The 8-second BMW S1000RR

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Brocks-S1000RR.jpgA couple of years ago, the thought of a BMW establishing itself on top of the superbike pile was laughable. But the BMW S1000RR is doing just that, making the pipe-and-slippers brand the performance bike to have for 2010, eclipsing traditional class leaders like the R1, GSX-R1000 and Hayabusa. Defying convention further, the most powerful liter bike ever has become the go to bike for outlaw street racers and track day fanatics alike, despite its near complete lack of racing success. Need further evidence? People have started putting extended swingarms on them. This Brock’s Performance bike is shattering AMA records with an 8.49-second, 158.46mph quarter mile. >

That figure is a new record for stock bikes and was achieved only with the addition of external bolt-ons in the form of a full exhaust system and Dynojet ECU, BST carbon wheels, MacIntosh extended swingarm and lowered suspension. In that configuration, it produces 203hp and 80lb/ft of torque at the rear wheel.

Brock’s will now add nitrous injection and a few other basic modifications before campaigning the BMW in the AMA Dragbike Supersport class.


  • Baron Von Dangerously

    Just a matter of time until we see one airbrushed and covered in chrome.

  • michael

    Yes, but that makes them faster, right!?

  • Nick

    much faster…and you can’t forget the stickers. They add like 20hp!

  • Richard Gozinya

    Aren’t there Harleys doing the quarter mile in under 7?

    • Wes Siler

      Sure there are, but not without significant internal engine mods. This BMW is relatively stock, not a purpose-made drag bike, which is what makes the time so impressive.

      • Booger

        No kidding. Even the Vrod puts down high 11s in the 1/4 at about 105mph. The BMW is just nasty and that is stock! Even the HD Destroyer (vrod) is lucky to hit 10s in stock form, and that is purpose built for the strip.

        However, once modding comes into the picture the anything is possible. Buells have done 7s, but those are nothing like stock.

  • Swagger

    Add a 1 before that 7 for the stock Hardley 1/4 time perhaps……

  • Mike J

    Just been watching the superstock TT results on TT live and Keith Amor’s BMW was the fastest through the Sulby speed trap every lap by 7 mph at 189mph. I think it was being pushed along by the ghost of Georg Meier!

    MotoCzysz just put in a 94.664mph lap to top the Zero TT leader board. 131mph at Sulby, 30mph faster than Agni!

  • the_doctor

    What is the standing 1/4 for a bone-stock S1000RR?

  • DC

    Adding an extended swing-arm is certainly not proof of anything, but I understand what you are saying.

  • spectator

    The run where he hits 8.49 reminds me of that heffner’s performance youtube vid with the 1200hp viper that just explodes off the line; awesome, so fast.

    I have an old 1930′s BMW motorrad poster that says “die schnelliste motorrad auf den ganzen welt” (perhaps i butchered the spelling) they appear to be in the running for that with the S1000RR.

    • Chris

      “Die schnellste motorrad auf der ganzen welt.”

      “The fastest motorcycle in the whole world.”

  • Nick

    This is hardly what sport bikes were designed for. The horrendous swing arm proves the point. How quickly exactly would that bike make it around Laguna Seca? The US is the only place in the world where there’s more than a very niche following of going very fast in a straight line for a very short period of time. It’s legacy of vehicle design that produces vehicles with the handling of a zinc bath atop a wonky shopping trolley. Hell, even when more distance is required (i.e. an actual race) the handling issue is overcome with a banked track.

    I’m no BMW fan but to do this to anything other than a Harley is a fucking insult to the whole sport bike community, the companies that make them and the people who actually appreciate the whole package. I’ll stop typing now before I get really pissed off.

    • Mike J

      Wow… you’re an open minded fellow aren’t you..?

      I think you should stick the cork somewhere else..!

  • Nick

    ‘Brock’s Performance’ should read ‘Brock’s Mutilation’. How exactly has this Brock character ‘enhanced’ the performance of that machine if it’s intended design was to go around a race track quicker than anything else? If I stuck a cork up my ass so as to put on weight would I be ‘enhancing’ God’s design or simply causing a big pile of shit?

    • Richard Gozinya

      Enhanced the performance for drag racing. Obviously not the bike’s intended purpose, which makes it all the more fun. Kind of like that V-Rod desert racer.

