Video: Pikes Peak on a Ducati Multistrada

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Ducati-Multistrada-Pikes-Peak.jpgOn June 27, five-time winner Greg Tracy will tackle the Pike’s Peak Hillclimb aboard this  nearly-stock 2010 Ducati Mulstistrada 1200. Climbing 4,721 feet in 12.42 miles over 156 turns, The Race to the Clouds is a uniquely dangerous, fast race on a mixture of dirt, gravel and pavement. If that’s not enough, there’s often no barrier between the road and thousands of feet of void. Here’s video of Greg practicing for the race.

Greg won on a Ducati Hypermotard 1100 in the 2008 race, here’s video
from that:


  • 87 Caprice Estate

    Hi Wes! Great videos!

  • mototom

    Cu3Zn2 cojones and very big ones

  • mike

    Sick. Is this as close as the US gets to real sanctioned road racing, a la Isle of Man TT, or is there something I’m not thinking about?

  • Isaac

    I like this bike, don’t get me wrong but Ducati needs to fix that ‘beak’. The bike sounds great though!

    Looks cold as f–k up there

  • The Grudz

    It’ll be interesting to see how the new bike does…or more so what his riders impression of it is. My personal race up Pikes Peak was in the back seat of my dad’s Buick…while my sister puked next to me. Not quite as fun, but I won’t ever forget it.

  • vic

    looks like the transfagarasan except the curbes are tamer