Alpinestars Thunder and SPS gloves: shorts for the summer

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104° New York heat got you down? Short, heavily ventilated gloves like these can help make riding bearable when it’s almost too hot to go outside. The Alpinestars Thunder gloves (blue) use a mesh upper to allow your hands to breath and a synthetic leather palm to protect against abrasion. Knuckle protectors are carbon and there’s plastic vents on the fingers and top of the hand to further boost cooling. The tab on the cuff looks a bit wonky, but is designed to help you pull them on over sweaty hands.
A bit more technically interesting are the new Alpinestars SPS gloves
(black) that feature a two-part carbon knuckle protector designed to
flex with your hand. They’re made from goatskin, so they should be very
supple while still providing decent abrasion protection.


  • Johndo

    Wish they made summer gloves that werent so short that you get sunburns between the glove and your jacket when sleeves rise a little in the wind…I wear sweat bands on wrists to fix this, but would be nice if they were part of the glove.

  • Brian Zooom

    are these the replacement for the SP-X model?

  • Brett L.

    About the length – how far past the “wrist bone” do they go (assuming they do)?

    • Johndo

      I dont know about these, but my summer Alpinestar gloves barely stop on the wrist bone.

  • Felix

    Pretty sure the SPS gloves have been around for a while, unless they’ve made some (small) updates?

    • Turf

      they have been around a while…but they are the one of the best and most comfortable short gloves around.

    • Sean Smith

      The SP-S has been around for years, and is by far the most comfortable glove I’ve ever worn. That said, I’ve sworn off short gloves because they’re just not as safe as full gauntlet race gloves.

      The SP-S got an update this year, but its still basically the same glove. If anything, the old glove looks to be built better, but the new one likely requires less beak-in time.

      I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time and money on new gear…

  • Chris

    I’ve been using the Thunder gloves for about 3 months. They’re great once they break in after a week or so of steady riding but there are two things one should know before purchase:

    1. Don’t EVER try to pull them on using the velcro strap.

    2. The leather pull tab will eventually wear through. I need to be careful when putting on my left glove because there’s a good-sized hole in the middle of the tab.

    Is there a warranty to cover this?

    • Sean Smith

      Alpinestars is really cool about warranty stuff. Shoot them an email and they’ll probably send you a new pair of gloves.