The gear that saved Guy Martin's hide

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This is the Dainese/AGV gear that Guy Martin crashed in during the Senior TT. It’s actually amazing how well this stuff survived the 150mph get off that ended in a huge fireball. Guy only suffered broken ribs, fractured vertebra and bruised lungs in the huge crash, not bad considering the speed and the TT’s obstacle-rich environment. The neat thing here is that you can buy and wear every single one of these items yourself; the AGV GP-Tech helmet, for example, is identical to the ones Grant and I wear. Like we told you last week, Guy was collecting data for Dainese’s forthcoming D-Air road airbag, but wasn’t equipped with the ‘bag itself. 

  • karl

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Always nice to see how gear holds up after a crash with some real world results. And nice to see off the shelf gear working to that high level of safety. Not to take anything away from the tremendous job the gear did, but at that speed and on the TT he had some good luck and karma swinging his way as well. Glad he’s relatively O.K.