Video: Guy Martin talks TT crash

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guy-martin-interview.jpg“It was a fair explosion.” Guy Martin talks to The Grimsby Telegraph about his 170mph Isle of Man TT crash. He didn’t even realize there’d been a huge fireball till he saw the pictures afterwards. And no, he doesn’t plan to change anything about the way he races.  >

Check out the Sideburn Mag t-shirt cameo!

via The Grimsby Telegraph

  • Odie

    Jiminy Crickets, it’s hard to decipher the words coming out of his mouth! He is speaking English, right?

  • Mark D

    Further proof that TT racers (and racers in general) and completely different from normal human beings. If a normal human being did something that result in massive injury and near death, they would say, “Hmm, shouldn’t do that again. I should take what I learned from this experience and adjust so it never happens again.”

    Not Guy! He’ll be back in 4 weeks. Amazing.

  • gregorbean

    Ballascary. Ha! That’s me girlfriend’s nickname for what’s in me pants! Hiyooooooooooooooooooooo! Just kidding, anyway, Guy’s a badass, and lucky one at that.

  • Sean Smith

    Two things: 1. I’m sure he said words, but I really have a hard time figuring out which ones they were. 2. Someone needs to dress him up like wolverine and milk some cash out of marvel.

  • shmit

    Subtitles are needed.

  • will

    Nice Sideburn shirt.

  • Astro


  • El-Diablo


  • http://strongwork mike

    What a man, what a chap, what a hero, what a god.
    if I had 1% of his ability I would consider myself truely blessed.
    Hope he stays safe, gave us all the shivers when the news came through that he had had a big off. lets show support next year by growing our own face hair in his honour and style.

  • Sean Tempère

    This guy has balls. Oh and also, he’s gonna die young. Cool.

  • shinigami

    This is one cool dude. I guess hanging around a lot of Scotties and Irishmen over the years has helped me decipher his speech…

  • Susanne

    Top bloke! I was once told that a Dane and an Englishman would have less trouble communicating than an Englishman and an American. Guess it’s true from the comments here…

  • Mugget

    haha Mike. yes what a chap, awesome guy.

    i gotta say i always love watching interviews with him, somehow I can always understand him and he’s always good to listen to. right on!