2Wheel Tuner goes under

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2Wheel-Tuner-Under.jpgCiting a lack of advertising, 2Wheel Tuner has stopped publishing. The last ever issue will be August, 2010. While we’re not exactly 2WT‘s target audience, we’re sad to see it go. The mag had benefited from the guidance of editor Jamie Robinson for the last couple of years, who brought with him fun, creative art direction (as seen in this cover) that was refreshing in a sea of bike rags identical in their 1982ness. Still, with an official circulation of only 24,000 readers a month and a shrinking page count, there was a certain inevitability to its demise. Extended swingarms and chrome flames will live on at the magazine’s website, SportbikeClub.com.

  • Mike

    Another Pimp My Ride magazine bites the dust.
    Too bad those dudes lost their jobs though.
    But how many bling-o-matic unrideable ornaments can be built for Show and Tell and people still be interested in variations on a single theme?

    Oops, my bad, still works for Tractor Davidson, for now at least…….

    • NothingNew

      Hey Doucher,
      It has nothing to do with what was IN the magazine and 100% to do with the changing preference for receiving or viewing printed media vs online variations …. but don’t let reality get in the way of your opportunity to spew unrelated criticism on others.

      Why pay for content one can get for free online? If Hell For Leather had a printed medium it would fail as well. Online is the new reality.

      • robotribe

        Yes, but no. Moto Revue, Motorcycle Sport & Leisure and Sport Bike digital magazines through Zinio on an iPad or whatever PC one uses rock the proverbial kasbah.

        Content does count. In this case, that content failed to draw enough interest, printed medium or otherwise. Time will tell to see how much their site gets traffic as compared to the MCN site or even HFL. Online is just as crowded, of not more, than the newsstand.

        • NothingNew

          Yes, very true content does matter. I am just as guilty of hyperbole as the poster I attached. Just the same old tired comments are getting boring on this site. Starting to wonder why I keep coming back. I am like the battered wife of Hell for Leather – just cant leave despite the abuse.

  • jwinter

    I think they blew their whole budget on bikinis.

  • Mike

    Thanks for the memories…I check this site everyday for news I can’t get anywhere else (until tomorrow) and for the laughs.

    By the way, Icon products are junk.

  • http://sportbikeclub.com 2WheelTuner

    Thanks for the kind and not-so-kind words. NothingNew is correct in that online is just the better route to go at this point for us.

    As another note, our last issue will actually be September 2010. Keep up the good work, HFL!

  • chili sv

    I’ll never understand why you think that cover shot is so great. It’s completely forced and Sands looks totally out of place. You don’t like other magazines for their “1982ness” but you like 2WT’s 1985ness? I guess they were just ahead of their time, relatively speaking.

    • HugeJunk

      Funny that you thought 1985 as I was thinking the same. It looks like a Robert Palmer video…

  • AK

    Free is great, and when people appreciate it, everyone wins.

  • Dave S

    You can publish only so many bling-bling Hayabusas with stretched swingarms before it gets bland. For those who have read 2WT and compared it to other magazines, you’d realize that they had no unique selling point.