Up close with the dustbin Agni

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Photos: Amadeus Photography

Yesterday we showed you the 2010 Agni E1 race bike being campaigned at the TT Zero and suggested its dustbin fairing might not be the ideal solution to aerodynamic efficiency. These new pictures seem to confirm that, the fairing looks like little more than a straight adaptation of shapes last used in the 1950s and no concessions appear to have been made to directing cooling air to the notoriously heat-prone Agni 95 motors. Worse still, there’s no rear fairing, meaning all the huge dustbin does is create an extremely large low pressure area right behind it, this could actually have the effect of sucking the bike backwards, blunting acceleration. It does not look like it’s the product of wind tunnel testing.
Agni supposedly increased its TT race budget for this year to �100,000
from last year’s �16,000, but we struggle to see where that money was
spent. Sure, it’s got a new controller, but a GSX-R, a few batteries, a
couple of off-the-shelf (albeit of their own design and manufacture)
motors, a fibreglass trashcan and a two-bike team don’t seem to justify
six figures. Did Agni really just fail to capitalize on its 2009 win by
not bothering to make any meaningful improvements?

  • rockstarartist


    Is it possible that they are only using it to hide something in the front, and or conceal their upcoming aerodynamically correct and functional fairing that they do not wish anybody to see until race day?

    I find it hard to believe that someone would utilize a poor system knowing that there are better alternatives, especially at this level of racing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/chrisrusso84 Chris

      Errr… that’s what I was thinking?

  • johnny

    that’s rather a sad sight of the team ‘garage’.. a tent on the grass!
    what’s the story there?

  • KCS

    Agni’s budget is six figures because they have confirmed for three championship for ttxgp this year . Helping two teams to get to the grid(from motors,controllers , batteries, BMS , Everything) , technical and motor sponsor for more than five teams(As we know) plus three bike , i think thats enough to justify the budget.(wait for the secret weapon, it is still in the making!!!!)

  • Sean Smith

    Couldn’t they have just asked Craig Vetter to help them out? It seems like this is a wasted opportunity for someone to build a fairing that doesn’t suck.

  • eightjack

    “this could actually have the effect of sucking the bike backwards”

    Ummm, that’s actually not how that works.

    the truncated backside could conceivably increase wasteful turbulence to the back, or create a low pressure bubble, and either of those might reduce the positive effect of the overall fairing somewhat, but it can’t actually SLOW the bike. The bike will still go faster with the dustbin, just not quite as fast as it would have with a tail.
    Since an extended tail increases the lateral “sail” area, it’s possible that testing indicated that it hurt stability, so they scrapped it.

  • Charles Barkley

    That’s turrible.

  • gavydee

    hi heard on the tt tv prog that the dustbin fairing is banned do you know why ??