Attention manchildren: you can now dress up like Iron Man on your bike

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Always wanted to be a depressed alcoholic with daddy issues and an inability to relate to women? Finally, there’s a motorcycle suit for all the repressed Tony Stark’s out there. From the same company that brought you the Dark Knight leathers comes the Iron Man Motorcycle Suit. A “screen accurate” replica of the Mark V suit Tony throws on in Monaco to battle Mickey Rourke, it’s makers are adamant that this is far more than an expensive costume.
And expensive it is, all the getup above will set you back $1,099. But
for that, you do actually get what appears to be a functional motorcycle
suit. There’s CE armor, thick leather and stretch inserts that will
enable you to move around your bike.

But what bike could possibly be appropriate for accessorizing with this

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  • MensaNutz

    Gaaaaaaaay Balls!!!!!!!

    • Mark D.

      I’m usually the one chiding people for using gay in a negative sense, but my gods, if there ever was an appropriate usage…

      It’d be a pretty funny practical joke for a rich person. That’s about it.

      I demand a Gundam motorcycle suit!

    • Alfonzo

      Perfect first comment! Caused a serious LOL’splosion! My coke filled nose (soda) and keyboard thank you.

  • Erythroplasia

    I like to pair the boots with jeans and a duster.

  • the_doctor

    I will wait for the Thor leathers, thank you.

  • CMC

    Worthless without the helmet.

    • FTroop


  • Brandon Glanville

    If I catch ANY of you wearing that and it’s not Halloween – I’ll kick you in the dick. Friends don’t let friends wear theme leather!

  • Urban Rider

    Is this guy British? Shameless eccentricity like this I applaud! Can’t wait to see the Tron suit.

  • Michael

    If they end up doing a Predator themed suit, immight have to pull the trigger… er… Shoulder Cannon. The suit would come with it’s own helmet too. Naturally it would have to be a re-purposed Simpson Bandit helmet. The suit would also come with a first aid kit in case you were shot with a mini-gun. An option could be a self destruct feature if you were nabbed with a reckless ticket.

  • Brandon Glanville

    I’m glad I was able to find this. It’s just so appropriate.

  • Michael

    Oh yeah, any Italian sportbike would work with that suit.

  • HammSammich

    Comic Book geeks on sport bikes. Am I the only one concerned with the public safety issues associated with allowing people to ride powerful motorcycles on the street, when they are so divorced from reality that they think this suit is a good idea.

  • doubleoevan

    It doesn’t even look like the Iron Man suit.

  • Ian

    Only one bike for the job… BMW K1!

  • robotribe

    Without the corresponding Iron Man helmet, this suit is as pointless as it is badly executed.

    And hell yeah, I’d rock a tasteful Green Lantern version. FTW.

  • Keith

    since no one else is willing to do the research – here’s the helmet

    • robotribe

      Only the HULK version gets my respect, if just for the ludicrous factor.

  • Odie

    Really, Mark V? Are you kidding us?

  • Isaac

    That is sooooooooooooo f—ing gay that it makes Elton John look straight.

  • deckard

    It looks more like an Ultraman suit to me…

  • Mugget


    i think i need to buy this so i can have leathers that finally represent my inner depressed alcoholic with mommy issues and an inability to relate to women.
    haha nice words.

  • Bald Shaun

    suit’s ghey, but I’d buy an functional Iron Man helmet in second.

  • vic

    “Always wanted to be a depressed alcoholic with daddy issues and an inability to relate to women?”

    yes and i still don’t like the suit

    although it looks tamer than what some power rangers are wearing on the streets

  • baddad

    Clones always look silly, Iron Man, P. Fonda or Rossi is the same.

  • Matt

    Only one bike could compliment this ridiculousness:

  • Erythroplasia

    Why do you guys all think this should be paired with a sport bike? I am thinking power cruiser – Wes did say they are styled out of a Comic Book, right?

    I am thinking Vyper, VMax, or VR Muscle. What’s the deal with the V and power cruisers?

    • mototom

      there is only one bike that can do justice to that suit – the highly coveted Sporty 883 dark. Illusion meets Delusion, match made in heaven. May be HD can license the design, add some fringe in contrasting orange and black, cut out the ass, add some chrome, charge $2K per and finally turn a profit.

      • Erythroplasia

        This would not be HFL without a retarded HD comment that has nothing to do with the article. Sweet.

        At least you could be funny and make sense.

        BTW – There is no such thing as an 883 Dark but you may have been confused with your Mom’s ride; the 8″ dark… shaft drive.

    • Keith

      something this dorky needs an equally bad ride. I say go w/ a piaggio mp3 and invest in a custom paint job

  • Bronson

    I really need new leathers, but I’m holding out for the C-3PO or Chewbacca versions. Not!

  • Nick

    Do you have any larger pics? I can’t make out the word ‘dick’ printed across the chest.