World's most powerful trike would do Mad Max proud

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Tim-Cotterill-trike.jpgPowered by a 1,000bhp supercharged V8 from a drag car, this 2,700lbs trike is said to be capable of 200mph. Its owner, Tim Cotterill, who commissioned the machine to his own design from the same company that made Jay Leno’s tank car, has only mustered the balls to hit 160mph though. Should he ever reach Vmax, there’s a parachute on-board for extra braking.

Tim estimates the final cost of the project was well into six figures, a
sum he was able to afford thanks to booming sales of tiny frog
he makes out of bronze. Penned as a flight of fancy, it took
the Blastolene brothers some significant effort to make the 16-foot long
Road Rocket road worthy. The handlebar-controlled steering mechanism,
for instance, took 23 attempts to perfect.

Even after all that effort, the Rocket is hardly practical
transportation. Tim says, “It’ll return 3mpg around town, though the
engine builder assured me not to worry as I’d get 4mpg when it was fully
run in!”

Blastolene via Orange

  • vic

    so wait…this is road legal in the usa?

    i usually don’t like the whole crazy chopper/trike thing but this is awesome..if you’re going to go for a cock extension go for the biggest one you can get

  • Baron Von Dangerously

    Insanely ridiculous build, excellent execution.

    I wonder how much of your view that blower obstructs.

  • Bruno

    We covering tractors now Wes….

  • Bruno

    good idea, the best video.

  • steffy

    ugh.. the most insane part is that this is all financed by dancing frog figurines.

  • robotribe

    I want to hate it…but it crosses the line of sanity with this weird mash-up of Mattel Hot Wheels comic book badassery with undeniable style.

    Fuck it…just look at this thing! Sometimes ludicrous trumps taste.

  • Sean Smith

    I’m seen him smoke the tires on this thing on main street in venice. It was pretty awesome.

  • Peter

    I know I’m missing the point, but ugh. This trike is just so unnecessary and a gross exercise in excess.

    Want 1000HP, but more than 4MPG? Try a turbocharged 2-3L. IE 2JZ.

    Want 200MPH? Try aero. Or a CAR.

    Want to brake faster without looking like an idiot after you finish stuffing your parachute back? Try decreasing weight, chassis reinforcement, 12 piston calipers. The tires are already ginormous, so not much to improve on there without losing streetability.

    With all that, good to know that rich people are still stupid about spending money.

  • David

    I saw this hot-rod-cycle at Venice Beach a few months ago. Its awesome! Its sounds amazing, it looks amazing, the detail work is museum quality.

    I had hoped to discover something more about it, and here we have it!

  • Mike J

    You just can’t help but be impressed by somthing that idiotic.

  • brettvegas

    .Fucking Badass.
    .No wheelies, but what fucking burnouts!
    Too bad about the chick falling off
    The back, perhaps he will swing-back
    Around, for a nicy-nicy vid next time.

  • vic

    what’s really crazy is that people would pay so much for those tacky it the new fetish thing?

  • Backhome77

    Looks fun as hell. But really homoerotic too. Add a sidecar and you have the perfect vehicle for The Ambiguously Gay Duo.

  • carbon

    Trying to make it look/steer like a motorcycle = lame. If it just had a normal steering wheel and top-fuel front wheels, this thing would explode my brain.

    • coho

      If it had a steering wheel and top fuel front wheels it would be a car and would thus suck by definition.

  • Chris

    I can’t figure out an easy way to fix a flat in the front… Do I just buy a new trike? Does it come with a free waterproof-back shirt with a purchase? I mean, we all know what happens when a girl sits spread eagle on the back with 1,000 bhp.

  • C Mad

    My favorite part was the milf hr picked up…. god bless the the lovely well aged women