    • Epyx

      Typical HFL poster that loves to point fingers at everyone and claim their interest are the only valid interests.

      So you don’t like drag racing, fine. Who cares? Different interests are not superior interests, they are just different.

      • Nick

        It’s not about not liking drag racing it’s a point about what defines enhancement. Look it up in the dictionary. This bike has not been enhanced, it’s been butchered.

        • Epyx

          In the sense that the bike is being modified for the purpose of drag racing it is being enhanced for that purpose.

          enhance – To augment or make something greater; To improve something by adding features

          So if the goal is to produce a better drag racing bike the modifications are meeting that end. An extending swing-arm is essential equipment for drag racing.

          I can appreciate that you don’t like it, but that does not validate your opinion as superior or correct.

          So yes, the bike has some universal functionality removed for the sake of enhancing its ability to perform a specific task.

          • Nick

            ‘enhance – To augment or make something greater; To improve something by adding features’

            The verb is related to the intended purpose of the item not some arbitrarily decided one. By your logic, removing the air in the tyres would be an enhancement because it would make the bike sink faster.

            • Epyx

              If the intent was to use it as an anchor, than yes.

          • Nick

            The word you are looking for is ‘adapted’:
            ‘to make suitable to requirements or conditions; adjust or modify fittingly.’
            Different words, different meaning my friend.

            • Epyx

              Yes different words with different meanings both may be used this context.

              In order to ADAPT the BMW to drag racing some modifications were made to ENHANCE the bike’s performance on the drag strip.

  • Hoodu

    “That figure is a new record for stock bikes and was achieved only with the addition of external bolt-ons in the form of a full exhaust system and Dynojet ECU, BST carbon wheels, MacIntosh extended swingarm and lowered suspension.”

    So why is that considered a stock bike? That seems like a lightly modified bike to me.

    • Wes Siler

      Dem’s de rules. I’ll be damned if I understand them.

  • Tom

    Leave it to the Germans to finally build a bike that dethrones the Hayabusa at the strip and every established litre bike on the track in one pen stroke. Pretty impressive machine. Although I still think you can build an electric drag bike that would one day beat the pants off of any ICE.

  • NoBody

    Somebody please take Nick to Santa Pod. And leave him there.

  • Ryan


    Not Liter.

    • Kevin White

      Either way is correct.

  • Peter

    At least Nick is funny. The bit about the cork in the ass had me rolling.

  • midnitelamp

    wait till that six cylinder bmw gets here.

  • Brian

    Is this still considered a motorcycle?

  • Brock Davidson

    With our bolt-on modifications (to an otherwise showroom stock motorcycle,) this bike is now capable of excelerating from a dead stop to 130MPH in 5.4 seconds. To a drag racer, there is no finer way to use German engineering and ‘know-how’ in such an exciting fashion. We really love this bike, and we have only just BEGUN to learn its true potential. Wait and see what the future holds for this beast!!!

  • UglyDuc

    Rock on Brock! I’m not even that big of a drag race fan but seeing that swing arm on that BMW put a smile on my face. Making a motorcycle go from 0-130 in 5.4 is no butchering my man, that’s orchestrating awesome.

  • Cilantro

    Wake me up when this bike beats the Aprilia consistently in World Superbikes.

  • UglyDuc

    When I first started riding I had a Ducati Monster and if some guy on the forum posted a pic of his bike with a less than approved of mod people would freak. Thankfully, wiser minds would often prevail and remind people that even though it’s a Ducati it’s not the freaking Mona Lisa and there’s more than one of them (matter of fact hundreds of thousands). To the people that are freaking about the enhanced, oh wait adapted drag swing arm…if you knew how to operate a wrench I’m sure it wouldn’t bother that much. You know, putting the stock swing arm back on might take an hr or so.

  • Victor

    Speaking only in stock-off-the-floor condition, it certainly is a winning bike, and with vicious performance and statistics.

    However, it does not ‘de-throne’ the hayabusa. The drag strip is the territory of hayabusas, zx14s etc.

    The S1000′s place is on a track, not a strip – where the thunderous performance of the busa realises stats that just keeps on silencing litre boys.

    • Max Fury

      it belongs everywhere, either track or drag -_-