Spy Photos: Aprilia Tuono V4 laps Mugello

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These are the clearest photos yet of the Aprilia Tuono V4. Snapped by Motoclismo.it, they reveal a bike that shares its frame, engine and tailpiece with the Aprilia RSV4 R, but adapts a very angular new tank, flat bars, a smaller exhaust and a tiny bikini fairing. It looks like the Tuono is also going to ditch the RSV4′s fancy monoblock calipers in favor of cheaper, but still radial Brembos. There’s HD video of the new Tuono in action below.  >

Motociclismo says to expect a retuned engine with earlier torque delivery at the expense of peak power and a weight saving of 4-5kg, bringing the Tuono’s total weight down to around 179kg (395lbs).

The bike in these photos appears to be pretty much production ready, wearing angular radiator shrouds that mimic the lines of the RSV4′s fairing and a bikini fairing that, under its tape, looks like it may replicate the superbike’s triple headlight arrangement.

The black engine cases indicate that this Tuono is based on the cheaper RSV4 R rather than the Aprilia RSV4 Factory, which uses brown Magnesium cases. That’s not a bad thing, the R retains virtually all of the Factory’s ability, while retailing for $5,000 less. The Tuono retains the RSV4′s massive swingarm and frame, but does appear, at least in these photos, to be wearing different suspension.

Expect the Tuono to debut this fall as a 2011 model.

via Motociclismo.it

  • the other larry

    This may prove to be the baddest street bike ever!

  • chris


  • Jnk

    I wish this was out… I’ve been waiting way to long ended up going with the Multi 1200… now on the waiting list for that who knows maybe it will be out before I get it…

    I hope its more usable (from a daily user perspective then Streetfighter)

    Also has similar power better handlebar position some storage and less cash… guess Im being optimistic…

    • geonerd

      I tested a Multi last weekend and really liked it. Way comfy. Lots of room in the legs. Good supportive seat. Stomping motor. Handles very quick, even with the saddlebags (which do not hold a full face helmet, disappointingly).

      But this is going to be a super naked. That means ass up, head down with slightly higher bars and little to no wind protection. Zero storage. Low fuel economy.

      In other words, lots of fun with about 2% more practicality than a full-on sportbike.

      Two pretty different bikes. In a perfect world, I’d have both. In reality, Multistrada all day long.

  • Dylwah

    Also notice what appears to be an ABS reader slot disc on the front rotor at 1:47.

  • Giggidy!

    Woooooop! I’ve been discussing this bike with my local Ape dealer for the past 4months. He has managed to talk me out of a 990 ktm purchase under the promise that this will be going for near equal to the 990smr.

    God Tuono’s are fun!