43 days later, Valentino Rossi plans racing return

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Rossi-Sachsenring.jpgPhoto: Grant Ray

43 days after a 111mph highside caused his right tibia to poke through his skin, Valentino Rossi plans to return to MotoGP racing. If he’s granted approval by Sachsenring’s chief medical officer, the World Champion will hobble to his M1 on the crutches he still needs in order to walk and race with a cast on his right leg beneath special boots and leathers specifically made larger to accommodate it.
“It will be hard for me, but I miss my bike and my team and I want to
try,” Rossi said at a press conference. “I am really looking forward to
seeing everyone and being back in the paddock; I was tired of being at
home! Wataru will be there as well so if there is a problem he will ride
my bike again.”

Think he’ll be slow? At a test on Monday, Rossi lapped an SBK R1 within
.6 seconds of that bike’s usual rider, Cal Crutchlow’s, pace while using
the same tires.

via MotoGP.com

  • http://twitter.com/beastincarnate Beast Incarnate

    Wow. I was impressed with his recent lap times, but I hoped he wouldn’t make this call. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t crash again.

  • Brian Zooom

    I just want to see if he can be consistant and have the endurance…I don’t expect him to challenge for the podium in this round if he does in fact race…

  • Prich

    The rule about Rossi is to never count him out. He’s been amazing everyone for years….I’m sure he’ll do it again if they give him the green light.

    • Sean Smith

      He’s pretty damn amazing, but this is by far the worst crash he’s ever had. He’s never ridden with this severe of an injury before. As a pretty serious Rossi fan, I hate to say it, but I’m not expecting anything spectacular out of him for the rest of the season.

      • Woody

        I agree. He hasn’t really been 100% since the dirtbike crash after Qatar(I think), so I doubt we’ll see him back in form until the end of the season.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Hopefully he is actually healthy enough to finish the race and get a handful of points. It seems to me to be too soon, but I ain’t no doctor or nuthin’. Regardless, the show wasn’t nearly the same without Rossi, so I am pleased he is back.

  • Joneez

    Wow! Take that Jorge!

  • marco A

    Unfortunately it was before my time, but didn’t have one leg casted to the other to help them heal and rode the full race with one still broken? Never under-estimate the hunger of these individuals.

    • pdub

      Yes Doohan’s heroics probably passed Vale’s thoughts as he had to sit and watch GP racing live on TV. I wouldn’t be surprised if his 500cc mentor gave him a call and word of encouragement. “What Vale? You only have ONE bad leg. Get back on that bike!” If I remember correctly Mick’s near crippling was at the beginning of his domination of the class not the end.

  • richmeyer

    The only thing that would make this “mo-betta” would be a win on Sunday.

  • El-Diablo

    I think its dangerous, i assume he would still be on crutches bye then so what happens if he has an off and cant move out the way quick enuff, he cannot win the championship now so why the rush……

  • vic

    i hope he has the endurance,doing short lap times is ok but moto gp is more endurance ..that’s what got stoner last year.he did good in qualifying but he failed to have the big stamina required to win the race
    then again rossi will be so pumped up on ketamine and amphetamines that it won’t matter

  • AK

    You guys are all pesimistic bastards…Rossi wouldn’t waste his time and thats no bull shit. He hasn’t missed a race, EVER, since on 125′s til now.

    .6 seconds off Cal C’s times!? On a bike he doesn’t ride often no less.

    Have you guys Actually followed the series this year? First, Third, Second, then crash? Missed 4 races thus far and is still 7th overall in points.

    He doesn’t have the endurance? Where the fuck did he go and drink wine and eat fried food everyday? That is just asinine.

    He’s genius.

    Brian Zoom, Sean Smith, El-Diablo, Woody, and vic…WTF you guys.

    He’ll be 5th place in this order.


  • mototom

    Ak, you are a total optimist but I share your sentiments 1000%. VR has the soul of an old school dirt track guy and the MoFos who talk trash about him aren’t fit to wash his shorts so SCREW them.

  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    @ak, mototom

    No one is bashing Rossi, if anything they are showing concern that hey may be coming back too soon. If he comes back early than he really should it could take longer for him to heal completely.

  • Old and new

    How old is the picture on top of the story ? He has been sporting a beard for the past few weeks ?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      It’s from Laguna last year when Grant and I got to meet him.