner of your photo essay: “BY GRANT FUCKING RAY”. I’m sure that’ll catch the visual attention of those browsing through. I really enjoy your photo essays; have enough of those and you have a good coffee table book and exhibit!

  • coho

    I would love to spend a couple days poking through the “ETC.” drawer in that file cabinet.

    Nice shootin’, Grant.

  • Woody

    Damn, awesome pictorial Wes!

    Nah, just kidding. I’m imagining Grant having a “Marsha Marsha Marsha!” moment right now.

    • Isaac

      Or a ‘Scanners’ moment

      (the movie)

  • kyall

    art or porn ?

    • Wes Siler

      or both?

  • danny

    WOW, that is insane

  • Les

    Nice read.

    It’s good to see a man with some vision and fortitude taking risks in these days of messured speak, consumer surveys, endless marketing squids, consultant firms and souless, smiling, douchebag corporations with heads stuck on short term ‘shareholder value’.

    Screw the noise of the PC crowd and corporate marketing department. Follow your vision. Speak from the heart. Make things happen. Those stuck to precedent can do nothing but follow by definition.

  • Les

    oops. sorry, posted to the wrong article, but close enough!

  • DoctorNine

    Nice. Gives you the sense of how place and machine fit together. The sparse surroundings certainly show what Czysz values. And the equipment is just what is needed to do the job. No fucking around with techno for techno’s sake. Very impressive.

    And to be able to present that without a word takes a lot of skill. Thanks guys. I learned a lot.

  • ducatista

    I am inspired. Are these guys hiring? Not that they need a creative director… This is why I first started reading and looking at HFL. Very nice work. Thank you.

    • Grant Ray

      Job? Dude, get in line. I saw him first.

  • Isaac

    When I finish my Commercial Industrial Design degree, I will join you in line because you will still be there….in line. Only 6 classes away!!!!!

  • bobx

    i want a motorcycle built into the wall in my shop.

    great pics. cool shop.

  • mike

    What DoctorNine said…

    Also, I wonder what’s the story behind the aero bodywork in the 7th picture from the right. I thought Czysz wasn’t into that? I mean I know it’s not a dustbin, but it isn’t sexy either…maybe that’s why it’s on the shelf.

    • Wes Siler

      That’s the dustbin he decided not to use.

  • Ted Baxter

    lol. didn’t the original motosic bike have an unconventional rear suspension too? along with the accompanying line of bullshit about why it was great.

    I see this on just has an Ohlins TTX on the back. why would a visionary handicap his bike like that?

    • Isaac

      Maybe there are no provisional rules about the Duo Shock system. Reading pages 46 – 140 in the WSBK 2010 Rule book doesn’t say anything about using or not using. I haven’t read the Moto GP rule book yet. Also look at where the riders boots sit on the 2010 E1cP. That would cause some major riding issues rubbing up and down the pilots boots like that.

  • damien

    Motorcycles + Mid Century Furniture = Awesome.

  • Greg Hankins

    Visual Sex…2012 and it still impresses.