Video: 2010 Isle of Man TT Zero

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2010-TT-Zero-Video.jpgWe’re tempted to say this is video of the TT Zero action, but we really shouldn’t use the word “action” in reference to this video. Not because there’s not any, but because ITV spent more time on their presenter blabbering about grand stands than actual race footage. Still, wait till you see the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc pass the 2010 Agni E1 Dustbin. The old “standing still” cliche? It applies here.  >

  • Mark D.

    @ 1:00 WOAH

    The Agni must have asked himself “What the hell was the silver blur that just went by?!”


  • gr8scotny

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. To see that bike on the open road at speed was poetry in motion. I hope to see a full lap video soon.
    Keep up the fab work Wes (and friends).

  • Liquidogged


  • gregorbean

    The future is unfolding right before our eyes! Awesome.

  • eric

    OMFG! That clip was awesome! You’ve GOT to get the full lap footage on here!

  • will

    I want to hear more of that sound, actually. The E1PC doesn’t sound like a rewinding VCR.

  • JR

    Damn I.T. Guy blocking my YouTube! How am I supposed to watch E1PC videos during my lunch break?!

  • Engel

    Barber must have been like
    “WTF was that?!”

    • chili sv

      …which is probably the same thing he said when they showed him his bike.

  • chili sv

    passed him like he was going backwards

  • Pamberjack

    I’m going to miss internal combustion…

  • Dr. Gellar

    You weren’t kidding about the “standing still” cliche…WOW! It isn’t even funny how quickly Miller flies by Barber in that one clip.

    I’d love to see more clips of the E1pc in action if they are available.

    I can’t wait to see how the E1pc does at Laguna next month. I’m guessing if the race distance for the FIM E-power race happens to be shorter than a lap of the Isle of Man (the bike could likely be calibrated for more power due to the shorter distance necessary to complete the race), the MotoCzysz machine will likely embarrass the competition.

  • WestOfBen

    The E1PC looked very composed through the bends. Top speed is not an issue but hopefully in the future more people will become aware of Michael’s genius of chassis and suspension design. It looked like an absolute hoot to ride! I am there in 5 years time to buy one.

  • rantyrant

    what’s the wheelbase on this thing?? looks loooong… still like the shape overall, and there’s some really cool ideas as far as styling goes,, but imho the designer needs to stop taking cues from cliche product designs of the late 90′s,, it’s a little more oxo kitchen appliance looking than i’d prefer. don’t think that’s the connection you want to be making with electric bike styling.

  • Dave A

    If this rubbish is the future of Motorcycling , I`m glad I won`t be around to see it .

  • Brandon Glanville

    Barber probably had to laugh a bit watching the video of his getting passed. The Czysz just blew him up.

    Great work by all. Look how far this has come in one year.

  • armando pardo ruiz

    congrtulations for a big victory and break allyours problems ,i am a big fan yours
    yes ,you can.